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    Is there going to be an ornament exchange this year????

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  •  Anonymous #82645

    Dpumm, thanks for posting the pictures, I haven’t been able to download them. Huggy they are even cuter in person.

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  •  Anonymous #82640

    Here are the ornaments I send to dianeinthevalley.

  •  Anonymous #82635

    Your welcome Diana, I did your angel in pink and green so she could stay out all year. So glad you like the angel and Christmas Tree. The Christmas Tree I scrollsawed then painted and added your name. Merry Christmas!!

  •  Anonymous #82633

    Got mine from Chelcass yesterday. Thank you for the ornaments, the neat card and the treats. I think I’ll hang the angel in my kitchen window where she can be enjoyed year round. Diana

  •  Anonymous #82629

    Just got my ornies from DPumm! (Last night) You are a very talented lady. I’ll post pics as soon as I can. I got a spoon bowl ornament painted with a Santa face, an adorable little salt shaker snowman (tooooo cute) and a playing card gift tag with a snowman painted on the back. Thank you very much. We are having my family Christmas party today and my sister is going to be drooling! 😉

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    Your welcome Huggy. I have lace type curtains and they make a great place to hang all my ornaments. I even leave my christmas ornies up year round. They are fun to look at. Plus I use suction cup hangers on the windows and hang stuff there.

  •  Anonymous #82612

    Huggy Yours are going on a plant. Thank you.

  •  Anonymous #82609

    Chelcass, you have given me an idea I to think I will hang mine on my china cabinet knobs so I can have them out all year long.. thanks for the idea

  •  Anonymous #82607

    Thanks for posting pictures everyone. It’s fun to follow along. And, Huggybear…I knew what you meant in your post, too funny! Hard to know if what we type comes across right often!

  •  Anonymous #82606

    Thanks Coppehead I love them. They are hanging on my curtain on the window in front of my computer. I am going to leave them up year round. Here’s a picture of them hanging in the window.

  •  Anonymous #82605

    Thanks Coppehead I love them. They are hanging on my curtain on the window in front of my computer. I am going to leave them up year round. Here’s a picture of them hanging in the window.

  •  Anonymous #82602

    Copperhead not sure if you could not post pictures as you said thanks to Chelcass for posting a picture on here .. so here are the ones I sent to Copperhead

  •  Anonymous #82590

    All the oraments are so neat…It’s fun to see who got what.

  •  Anonymous #82589

    Chelcass, Those were from me – glad you like them and could make a picture come on here.

  •  Anonymous #82587

    Received a package with the cutest little bells in it. I guess it’s from my SS. The package isn’t marked as such and there isn’t a member name or group name anywhere so I am taking a shot in the dark. I would like to thank the person who sent these to me but……………anyway here is a picture.


  •  Anonymous #82584

    Here are mine from LuAnn and they are just awesome.. I love them.. Thanks LuAnn

  •  Anonymous #82577

    The spool is wonderful…Love seeing the pic’s…Diane your right, they do remind one of icicles…

  •  Anonymous #82576

    LuAnn, glad you liked them, the springs reminded me of icicles. Merry Christmas.

  •  Anonymous #82574

    Hopefully I can post a pic of what I received from Diane. A hand painted wooden spool–very cool, 3 springs–way cool and a coat pin–everyone loves this!!!

    Thanks again Diane.


  •  Anonymous #82571

    I didn’t get any pics made. I was lucky to get them made and mailed. I’m on the fast track or something.

  •  Anonymous #82570

    I went to town this morning to mail mine, sorry I’m running late. I even remembered to take pictures befor wrapping them this time. Can’t wait to see what everyone got.

  •  Anonymous #82569

    I just read my post.. I did not mean my ornie were better, I meant they were made with craft stuff instead of reimagine. gosh after I read my post sounded in poor taste. sorry. I love my ornies

  •  Anonymous #82568

    Huggy-glad you like them. It was fun putting them together.

    Diane–got mine yesterday. Love everything. Thank you again.


  •  Anonymous #82567

    I have mine from LuAnn love them..

    Glad you got yours Copperhead. mine are more crafty than junk.. LOL

  •  Anonymous #82566

    I got my ornie from Huggy today! Thanks. AND I finally got mine mailed. I have my Christmas shopping all done… I think….

  •  Anonymous #82559

    Keeping you in my prayers and thoughts Cooperhead, hang in there and remember God loves you no matter if you craft room is clean , messy , or what ever.. So be happy and enjoy your grandson..

  •  Anonymous #82557

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry for you! Well way to go on the machine repair, congratulations on the new grandson, good job on your job, let the Brownies clean the craft room, have fun at your Christmas party and I’ll say a prayer for your grandson, and just shoot the alligators, that’s what the swamp people do! OK, I think I’ll laugh now! 🙂

  •  Anonymous #82556

    Lots of stuff going on around here. I’ve gotten into sewing machine repairs – I’m loving it. Then I’ve been selling some on CL so that has kept me busy too. Then we have a new grandson. He is a tiny little thing 6 lbs 11 oz – cute too of course. AND I’ve had extra work from both of my pt jobs. My sewing/craft room is a disaster. I need to get down there and clean – that is so OH HUM though isn’t it. Next week we will be doing our family Christmas a week early. My DGS Wilbur who is just 2 will be getting his tonsils out the 23rd. He’s had too many bouts with strep – if he gets a sore throat and it swells he can’t swallow or breathe – he pukes. He looks like a little old man – you’d think he was 60… he will only wear cotton button down shirts with a pocket and he is partial to boo (blue)

    Anyway I’m up to my butt in alligators and my mission is suppose to be to drain the swamp… ya sure.

  •  Anonymous #82555

    Sent mine this morning. Anticipation!

    I agree Huggy, I think I’ll start now for next year, but then that’s what I said last year!

  •  Anonymous #82552

    I think I will start on my ornie for next year right after Christmas this year. LOL then I will have it done early.. LoL off to the post office I go.. Hope ????????? enjoys the ones I made.

  •  Anonymous #82550

    Copperhead LOL!

  •  Anonymous #82549

    I forgot to mail mine – it is packed up and ready to mail though.

  •  Anonymous #82548

    Diane I have received mine already and I love them.. they are so cute.. and I know what you mean about saying starting early for next year.. I always say I am going to get my shopping done early and I never finish until dec. 24th.. LOL

  •  Anonymous #82539

    oh no!!!!! i missed it..sorry everyone, got so involved in my own thing , that i havent been on and forgot. Im sure they were awesome..maybe next year.

  •  Anonymous #82538

    I haven’t had time to mail mine out yet.

  •  Anonymous #82537

    I couldn’t play along this year but I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures.

  •  Anonymous #82534

    mine all done and will be in the mail tomorrow.. Dec 10th.. nothing like waiting until last minute…LOL

  •  Anonymous #82532

    I can’t wait to see your goodies!

  •  Anonymous #82526

    Will get mine out tomorrow. Can’t wait to see everyones!

  •  Anonymous #82525

    I received my ornies yesterday, they are sooooooo cute and I love them.. will take a photo of them and post when all is ready.. mine is still a WIP but will be in the mail by the 10th

  •  Anonymous #82516

    I will put mine in the mail tomorrow. I did take a pic if the person receiving it needs it.


  •  Anonymous #82515

    Me neither. So ladies, how about taking a picture before you send it just in case the recipiant is unable to post a picture?

  •  Anonymous #82514

    I hope somebody posts a picture of mine – I do not have much luck unless I can email a picture.

  •  Anonymous #82513

    Good morning ladies. Sent out your addresses this morning for the ornament exchange. Can’t wait to see everyones. Post pictures ladies! Merry Christmas!

  •  Anonymous #82510

    Ok ladies, this is your last chance to get in with the ornament exchange. When I wake up tomorrow, I will send out the info. So far I have Chelcass, Copperhead, Huggybear, LuAnn, and DPumm, and me so that makes 6.

  •  Anonymous #82509


  •  Anonymous #82508

    Got it DPumm. Thanks

  •  Anonymous #82507

    I just send you another email, let me know if you got it or not. Diana

  •  Anonymous #82506

    To you newbies, Tinymatchboxstudio, thevintagevalley and crazyforme, you still have time to get your info into me, send to the e-mail in the above post.

  •  Anonymous #82505

    DPumm, just reread your post, yes just send me an e-mail with your name and address and what you go buy on junk revolution. send it to dianelblake@aol.com

    And to all the other ladies, so far I only have 6 so if you would like to join send info to the above e-mail by Saturday, December 3rd and on Sunday I will send out your gift receiver.

  •  Anonymous #82504

    Oh have fun — I will be anxious to hear all about the exchange. Can’t participate this year — my day job has a HUGE deadline of 12/31 — lucky to come for air for Christmas.


  •  Anonymous #82503

    I might need to start over. My ornies are too HEAVY – they might pull the tree over.

  •  Anonymous #82502

    So far I have Copperhead, Huggybear, Chelcass and LuAnn. DPumm, send your info again please. I don’t see it in my e-mail. Make sure you take off the dot at the end of my e-mail or it won’t work.

  •  Anonymous #82501

    Thank you dianeinthevalley for doing this, I just send you a email.

  •  Anonymous #82490

    Now how did that get there?

  •  Anonymous #82488

    Joan, there is a dot on the end of her email. Take it off and try again.

    I finally got inspired and got a bunch done today.

  •  Anonymous #82486

    Diane I can not get your e-mail to work for me.. here is my e-mail address please send me something and then maybe it will work.


  •  Anonymous #82484

    Infomation sent…………..

  •  Anonymous #82482

    I got out a big pile of junk and played in it for a couple hours but didn’t get one ornament done – sort of a combination of blocks in the brain and way too much ADD. The stuff is still out though.

  •  Anonymous #82478

    ok, so I opened my mouth LOL so my e-mail address is dianelblake@aol.com. I will give anyone who wants to participate until Saturday,December 3rd to e-mail me their info. Start working on your ornament now so it will be ready to mail off. Sunday the 4th I will e-mail everyones info out. I will keep it a secret ’cause like Chelcass said, it’s more fun. Try to post pictures when you receive them, it’s always fun to see the finished product. Merry Christmas everyone! Let the crafting begin!

  •  Anonymous #82475

    Hi Diane,

    Thank you for taking this on. First you need to make a list of everybody who signed up. Next is this going to be a Secret Santa where only you will know who is who’s SS? These are always the most fun. Next everybody needs to send you their mailing address with their *Junk* name and their *real* name and mailing address. Mailing deadline is Generally Dec. 10th. so people can enjoy their ornie during the christmas season.

  •  Anonymous #82474

    Ok, so who is going to organize it? I will, but have never done it before. What do I do?

  •  Anonymous #82469

    Hi everyone,

    I am new to your group here and am really having a good time reading through all the posts and looking on the website. The ornie exchange sounds very fun so please, let me know if there will be one this year.



  •  Anonymous #82439

    bumping up.

  •  Anonymous #82345

    YES! I will share photos…Thanks for the welcome, I love it here!! Just let me know how to go about the exchange and im in!!

  •  Anonymous #82344

    Welcome Vintage Valley.

    Glad to have you join our Secret Santa Ornie exchange. You can make anything you wish.

    Vintage jewwely sounds awesome. Got any pictures to share???

  •  Anonymous #82343

    Welcome thevintagevalley…Glad you’ve joined the best group in the whole junking world…

  •  Anonymous #82342

    Im new to the revolution, but i would like to be involved if that is ok, i have been making ornies for a week now! Is there any specifics that we adhere to or are they just however you make them?

    Im doing vintage cosutume jewelry this year…sooooo cute (to me anyway!)

  •  Anonymous #82341

    LOL…Oh I have a hard time with very big words…Guess it does look weird…LOL

  •  Anonymous #82339

    You two crack me up! LOL

  •  Anonymous #82338

    Lev.. still laughing my butt off.. I thought what is she trying to say.. LOL LOL glad to see someone else has trouble with spelling other than me.. LOL

  •  Anonymous #82337

    Can’t pertisapate(sp)this yr. But can’t wait to see what everyone gets…

  •  Anonymous #82335

    Sounds good!

  •  Anonymous #82333

    Wish I could participate but headed out of town for the month of December so up until then time will be spent prepping my booths for an extended abscence. Please post lots of pics when you get your ornies! I want to see them all.

  •  Anonymous #82328

    WORKS FOR ME.. My e-mail is joancashwell@gmail.com

  •  Anonymous #82327

    Ok! there are 6 of us so far. How about if we leave sign up thru Thanksgiving Day and Ornies have to be mailed by Dec 10th. Does that sound like it will work for everybody?

  •  Anonymous #82326

    Sounds fun…I’d be interested too.

  •  Anonymous #82322

    I was just thinking the same thing! Count me in.

  •  Anonymous #82320

    me too! Copperhead

  •  Anonymous #82318

    Count me in too! LuAnn

  •  Anonymous #82317

    lET ME KNOW TOO….. And if we are … we better get started.. LOL

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