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    I found an old feed trough over on our farm in a shed few years ago and have been wanting to make it into a light for above our kitchen table so I finally did last week. I restained the inside of it and ran out so need to get more and finish the outside.. I found some old farm parts hanging on back of a building that I had my husband use to cover up the old hole in ceiling where the other light was, now I need to touch up paint soon:)) anyways… I bought a kit for the lights at Menards and used that for the inside part. Its on a dimmer switch and totally am in luv with it!!

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  •  Anonymous #84800

    I agree Anne about junky parts selling. I’ve almost given up repurposing things to sell and now just supply the parts because with Pinterest and TV shows on repurposing and magazines, people are looking for parts to do their own thing. THat is fine with me because I can sell it for a pretty reasonable price since all I do is clean it and let the buyer create. Spindles are so hot right now, I can’t keep them in stock.

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    Things are not selling very well here. I think I am going to have to give up one of my booths after Dec.

  •  Anonymous #84740

    as far as I’m concerned the economy is a bit flat for me compared to last year this time. I have stuff not moving here.

  •  Anonymous #84737

    i know….so busy and trying to poston facebook twice a day for the store….and pinterest…just taking up my spare time…

    .my view of the junk world right now….very healthy….you know we sell junky parts and boy are they buying them….doors windows old spindles etc etc….. i thnk pinterest is driving it a lot now…its so easy to see neat projects….

    i think the economy is getting a little better too….. any goood reports from down in indy?


  •  Anonymous #84736

    haven’t seen you in a while Ann-yeah easier to post pics would make a huge difference

  •  Anonymous #84734

    wish it was easier to posst pictures on here!!! it really sounds neat…

  •  Anonymous #84729

    Sounds cool. Any photos to post, pretty please.

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