Old Tin Birfeeder-Tutorial

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    I finally got the tutorial finished; the photos are all inside because it’s been storming; this was my rainy day project ๐Ÿ˜€

    I have step by step photos if you’d like to make one.


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    i found this site


    and went to flickr and got their site


    very nice:D i love the pretty labels on the diy site that you can type your own words in..


  •  Anonymous #75101

    oh you know what…..how about printing out old crate labels? i actually have a book and CD somewhere Hoss bought me…i planned on decorating my laundry room with these old kids toys i collect, old cowboy toys? and kids cowboy hats, boots, tin stars:D and the like…and i have these wine crates i want to look like fruit and vegetable crates.

    anyway……i’m sure you could do it that way. there’s plenty of varnish stuff out there to seal it and keep it from fading. it’d be worth it if you got the tins cheap and most of us already have outdoor varnish/ poly in our junk stash……..

    i have cereal and bird seed, and candy reproduction tins. try to find those labels,too.

    hope this helps

    try flickr groups. there’s pro’ly some there…free.


    oh yes, a pie pan or cake pan for the lid would work. or an old pot lid with knob removed, make the hole larger for the chain.

    i also made some that don’t hang. just tins screwed to pie pans and cake pans. i used some square and rectangle ones for those.

    and ya’ll know these are not actual antiques ๐Ÿ˜€ lol

    i was also thinking if i found some newer cake or pie pans i could spray paint them then speckle them to get the same old-timey look of enamel or granite or agate? *sigh* okay i’m thinking ahead of typing….it could work if you didn’t have to spend a lot of cash on the paint, and ink to print the labels.

    or print out labels of companies popular in your area long ago or your state; they could sell as souvenirs of your state to the tourists ๐Ÿ˜€ make up your own label to look vintage, like the name of your booth or shop…

    hmm……i need to try my own ideas out, LOL……and i think i need to cut back on the caffeine!


    who is medicated and motivated!

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    Getting the right one is the trick. Maybe some of you can paint up the cookie or pop corn tins. I see them at the thrift store all the time under a dollar. On rare occasion, you see cool ones – I see cool ones on occasion at GW where you weigh it – usually the tops are missing. I think it wouldn’t be hard to find a pie tin or something to cover the top. Might have to find a way to keep the squirrels out around here.

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    hey Leveta. i usually see them at Christmas, then at yard sales and thrift stores after. check out your freecycle maybe? sometimes seeds come in them in the garden department. try the kitchen storage area in the department stores. check something like oriental trading or other store like that online..you might find some for a dollar or so.


  •  Anonymous #75093

    Other then flea’s or thrift stores is there any reg. stores that carry tins. Our $$ store doesn’t carry them…

  •  Anonymous #75087

    JD and I put together a couple feeders today. The only tins I had were xmas and the I used a glass plate for the bottom. But guess they turned out pretty well…Thanks Kudzu…

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    thanks so much ya’ll..it was rough trying to type out directions with a 6 year old telling me stories ๐Ÿ˜€

    oh dear……”BIR feeder”…did i really leave out the D..ah well…..we all read typo pretty well:D

    alright,copperhead!! woohoo!…….you know i never did find one to buy! i don’t know if i mentioned Hoss’ buddy had one that must be for cafeterias ๐Ÿ˜€ lol..it’s on the end of a BBQ tool; maybe from Academy Sports or Walmart.

    i made one with a rectangle tin, and an old aluminum cake pan, a birDfeeder that sits on the deck or on a post. i haven’t resized the photo yet.


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    I found a nice house tin and a can opener to day at GW!!!

  •  Anonymous #75072

    Patty that’s me…But I’m not good at following the steps. I need a tutorial for the tutorial…

  •  Anonymous #75058

    That is wonderful! Thanks so much for putting together the tutorial, I’m ok at following directions, not so good at figuring stuff out on my own, lol.


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