Need Our Sewing Ladies Help!! 9-1-1!!

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    This is a bit off junk-posting but wondered if any of you may have access or knowledge to free patterns for headscarves for chemo patients?? I have found a few old sites but not exactly what I was hoping for.

    I want to make my sister some reversible ones from scrap fabrics I have here and even from her grandkids outgrown clothes so they’re more personal for her and filled with love and hugs!!!

    I want to give her more options than her wig and a stocking cap that she uses now because she absolutely loved her hair and it is important to replace it with only the best we can until she regrows more. Please, any help appreciated!!

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    It might be easiest to make this hat reverse. Just cut more bonnet pieces. You might have to hand sew where ever you turn it – maybe one of the darts.

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    Pic of the back of the hat.

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    The pattern was a first attempt to make a pattern off the old hat. I would straighten the top and curve the bonnet a little better. The brim seems to just follow the same curve of the bonnet but is placed on the fold to cut it out. The cut out notch needs to be the same on both sides. The ties need to be fairly narrow or they don’t tie nice.

    The hat I have is fairly old and in delicate shape – I think I would tighten the knots up a bit and it would look a little better.

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    After you make a pattern cut two of each piece.

    The long pointy tail is the tie for the back – the straight side is on the bias and is the top of the hat. Cut 2 of the brim on the fold.

    Sew the top of the bonnet together.

    For the brim, sew the two brim pieces together and then attach to the front of the bonnet. I would use interfacing. Center the brim with the seam – sew. Then hem and include the other side of the brim.

    Then sew the back piece up about an inch and then sew the dart.

    The whole thing just ties in the back.

    It can be made without the brim. Just hem around most of it. Sew up the back about an inch then stitch the dart – Pin the seams together and sew across – forms the bonnet across the top of the back. It can also tie in the front if you make it with out the brim.

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    The brim pattern:

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    Here is a pic of the pattern:

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    Gigi, I have a ‘bonnet’ I bought at GW – I made a pattern to make new ones. It is kind of cute. Takes about a half yard of fabric.

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