New Year’s resolutions

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    After searching for HOURS for a piece of paperwork, I have decided that my Number One resolution is to GET ORGANIZED! (I’m still going to work on that “lose weight” one also). What’s yours? And do you have any cool ideas for organizing paperwork?

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    My resolution is to not work so much and take time for myself once in awhile.

    Have had a very busy year in my booths (no regrets there) and I find myself working on projects almost every day to keep it full. I love what I do and am glad to have the opportunity to do it but I am finding that the projects sometimes become almost a chore when I HAVE to get them done. Decided we all need to take time for ourselves and enjoy the little things in life so this year will be my time.

    Time to stop and smell the roses a little is what I need most!

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    I am in DIRE need of organization. Once a young friend offered to help me organize. She told me to store some, some throw out (GASP), some to give away and sell some. The stuff to get rid of needs a date on it. I never did do it though… I think it multiplied instead. I think I love junk too much. Maybe I should quit my job and deal with all the junk………

    Gigi, I lost my brother a few years ago. It was VERY painful and I still feel the pain. There are times of the year that are hardest. The first year on Memorial Day my mom was having a horrible time. I was having a good day. I had found a place that would take parts for maybe 30 bikes (in pieces) he had accumulated. The guys planned to use them to fix bikes for children. When I told Mom about it that changed things for her! Now we look for the good stuff on the bad days or we try to remember something good. Yes there are still some bad days.

    I started some Christmas ornaments but they got lost in the shuffle of a partial move. We still have to deal with the junk we didn’t move. I think there is more we didn’t move than got moved. ARGH. I think messy may go hand in hand with creative. Well at least for me it does. I always wish for organized but it seems like stuff is spring loaded or something.

    Merry Messy Christmas everybody.

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    Gigi, I am so sorry to hear about your sisters. I’m sure you are missing them especially now.

    As Bonnie Raitt says, “Life gets mighty precious, when there’s less of it to waste. I’m with you there! My lack of organization just sucks the creativity out of me. Spending time to search for things or having to clear a space to work sort of takes the fun out of the project. Last year I bought a dozen old chairs for $2 apiece to make garden chairs. They are still under the shed.

    Also ladies, (and I am one of the worst) We have lived vicariously through others who have posted pictures here. It’s time to suck it up and bring this page back to where it was. I challenge myself and you to create and share. We didn’t do a Christmas swap, or the Christmas ornaments and I for one am pretty disgusted with myself.

    And I think our fearless leader should chime in once in a while! Ki we need you! Margo too!

    I will step off of my soapbox, until after Christmas. Let’s make this year a good one!

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    Since losing 2 of my sisters in the last 6 mo…I have lived vicariously through others imagination and projects. I have not been very creative or even very cheerful so I have settled it in my mind to get off my keester and start new projects that really let my personality shine through!!!

    Just taking inventory in my head, I can think of probably 100 things that I’ve purchased over the yrs with intent to reimagine, repurpose or just use that are still in storage somewhere in this house…so, I’m going to dig them all out and either use or lose them!!

    I have an old mid century postal unit that would be perfect as a paper organizer!!

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