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  • tinkergirl #44767

    I read about all the fun you all had last year with the ornie exchange….will you be doing it again this year? how does one get in on it? I love to make handmade ornaments and it sounded so fun!

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  •  Anonymous #78778

    They are very pretty…

  •  Anonymous #78777

    Nice! Love the Santa made out of buttons!

  •  Anonymous #78776

    Ok this picture stuff is not working with me today!! Hopefully you can see these pictures better because I really want you to see the beautiful details of these ornaments.

  •  Anonymous #78775

    I need to thank Susan for the beautiful package I received. Hope you all can see her wonderful work and all the little touches she put on these ornaments. They are very special and I will love putting them on my tree next year.

  •  Anonymous #78220

    Glad to see you again. Looking forward to seeing what you been up to…

  •  Anonymous #78215

    well Jill, I’ve been hiding. Totally not meaning too… but the road my life has taken in the last 4 months as kept me coming and going so fast! I’ve even neglected my blog! I might ‘come out’ again on here in the next couple weeks to really show y’all what I’ve been so busy with!

    Thanks for thinking of me, and as a New Year’s resolution, I am going to try to stop in more! 🙂

  •  Anonymous #78184

    Jill, thanks for sharing your gifts. Unfortunately mine never arrived.

  •  Anonymous #78111

    Hillbilly, I almost contacted you through your blog to see if you were interested this year…I’m sorry now that I didn’t!

  •  Anonymous #78110

    I got mine from Janelle aka The Farmer’s Wife—it was worth the wait! In the first photo of the fireplace the frame with the red center and white snowflake came from Janelle. The red in it is an upcycled cable sweater, so cute!! We decided to do the mantle in valentine red for the next month and the framed snowflake was perfect! The collage on the second photo came from her and the zipper flower pin too as an apology for being late in sending it off…no apology was necessary for sure, but I sure love them! Thanks Janelle!

  •  Anonymous #78032

    oh! Looks like you ladies had another great year of the ornie exchange!!! Wish I wasn’t so busy that I could have joined in!

  •  Anonymous #78021

    Chelcass, I think it is wonderful for you to offer your ornaments. Hopefully all the ornaments have been sent out by now. I am sure they will be welcomed for Christmas 2011.

  •  Anonymous #78002

    If there is anybody who didn’t receive an ornie I have cute ones I can send. Send me a e-mail with your name and address and I will happily send one to you.


  •  Anonymous #77994

    kinda sad to think the ornies I worked on may not have made it thru the mail…sure would like to know, if possible.

  •  Anonymous #77993

    Would love to see more of the ornaments that were sent before they are put away for the year! I never received mine either and would still love to have one.

  •  Anonymous #77979

    …and I might add…farmerswife, did you send yours?! Just a little friendly reminder!

  •  Anonymous #77978

    farmerswife…did you get yours!?

  •  Anonymous #77941

    glad you liked it tinkergirl………….heidi

  •  Anonymous #77940

    pictures pictures pictures…….come on guys…

  •  Anonymous #77939

    Many thanks to Scott (? )in Pa. for my beautiful lightbulb ornie!I love it and my husband was really impressed. I especially love all the pearlies hanging down. I hope my JR person recieved mine…please let me know. Merry Christmas to the whole “revolution”! Happy junking new year!” (if I can ever figure out the camera thing Ill post a picture- really pretty papercovered lightbulb with lots of beading hanging down around the top and a great pearl tassel off the end…beautacious !!!thanks again.

  •  Anonymous #77937

    Has everyone received their ornament? Just boosting this up to remind everyone…even if you haven’t sent if off you still can!

  •  Anonymous #77867

    diane received your gift today lol lol lol lol loved it . opened it and my mom and i just started laughing. cause i have bed spring projects started all over the house. loved the stocking and the extra wires . and truly love the angle will try to take a pic.and post it.

  •  Anonymous #77856

    christmas so crazy this tear. being on my own for the first time is really hard but so worth it

  •  Anonymous #77849

    Chelcass, glad you liked them…bonus on the button collecting!

  •  Anonymous #77846

    No problem Mom. Tis the season!! We had a priority mail package that was lost and were frantic thankfully it finally arrived after a week! Merry Christmas!

  •  Anonymous #77844

    Got my ornies yesterday! Thanks Diana, they are adorable, will post pictures soon. So cute!!

  •  Anonymous #77843

    Just got my Ornies. I love them! Did I mention that I collect buttons. Love the hangers, even hubby was impressed. thank you so much Jill. They are going to look great hanging on my lace curtains.

    Hugs, Chelcass

  •  Anonymous #77840

    hang on …mines coming. into the mail first thing tomaRROW MORNING. jUST TOO MUCH TO DO THIS WEEK!

  •  Anonymous #77837

    kimmykat your suprise broke as i was packaging. have to repackage and send out.sooo sry

  •  Anonymous #77813

    Thank you Leveta, I just delivered 64 of the poker chip ornaments today…that was a big project done and off my list. Now on to my other orders.

  •  Anonymous #77812

    kimmykat those are really cute…Esp the flake one…lol

  •  Anonymous #77811

    i missed today will go out tomorrow…………………sry

  •  Anonymous #77810

    Diana, glad you have received them! Sent a package to sister at the same time and hers is missing… lost in mailland somewhere! I forgot to take pictures of the actual ones I sent but these are like them. I will plead old age syndrome….

  •  Anonymous #77809

    I hope everyone got their ornaments off by today!! I made it just in the nick of time. We’ve been sick here…uhg. Those light bulbs are cute!

  •  Anonymous #77799

    Per Copperhead’s request I took a pic before sending. Hope it works posting it.


  •  Anonymous #77798

    Thank you Kim. What a fun little box I got in the mail.

    Sorry I don’t have a camera, hopfully Kim took a picture.

    I got 3 ornament a tin can lid angel, tart pan with snowman and a poker chips ornament with a cute little girl painted on it. Diana

  •  Anonymous #77794

    Oh Dear, I just saw this post and I know it is past the dealine. Did you by chance have a odd number of people who joined?? I have ornaments made and can have in mail tomorrow. If I’m too late please put me down for next year.

    Merry christmas everybody!

    I hate it when my computer goes nuts and I lose half my groups.


  •  Anonymous #77786

    Thanks LuAnn I just opened mine. It is a cool hand full of old Christmas lights. LuAnn twisted some old strong wire around each of them and curled the ends & she has tied on a nice ribbon. I right quick added them to the buttons on my yard stick. I think the yard stick is going to be our decoration for this year. Things have been dramatic & wild around here – we are doing ok. MIL is in Muncie IN in a psych ward by judge’s order. She went off her nut on Friday. We have to move her stuff to a storage building real soon plus keep up with regular work. I did need a little light to brighten my day. Thank you for brightening my day LuAnn!

  •  Anonymous #77769

    That is a zipper, some yo yo’s and some very old buttons only a junker would truly appreciate.

  •  Anonymous #77768

    Copperhead: Thank you so much for my ornie. It fits right in on my tree. Very ingenious. LuAnn

    Merry Christmas to all.

  •  Anonymous #77758

    Jill you know who is getting EVERYBODIES ornament. LOL

  •  Anonymous #77757

    did un get mine

  •  Anonymous #77755

    I hope who ever sends mine will shoot a picture so you all can see it

  •  Anonymous #77753

    Thank you Jill for setting up this merry exchange. Mine is ready for the mail too!

  •  Anonymous #77750

    Hey this is kind of fun…I know who is getting Copperheads ornament!

  •  Anonymous #77741

    Mine went in the mail this morning.

  •  Anonymous #77738

    Thank you for putting this together. Mine will be in the mail by the weekend. Hope you ????? (not telling) like it.


  •  Anonymous #77729

    I just emailed everyone except momlvcntrt. Still need to hear from you. Please make sure that you get your ornament sent off by the 15th. If you can’t participate, please let me know ASAP. Can’t wait to see what everyone gets and sends!

  •  Anonymous #77724

    Thanks again jillruth for doing this for us!

  •  Anonymous #77722

    Everyone is drawn. I’m just waiting to hear from momlvcntrt again for her address and tonight I’ll email all of you who you have…I’m shopping today…

  •  Anonymous #77715

    momlvcntrt I didn’t get it yet. jrruskamp@msn.com

  •  Anonymous #77711

    sent it

  •  Anonymous #77709

    Momlvcntrt (Heidi) I don’t believe I have your address for the exchange. Please email me at: jrruskamp@msn.com


  •  Anonymous #77708

    isnt this fun? spent sunday night finishing my ornie and it sure gets you in the christmas spirit ! tonight is christmas -cookie -making- nite for a program at church…… more fun! hope you are all getting the warm fuzzies too.

  •  Anonymous #77707

    Count me in please. I’m doing my tree with hand crafted ornaments this year so looking forward to geting a surprise in the mail. Diana

  •  Anonymous #77704

    I have been out of the loop for awhile, but guess I got back on here just in time! I would like to sign up!!

  •  Anonymous #77690

    Yes, tinker..got it!

  •  Anonymous #77683

    Hmmmm, I better get started too!!!

  •  Anonymous #77682

    jr…did you get my email? Ill resend if not…busy working on my ornie!

  •  Anonymous #77678

    Bumping up to remind everyone to sign up by Dec. 7…for this year’s exchange..

  •  Anonymous #77643

    sorry, here ya go. Home fron work sick and didnt follow up. better now!

  •  Anonymous #77642

    Tinkergirl, did you get my email? I haven’t received your address yet.

  •  Anonymous #77635

    I’d like to do it too.

  •  Anonymous #77634

    I am in!

  •  Anonymous #77629

    thanks Jillruth! Im tinkergirl (carole lloyd- oldtinkers@yahoo.com )really looking forward to making somthing fun for one of you!havent figured out how to get thru the wizard thing…Im new to technology! please just email me and Ill send you the address Is that ok?

  •  Anonymous #77580

    count me in

  •  Anonymous #77574

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too Ms. Moderator!

  •  Anonymous #77565

    Count me in!! 🙂 Diane

  •  Anonymous #77562

    Mysterious moderator here. Yes I’m a junker, I’m female, that’s all you get. Sometimes Moderators have to do things that are not popular, so I choose to remain a mystery. Yes I do like reading all of your posts and yes I do want to respond from time to time, Maybe I do??????

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  •  Anonymous #77558

    I’m in LuAnn

  •  Anonymous #77555

    I would like to sign up

  •  Anonymous #77553

    I’d love it and I’ll volunteer to organize it! Send me an email with your mailing address and after I have all the names, I’ll draw to match people up and email everyone their “secret santa”.

    Be sure to respond also to this thread so people know that some are signing up.

    I also have to say I think it’s kind of funny that we can shout out “Hey Moderator!” and there you (Moderator) are. Makes you mysterious. Are you a male or female? Do you like junk too or just got the job? Do you ever want to throw in a suggestion as you read? Do you want to be part of the ornament exchange?

    My email: jrruskamp@msn.com

    Deadline to sign up: December 7 and send it off by December 15. How does that sound?

  •  Anonymous #77550

    Go for it, One of you will need to organize it.

  •  Anonymous #77546

    Yea, I really liked it. Hey Moderator, can we do it again?

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