Old Wire Canning Racks

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  • SecondHandRosie #45121

    I’ve seen a neat idea just lately using them but I don’t remember what for or where it was!! Anybody have a clue?

    That’s it – I’m getting too senile to even JUNK anymore! LOL

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  •  Anonymous #83125

    Welcome Back Kudzu! Sending prayers your way!

  •  Anonymous #83124

    where’s Huggy been?

  •  Anonymous #83123

    gosh Kudzu, Prayers your way. Thought you had dropped off the face of the Earth, glad it was just the internet for a while

  •  Anonymous #83121

    kudzu….sending lots of angels with hugs for you. bless your heart!


  •  Anonymous #83117

    Prayers and healing thoughts your way Kudzu. Glad to have you back.

  •  Anonymous #83115

    oh my gosh, i’ve been sick for a couple years. turns out i have cancer. last year i had a modified radical mastectomy, chemo, and radiation. i ws scheduled for more surgery and to start hormone therapy, but my doctors wanted a cardiologist to say it was okay. last week, i went to the cardi and turns out i had a heart attack sometime in my past.

    i feel a lot better, but still working on my cancer treatment,i’m WAY behind.

    thank you for all the warm words:D

  •  Anonymous #83106

    Hi Kudzu! Where have you been Girl!

  •  Anonymous #83104

    KUDZU!!!! HELLO!!!!

    How are you, lady??

  •  Anonymous #83102

    Yes, Welcome back Kudzu!!

  •  Anonymous #83101

    Kudzu – long time no see – welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  •  Anonymous #83100

    I saw this idea for creating a chandelier with the rack and mason jars and christmas lights: http://pinterest.com/pin/153896512236333794/

  •  Anonymous #83099

    you could use mason jars in them and use them to root cuttings

  •  Anonymous #83090

    Heres a link to a picture:


    (sorry, not sure how to post a picture from my iPad)


  •  Anonymous #83084

    hopeandjoyhome I have thought of the same thing. I want it over my kitchen table and I am planing on attaching forks and spoons around the outside edge. Now to just find the right size silverware.

  •  Anonymous #81552

    Thanks, friends. I’m gonna mull all of those over and decide what I’m gonna do with the three that I have. I KNOW I have enough blue fruitjars and Zinc lids to fill one. Hmmm…now THAT’S an idea! lol

  •  Anonymous #81495

    Not what you are looking for, but I have always thought they would make a cool chandelier/hanging light base if you turn it upside down. I also have thought of trying to make pendant light fixture out of a wire tomato cage, bending the legs up into scrolly spirals. I did that with one in my flower bed..I curled the legs and put it upside down (curled legs up) and it holds my gazing ball! I like the industrial look of wire things!

  •  Anonymous #81493

    I saw a picture where they displayed blue canning jars in one. I hope I can find mine & do the same. It looked really nice!

  •  Anonymous #81483

    I saw a picture in a magazine where they put an old thermos in the center with flowers in it and had jars around the ring with flatware in them. It would be great to leave out on a table in a breakfast nook.

  •  Anonymous #81482

    I seen a desk organizer somewheres, (I don’t remember where). They had pencils, pens, ruers, stuff like that in quart jars in back and a couple pint jars in front with things like rubber bands, paper clips and tacks. I have also seen them with fresh cut flowers in the jars. Just thought of something else, you could hang the bottom of the rack over a hook on the wall and display a doll or fake vegtables or other kitchen stuff in it. Diana

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