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  • She-ne #45105

    I have a building that I call my “librarie”. It gets a lot of traffic. I want to paint the floor to look like an old floor in a general store. Any ideas on what color would show less dirt?

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  •  Anonymous #81335

    We should have it finished by next week. I will post pictures.

  •  Anonymous #81334

    Yay! We need new pics when you are done!

  •  Anonymous #81332

    Thanks for your response. We painted it a dark burgundy, leaning toward the brown family, as hopenadjoyhome suggested. Now, if I only knew how to age it. I am thinking I will sand in places and have the painter stain it, in the same manner that I re-purpose furniture.I really love the new look.

  •  Anonymous #81328

    go to benjamin moores site. they have some interesting faux techniques. showed are faux flagstone patio and faux brick. they look real!!

    search under home/learn how…should take you right there.

  •  Anonymous #81321

    I did my booth in a dark golden mustard color and then did a dark brown glaze over that. Looks rustic and I think it looks better as it has aged.

  •  Anonymous #81320

    dirt colored? LOL My friend did her store floor in a burgandy brown that looked cool. I think anything in the dark red/burgandy/brown family would work.

  •  Anonymous #81318

    In my garage (where I was going to have my store) I used ‘maple fudge’ on the cement floor,what type of floor are you painting? They do have a faux wood technique that looks like woodplanking…

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