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    Hi all. I hope I can get some ideas here from you more experienced ladies (and gents?). I signed up for a booth in a little town near me and have never done anything like this before. My most burning question is how do you guys start an inventory? I see numbers on the other people’s things but don’t understand how they get them. What do you do or suggest? Any ideas are appreciated! I’d like to start out keeping good records.

    Do you guys have EVERYTHING for sale in your booths including the display items? I have had a heck of a time finding bookshelves for my home but over time found two I would like to use in my booth but I don’t want to sell them. Will this turn off buyers like I read elsewhere it will?


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    I have had a booth for the past 5 or 6 years and have been lucky enough to have it remain profitable (notice I say lucky). I simply use a system where I put a number on the back of my tag to tell me what I paid for an item. If I paid 5$ it gets a tiny 5 on the back of tag if I paid 6$ it gets a 6 and so on. The store I am at returns my tags at the end of the month so I have a record of what I paid and what the item sold for at all times. I simply put all the pages into a 3 ring binder for later reference.

    As for my displays I do put a price on all of my displays because I don’t want to take up any floor space with things that won’t make me any money. Figure with a small space I need every bit I can get.

    I do seasonal items for Holidays but keep it simple so I don’t have to do a complete redo too often. I stock my booth once a week at least and more often as needed. I do a complete tear down and redo about every 2-3 months. I have very quick turn around on furniture so it gets done a lot.

    Best advice I can give is to keep your prices competetive. And your booth neat, clean and inviting.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

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    Thanks VJ for your reply.

    I had done some searching and it is really informative. I ordered a book I saw recommended and have started my inventory, making it up as I go for now. My house is taken over with all my treasures and it will be good to get them out and to the public where they belong :).

    13 days and counting…

    I’m looking forward any ideas.

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    Hi – U can refer to prior posts such as on this topic:

    U can search the community on upper left side above for specific topics. Hope this helps until someone in the business answers…

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