Newbie’s pallet furniture and introduction

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    Hi y’all. I’m so happy to’ve found this forum. I’ve seen some fun ideas that I’m anxious to try, and you all seem nice and helpful.

    As an ice breaker, thought I’d share my recent projects made from wooden shipping pallets. I’ve not sold anything yet, although DH is beginning to nudge me in that direction. The 1st picture is a small aderondike style bench left natural. The next is Big Red (yep, that’s me) , built after DH sat on little natural and couldn’t get up. 😉 last pic is of signs using pallet wood.

    [attachment id=28633,4076] [attachment id=28633,4078]

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  •  Anonymous #83923

    Keeping my fingers crossed.

  •  Anonymous #83921

    Wow, Diane! She’s been busy. Surely one of the sign’s is for you, huh?

  •  Anonymous #83891

    Check out my nieces site, google “A life more Palletable”. She’s added more signs. She’s visiting from Oklahoma in a few weeks for our family reunion. I have got to ask her how she does these.

  •  Anonymous #83737

    I really like the sign. (Maybe a little lighter) Sarah’s stuff is really neat. She definately is her father’s daughter, very creative. She also welds. Was in the motor pool in the Air Force.

  •  Anonymous #83736

    Ki, thanks the compliment. 🙂 You’ll post pics of the dining pallets when finished, right?

    Diane, I’m ahead of you on your neice’s FB page. I searched the forum for pallets, found your link and visited her. Great stuff! But now that I’ve been reminded… just revisited, "liked" her and plan to spend more time rooting around.

    It’s gonna be hot here today and I’m anxious to get puttering around the shop, but 1st, here’s a couple more pallet projects I’ve done. I found the pallet shelf "recipe" at I made the love sign for my DH. Loved the natural patina of the wood, but it’s really too dark. Thinking I should reletter in a brighter color.

  •  Anonymous #83734

    You might have to type in A life more palletable.

  •  Anonymous #83733

    This is what my niece has been doing with pallets. She was in the Airforce but got out to stay home with her kids, Aedan and Cayleigh. Check out her FB page.!/ALifeMorePalletable

  •  Anonymous #83731

    Oh I have tools! i just can’t use them like I used to. BTW, I’m 75, so I know all about slowing down. LOL

  •  Anonymous #83730

    Great job! I just helped my son paint and hang pallets on his dining wall. We plan to light them in the next few weeks. Palettes are an unknown treasure! Your projects rock! Welcome! Ki

  •  Anonymous #83728

    Thanks, y’all! Maggie, I’m fortunate to have a shop with years of collected tools, a husband who’s knowledgable and willing to help when I ask, but smart enough to stay out of my way otherwise. I’m 56 and feel myself slowing down some. Dang it! We’ll be in a smaller place someday, but for now… I’m having a ball!

    Leveta, the signs were so much fun to make. Red primer, stenciled words and a shot of clear matt spray paint. I love the color combination. The yellow is an acrylic ocre, I believe. I’d like to try other combos, but haven’t found anything I like, yet. Any suggestions out there?

    Diane, they are!

    Oh, and here’s a pic I just took with Big Red in his new habitate along with his new partner the table/bench with a small planter built in.

  •  Anonymous #83727

    Nice job, they look really comfy.

  •  Anonymous #83725

    Welcome!!! Love the pic’s…Really like the benches, but the signs catch my eye…lol

  •  Anonymous #83724

    Welcome Queen! Nice projects! If I didn’t live in town, in an apartment, I would get me some pallets to work with. Most everything I ever made was from recycled wood.

  •  Anonymous #83723

    Shoot. Big Red isn’t showing up. I’ll try again.

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