Oak Pieces…what to do with them?

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    I saw these at the antique store that I have a booth at over a year ago and debated about buying a couple when they were marked down to $1 each. But, talked myself out of adding more junk to the pile of projects. Now, today they had the whole box for $2. Could not walk away this time!!

    Now, any ideas from all of you?

    They have potential…just not sure what for yet!

    [attachment id=24704,3864] [attachment id=24704,3865] [attachment id=24704,3866] [attachment id=24704,3867]

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  •  Anonymous #81357

    Yip I see a snowman now…..great eye. I love snowmen

  •  Anonymous #81356

    wow hopeandjoyhome…..you just popped off a lot of ideas!! you must be very creative.

  •  Anonymous #81348

    I think I’ve been painting too many snowmen because that is what I see them as. Paint the top black for a hat a face on the center and the bottom red for a scarf or tie a fabric strip scarf around that area. You could put a magnet on the back or drill tiny holes on top and add wire to hold cards or photos.

  •  Anonymous #81312

    PS I would have bought them too!

  •  Anonymous #81311

    How tall are they? I would glue 2 together,paint greige, crackle medium, paint cream then sand/distress. If they were tippy I would also add a wooden (or junk metal) base for stability and top with a cool vintage floral trimmed plate for a pedestal/cake stand. Or a saucer for a pillar candle holder (E6000 glue)..or a small wooden top edged with metal trim to which I would add prisms. If you painted it black, it would go in a totally different direction. Add a wooden top covered w/ old sheet music or text and trim with upolstery tacks on the edges..or buttons..or…. LOL Too many ideas , too little time!

  •  Anonymous #81227

    I agree with Ann, she took the words right out of my mouth about applying them to something bigger for an accent.

  •  Anonymous #81220

    they might have been a fake foot on a piece of furniture….

    to be tacked onto the flat wood….

    i woudl probably apply them to something big…. for an archetectural accent…

  •  Anonymous #81217

    There are ten sets plus one extra piece so 21 pieces all together. I’m not sure what they were used for.

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