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    need some ideas about decorating old windows

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    I can’t wait for the magazine to hit the shelves. I have already been “bugging” the man who stocks the shelves at our local Wal-Mart.I have learned to get a copy, when it first comes out, I have to be there early on the day he stocks. He stocks on Monday.

  •  Anonymous #82899

    Oh Ki, what a tease! Guess there’s another reason to buy the mag, not that I needed another one!

  •  Anonymous #82894

    Fun stuff! I love old windows. I bet as a team we could come up with 2 dozen ideas for one window in a heart beat. We made a really cool room screen out of 2 fabulous painted turq/green window frames in the upcoming issue of Flea Market Style. You will have to check it out when it hits newsstands in February.

    Cheers, Ki

  •  Anonymous #82883

    Check out Margo’s site at Robomargo.com She has tons of ideas for windows, doors and all kinds of stuff.

  •  Anonymous #82867

    I made cupboards..attached board sides and top and bottom (1X6 or 1X8’s) and added a shelf and beadboard back..I did this w/ 6 paners turned sideways, but 4 paners would work too. I think they would make a cute chalk board or w/ a burlap padded back, a cute bulletin board too. I have seen them used as frames also. I really want an entire greenhouse made of them, but I don’t have that many!

  •  Anonymous #82864

    I forgot about this one that I did 3 weeks ago. But I copied a picture in a magazine on this one.

  •  Anonymous #82863

    Hey, I wanted to share with you the window that I just finished this week. It has two panes of cork for pinning memos. One that is painted with chalk paint. and 3 panes have 1930’s pictures decoed to them. This is the first one that I have done this way.

  •  Anonymous #82856

    Here’s pictures of what I did with some of my old windows.

  •  Anonymous #82854

    Welcome jojo! Go to search the community and type in windows or old windows. There should be several…

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