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    I was approached by the business uptown to get my butt in gear and get some garden chairs done before Mother’s Day because she has had some requests… so I threw these together quick over the weekend… really wanted to add some ‘junk’ but I don’t think I have the market here… at least everything I have taken to her thus far made out of junk hasn’t sold… so anyway- thought I’d share!

    [attachment id=5017,952] [attachment id=5017,953] [attachment id=5017,954]

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  •  Anonymous #78907

    Country Almanac has a cute chair in the spring issue…

  •  Anonymous #78904

    Maggie, I make these chairs and sell them, and I use artificial flowers for display [which I buy at garage sales],and let them have the flowers. Sometimes people need to see how the chair looks in all it’s glory.

  •  Anonymous #78903

    I sell them without the plants. They are easier to transport, and flowers can be expensive.

  •  Anonymous #78896

    Back to the garden chairs…do you make them early enough for the plants to get a good start, or do you just plant & sell them? I have some chairs & I’d like to try doing a couple to sell.

  •  Anonymous #78889

    Awww…man! Don’t you HATE when that happens!?

  •  Anonymous #78882

    GGGGRRRRRRR – I just had to go about 75 miles trip. On the way I spied a bunch of stuff in the trash but I had no way to get near it. BUMMED OUT.

  •  Anonymous #78873

    but then again, some people are just plain stupid. LOL

  •  Anonymous #78872

    Not stupid, just not imaginative. I think most people would look at an old, seatless chair and wonder why anyone would TRY to sell it. How many times have you redone something and people are like “Oh My Gosh, that is so cute, I never would have thought of that!” I would do something to them unless you want to sell them really cheap.

  •  Anonymous #78853

    Awww…man! I’m so glad to see this post come back around! The heck with spotting a robin, this means spring IS on the way! LOL

    I have two or three bottomless chairs and have considered doing them up. Then I got lazy and wondered if I could make a few bucks on them just as they are.

    Are there enough people with ideas of what to do with them or do they need at least one to inspire some thoughts? I don’t mean to imply that people are stupid, but just that all people aren’t “junk-minded”.

  •  Anonymous #78840

    Maybe paint it pink? I got tired of everyone taking my cup when I worked with a bunch of men. So I got a pink girlie one. You bet no one ever took my mug again! Remember the “garden ladies” made from chairs?

  •  Anonymous #78836

    SWEET! I looked it up Diane – I hit images and saw them ALL. Makes me think spring needs to hurry up – I’m thinking about garden seeds too…. Some times I think TOO much… there is a chair with a hole already in it and a bucket already in the hole at the TS for $2 – I think it was in a sick room maybe before that… If I spray paint the aluminum maybe it wouldn’t get stolen out of the yard… skip the plant – put a scare crow on the thing. OH MY I am twisted or what….

  •  Anonymous #78835

    Google “garden chair planter picture” I love the arm chair that is covered in ground cover. It’s AWESOME! Come on spring!

  •  Anonymous #78785

    Diane, I’m ready for spring also! We’ve had some warm days & it has been wonderful! I don’t have much space here to grow things, but I got my beds cleaned up for planting. I enjoyed reading these posts again. I’m wanting to make some garden chairs now.

  •  Anonymous #78783

    So good morning ladies. Do you think I’m thinking spring? We had ice then 3 inches of snow, a day off from school then 2 hour delay this morning. I’m seriously thinking of taking out a contract on that idiot who keeps pulling the groundhog out of his hole.

  •  Anonymous #69397

    Have fun tomorrow Huggss…

  •  Anonymous #69395

    Went for a preview of some of the items and some are just awesome.. but of course they are going for a good price too.. and I am going to be at a Labor day party when this auction closes.. so I may not be able to bid on the items at the last minute.. Oh well some we win and some we lose..

    Catcha you all later.


  •  Anonymous #69212

    well I have been out bidded on everything I bidded on so far.. but the auction is not over with yet… so I still have time to be the sly fox.. some of the items are going for a good price.. so we will see what happens the last day of the auction…


  •  Anonymous #69164

    Wish I was there…..! Sounds like so much fun! Keep us posted. Jan

  •  Anonymous #69158

    I have bidded on the items but have already been out bidded on some of them.. I am going to hold off until the last day and then do my finally bidding.. I just went past the little shop that is having the auction and the large wire baskets that have three baskets on them are awesome.. so I am going to try to reframe myself and act like I do not really care and then hit them right at the last moment. LOL sounds like a good plan.. Lev. likes the tall wire onees too and they would look awesome for her shop.. we will see what I get this time around.. so far I have the signs, and some accent pieces.. everything else I bid on I have been out bid by a small amount so I am going to play it cool.. like a Fox this time.. all the planter are so neat also.. they have several wire ones and other ones too.. This is such a neat little shop I guess things just are not going well for them or maybe someone has passed away.. just never know.. I have always wanted to stop at the shop but you know how you put things off.. well this is really a cool shop and now I am going to have to stop by and at least do a preview of all the stuff.. I will keep you informed on what is happening.. LOL

  •  Anonymous #69155

    I usually hit the outside areas of estate sales and look for vintage gardening items. I love concrete bird baths and such too! Right now I have 4 in the yard…LOL ! Love those signs too! We always buy victorian flower pots (concrete) at sales too. DH just dumps the dirt out and we pile the pots in the truck. I even have an old (late 1800s) lawn jockey that DH bought from a man’s yard for $ 15.00 one time. He is way cool and I brought him home from my antiques shop when I closed it a few years ago. He stood in the window and held the open/close sign and everyone wanted to buy him when I closed the shop. I just had to bring him home with me and he is one of my favs now. I think you should try and get that bird bath base…it is so neat! Good Luck! Jan

  •  Anonymous #69154

    Jan the auction site said the top is falling apart.. not sure how heavy it is, usually if it is really heavy they tell you to make sure you bring hell to move as it is heavy.. except the one time I won a concret pot and stand and they did not say it was heavy or if they did.. I missed it..and when I went to get it.. Holly Cow.. I could not even move it an inch.. had to go back with my son on a Saturday and pick it up.. and then I got lost trying to find the place lol. he was not a happy camper.. but after we got it home and I planted flowers in it and all he was okay with it..

    but I do love the details on the base also.. so pretty.. the place that is closing is an Antique and gift shop.. right next to flower shop and grave yard.. LOL here are three signs that are also on auction

  •  Anonymous #69153

    I can see the top (even though shot) placed in a flower bed and planted with lush low growing flowers. I have taken several of those in the past and planted them and they look really neat peaking out of the beds. I do LOVE the detail on the base too! Jan

  •  Anonymous #69151

    Love the detail…

  •  Anonymous #69150

    I can see the base of this birdbath with a really pretty gazing ball on top of it or a new bath that is done in grey tones of tiles or some kind of stain glass..I have seen some pretty bowling balls done in some awesome things..


  •  Anonymous #69149

    Great, I will put bids on some of these and see what happens, just never know with auctions.. all we can do is try.. check out this bird bath.. the top is not any good and is shot, but the base is just awesome.. check it out….

  •  Anonymous #69148

    Wow I really like that one one the left esp. They would go great in the shop…

  •  Anonymous #69147

    They have about two or three of the gazing balls & stands.. and two of the Large black wire plant stands.

  •  Anonymous #69146

    They have about two or three of the gazing balls & stands.. and two of the Large black wire plant stands.

  •  Anonymous #69145

    here are two more Lev from the Southgate auction

  •  Anonymous #69144

    EWWW I like that…I know I spelled it wrong. I’m not a very good speller. I can spell most big words find. It’s the smaller ones that get me. Whiney, is that right…LOL…I really do like that…

  •  Anonymous #69143

    Hey are you drinking wine again.. LOL hey, here is one of the wire planters on the Southgate auction..

  •  Anonymous #69141

    Thanks Huggss. I have a winey one this morning…LOL…

  •  Anonymous #69140

    Lev Brian Graves the auction guy is going to check for me to see if he can come up with a size.. I can go preview it on Thursday if you would like for me to … he is going to measure the waist of the dress and that should give you an idea, and I will check it out also.. and do not for get to check out the Southgate auction.. they have a lot of planters there that you might like.. they may get expensive not sure but all we can do is watch.. as far as the ladder back chair you could use it to hang items on and sit stuff on in your shop.. besure and let me know what you think would be a good price for a item .. some things I am not just that sure of.. I would have never thought the iron chairs would go for $170.00 dollars.. My bird house is turning out cute.. I put stones all over the outside and I am going to use wood sticks for the roof… and add other items to it..


  •  Anonymous #69139

    Oh heck, Lev what will I do with this chair.. you can use it as a prop for items in your shop if you can use it.. I will check out the size on the dress. 316…

  •  Anonymous #69138

    Hugs I thought you were getting that for yourself?? Thanks for trying on the other things…I seen one that was a fairfax,Oh. It had a vintage evening gown(316) could you find out what size the dress is and what it’s going for…Thanks….

  •  Anonymous #69137

    This is the right chair we won.. the rush seat ladder back chair.. duh..

  •  Anonymous #69136

    Nooooo darn what is wrong with my pics.. not these either..duh.

  •  Anonymous #69135

    I think this is the one

  •  Anonymous #69134

    nooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wrong pic

  •  Anonymous #69133

    This is a pic of the chair we did win..

  •  Anonymous #69132

    Also, you gals let me know about prices for these things like the garden chairs.. I do not know it $26.oo was to much or not.. so if it would have been a good price let me know and I will not let the next ones get away from me..


  •  Anonymous #69131

    lEV.. They went for to much.. the 4 chairs with not seats went for $70.00, the iron chairs went for $130.00 the tables and chairs you wanted went for $26.00 , I did get the one ladder back chair which is in good condition.. and I will bring it to you .. you can use it for prop, or sell it at a higher price.. it would make a nice front porch chair with a pretty plant sitting on it.. or just with a nice pillow leaning on the back.. got it for $8.00 But heck I have not giving up.. I will keep looking for you.. they are going to have a big yard sale at our church in Sept and never know what may be there.. there is a little place in Southgate that is coming up with auction.. has a lot of the wire planters and items.. if you look on the auction site is the Southgate auction.. some will be way out of our range but some of the planters may not be.. this place is right next flower shop.. and grave yard.. LOL.. has some neat little signs.. that look interesting.. will keep you posted.. sorry it took me so long to answer.. I was working on a birdhouse.. adding stones to the exterior and going to add wood strips to the roof.. maybe a seller also… Okay so we got the ladder back chair with the rush seat.. still a good buy..

  •  Anonymous #69125

    I been wondering all day myself. I keep checking my e-mail to see if she got them…Hugggsss where are youuuuuuu….

  •  Anonymous #69124

    Aaahhh – Nothing like a good old Carly Simon song – or James Taylor for that matter and I believe I have that Carly Simon albumn as well! Hope you won the auction Huggy!

  •  Anonymous #69122

    That’s what I was thinking Greta, It’s 7:04 here now so even if there is a time zone difference,the auction should be over….

    Tapping foot, aimlessly whistling, C’mon Huggy did you get them? LOL You should have never mentioned the time it ended.


  •  Anonymous #69120

    Anticipation…Anticipa-a-tion…it’s keeping me waiting…(old Carly Simon song)….

    Ready to hear your big winnings, Huggy. It’s Sunday at 6:45. I just chuckled, as I know you have so much more to do in life than post on Junk Rev. at the exact moment your auction ends!


  •  Anonymous #69113

    WOW I can’t believe the prices. YOu can’t buy anything like that here for under $25.00!! You go girl!

  •  Anonymous #69057

    Blossom Lane… the single ladder back chair still going for $7.00 and I am winning the bid.. the chairs and table one is still going at $2.00 and I am winning that so far… The four Chairs with out the seats are at $38.00 for all four.. thought that a little steep.. I will keep you posted the auction ends Sunday @4:00pm


  •  Anonymous #69005

    Okay, Huggy–you have got me in on this auction.

    Keep us updated!! I would be thrilled if you got the tables and chairs for cheap…or is that frugal…??..ha ha

  •  Anonymous #68995

    Gosh those are good deals… I’m glad you found them…It always makes you feel good when you find just one and you got several. I hate that your iron chairs shot up to 38.00. Were not cheap, we are frugal…LOL

  •  Anonymous #68993

    Lev, we are still at $3.00 on the tables and chairs.. yahoo.. keeping my eye on them.. not going to go any higher on the four chairs.. $38.00 is a little steep for junk.. LOL and the iron chairs also are now at $38.00 so keeping my focus on the single chair for $7.00 and the tables and chairs for $3.00 …..Went to Hancock fabrics yesterday on my lunch hour and got some awesome deals on remments of fleece.. what a buy I got.. some as much as 80% off when all said and done.. enough on some of the remnents to make several baby hats and cost was like 32 cents.. LOL I guess I am a cheap person.. or a good buyer..

  •  Anonymous #68980

    so far Greta. we are still at $3.00 for the chairs and tables.. and it is local.. and if I can win these I am going to take a weekend and run down to her town and drop them off.. and spend the weekend at a hotel with an indoor pool … LOL the four chairs that are without seats are now going for $38.00 so not so sure if we want to keep bidding on those or not..

  •  Anonymous #68973

    Huggy–Unbelievable! Three dollars bid on that lot of chairs and tables. Infinite possibilities!

    Gigi– actually sends me emails. There is an awesome Goodwill about 40 minutes away from me. Much better than our local store.


  •  Anonymous #68937

    Go to their website and at the top there is a search icon. When you click on it the page will appear and you will need to click on seller arrow on the far end and it will show all the locations that conduct internet auctions. Really a cool feature and it is amazing the prices on furniture in the midwest…wish I lived closer for that! Jan

  •  Anonymous #68936

    honestly, i’m not sure where all the sites are. if you read the description…each item being shipped, it will say pick up only or avoid shipping by picking up, etc and will give the location-address, too i believe.

    i’ve only ordered old tags and won…got about 6 or 7 for $5, i think but didn’t care for the shipping fees. i realize it’s a good opportunity to help less fortunate and the GW does great things but…i just can’t afford their ship/handle costs!

    now…on the other hand, if you are near the location (even remotely)you can pick up some awesome, old furniture….retro, victorian, you name it….dirt cheap because not alot of people can pick the things up, in person….because it varies state to state.

    they do have some wonderful items on there, tho…old games, antiques, clothing, everything/anything!!!! A POTPOURRI!!

  •  Anonymous #68926

    I have not had a chance to really get into the site that much.. but do they have any sites close to Cincinnati, Ohio or Northen Kentucky that any of you know of????


  •  Anonymous #68911

    I found that site last year but have yet to make a purchase due to the shipping cost. There is one store about 1 1/2 hours from me that I go by on occasion when I am in that area and another one 35 minutes from me in the other direction. They sell their furniture dirt cheap and you could easily refurbish it with a nice coat of paint! Jan

  •  Anonymous #68909

    gigi, Thanks, I am a auction nut.. love to see all the different items up for auction.. sometimes I win and sometimes I do not.. but it is fun… I have gotten many pieces of art work, brand new shoes never worn.. food processor that was never used.. and have now start making my own pizza dough and pizza sauce..and yea my own pizza.. I have gotten tools, computers, cameras, yarn, rings, drapes, sewing machines, so it is fun and I must say I have gotten some really good deals.. I just have to watch what I bid on.. Son not always as happy as I am..LOL

  •  Anonymous #68908

    ladies ever try:

    pretty cool stuff but sometimes abit pricey on shipping but maybe some of you are close to the locations that have the items and can pick up?? check it out sometime.

  •  Anonymous #68894

    yeppers, all the tables and chairs on the last pic posted is still going for $3.00 I will keep watching them.. This is an on line auction in my area and you bid online and they stop the bidding a certain day at a certain time.. so you almost have to be on line to watch the bidding as things can change in a second.. I am keeping my eyes on those 4 chairs.. and the other one too with the tables and chairs.. …not sure if I can say the website on this site..

    The web site is called it is out of Cincinnati, Ohio.. some of the items that they auction off they will ship others they will not.. if you want to bid you have to register, it is free to register.. and you have to pick up on a certain day at usully between 2:00pm and 7:oopm to see what is being auctioned off click on online sales and it will show you several different auctions that are going on.. any questions feel free to ask me


  •  Anonymous #68881

    You mean all the table and chairs in the pic are going for 3.00?? Jillruth I believe it is a live on line auction. Hugs can up post a link in case any of these ladies want to look…And bid if they want…

  •  Anonymous #68880

    i’m curious too… that’s a steal for $4.00

  •  Anonymous #68879

    Where are you bidding on them-can’t be a live auction or you wouldn’t be posting here! Ebay? with pick up instead of delivery?


  •  Anonymous #68875

    I am still bidding on the tables and chairs.. going to wait on the 4 chairs to see how far they go… on the four chairs would depend on what all you would have around the house to use to add the flowers or whatever to them that may not cost you anything and if you could sell for about $35.00 each.. you could make about $100.00

  •  Anonymous #68874

    Lev here are the other tables and chairs.. now going for $3.00

  •  Anonymous #68871

    Lets see, that’s 6.50 a chair. About 1.50 more then I’d give. BUT still a good buy. Did you bid on them??? I’m just a cheapskate…

  •  Anonymous #68869

    Lev, these chairs are now going to $26.oo whatcha think?????


  •  Anonymous #68722

    She lives closer to me, soooooo….LOL…

  •  Anonymous #68710

    Oh, you won’t be ALONE if you have to hide your junk – I am the MASTER JUNK HIDER! LOL. You can move on over to Michigan – but I’m out of storage room myself!


  •  Anonymous #68707

    I really love all the chairs.. now darn you guys are getting me to thinking.. I belong to an online auction and I see these chairs all the time that say .. damage to seat.. needs new caneing .. but heck with these I could just add flowerpots with flowers and some cute little items.. so cute.. oh my.. my son is going to pack my stuff and my junk and send me on my way.. I better find somewhere to hide these chairs if I find some..LOL Thanks girls I may have to move in with one of you.. only kidding..


  •  Anonymous #64460

    That chair is the cutest!!!!!!!

  •  Anonymous #64458

    I love to change them into planters! You can put mumms in for fall and carry their use out from May-November!!! Make two of each!

  •  Anonymous #64393

    Love all the cute chairs! I have four iron chairs out in my front yard with no seats on them. Can’t decide whether to turn them into “real” chairs with seats, paint, etc., or turn them into “porch and garden” chairs with plants??

  •  Anonymous #64384

    How cute and such a special project for one lucky teacher….totally made with love. Can’t get any better than that! Great job! Jan

  •  Anonymous #64380

    That’s sooo cute…What a treasure…

  •  Anonymous #64374

    What a cute project! I also work as a para in Special Education. We are an inclusion school so we have a whole range of student abilities. This would be a cute project! I’ll have to keep my eye out for chairs.

    Thanks for sharing!


  •  Anonymous #64373

    Yeah, I did it!!!!

  •  Anonymous #64372

    i am seriously computer illiterate

  •  Anonymous #64370

    let’s try this again

  •  Anonymous #64369

    let’s try this again

  •  Anonymous #64368

    let’s try this again

  •  Anonymous #64367

    so here is the chair we made. i work as a teachers aide in a mentally impaired class. the other aide and i would take the kids during recess to paint. we did one color a day. the teacher had no idea. the chair just happened to be shaped like pencils on the bottom. we painted the back slats black and used a white paint pen to write with. i think it turned out pretty cute and the teacher was thrilled.

  •  Anonymous #63317

    Hillbillies – my chair looks quite a bit like your first post – the carving on the back of the chairs is really quite similar.

  •  Anonymous #63316

    Well, I got my chair done for the weekend craft show. I had lots of oohs and ahhs, but no takers. I priced mine at $35. The antique resale store that put on the craft show asked to put the chair in her store. I hope it sells, but then again – I’d like it for my porch too!

  •  Anonymous #63121

    I took my last 4 chairs up to the store yesterday so I’m ready to start collecting them for next year. I figured another week or two and most people will be done planting flowers anyways. Diana

  •  Anonymous #63117

    Diana- I was just setting them on there… but the last one I took up to the store, the owner asked if I would glue them on, the bird fell off and shattered on her sidewalk… so it was gorilla glue to the rescue!!

    I too, hit a jackpot auction a few years ago… 32 chairs for $2.00 a piece… I love when that happens… I need another one of those because I am officially out of chairs right now!

  •  Anonymous #63114

    LOVE,LOVE,LOVE them!!!

  •  Anonymous #63111

    Cute chairs. I have made and sold 10 with just a pan in the hole and a sign on the back no plants or extra things for $16.50 each. I got the chairs at auctions for a dollar or two and a stack of 20 or more pans at a farm auction for $3 so I’m happy. I painted “Bless My Bloomers” on all the signs. I was going to do several different signs but figured people would want this chair and that sign so decided to keep it simple. I like the birds and animals setting on them, are they glued down or just setting there? Diana

  •  Anonymous #63109

    I should do that gigi!! I have one chair left… and it’s a cane rocker… maybe I’ll do that… inbetween baseball, softball, everything else… I’ll let you know when I do!!!

  •  Anonymous #63108

    how cute are they hillbilly!!!

    you should do a play by play on your blog on chair how to’s….i’m sure more than i would enjoy seeing/reading it!!

    i always have trouble fixing the plant steady and secure…i’d love to see your techniques!

  •  Anonymous #63107

    How wonderful for you! I think they are so cool and it’s no wonder they all sold so quickly. Hope you sell the others too. Good luck!


  •  Anonymous #63105

    try it again…

  •  Anonymous #63104

    Sold all my garden chairs… got a few more done before Mother’s Day… happy Mother’s Day to all!

  •  Anonymous #63053

    oh defintely… post pix if you can!

  •  Anonymous #63034

    that sounds like an awesome chair…can’t wait to see it!!

  •  Anonymous #63030

    I’ve made a bunch of these chairs and usually charge $25 without flowers. We just made one of these for a teacher as a gift, the legs happened to be tapered on the bottom just like a pencil so we painted the legs yellow, added brown and then a tip of black on the bottom then outdoor silver paint and bubble gum pink to the top. They looked just like pencils. We painted the rungs red, green and blue and the slats on the back black then let the kids sign it with white paint pen to look like a black board. I use chicken wire for the seat and add a coco mat to hold the dirt. Everyone loved it and if I can ever figure out how to down load pictures I’ll post it.

  •  Anonymous #63009

    Well- we are all on the same page… the chair with the egg basket I’m marking at $35.00 if sold outright (I have a friend interested in buying one on facebook) but I sell them at a local store and she adds 20% so I mark them at $30 so she can add her commission on top… I don’t want to be too over priced because I don’t want to lose the money I spent on the flowers!

    Sue- I don’t mind if you take any ideas… that’s what this website is for… get the creative juices flowing and ‘borrow’ from others- at least that’s how I look at it!

    Thanks for all the compliments! Let’s see pix Sue… and everyone else- give ’em a shot… they are super easy and fun to make!

  •  Anonymous #62998

    I think it is a very fair price….you use your vehicle to go buy the plants, your time in making the chairs. Go for it and good luck! Jan

  •  Anonymous #62995

    Sue – I wanna see pics too! Hillbilly – those are AWESOME!!! I have never tried one myself, but if I were anywhere near you, I would be grabbing one of yours!!! Cute cute!

  •  Anonymous #62994

    Thanks, Jan, for your suggestion. I was thinking $35 for mine as well. Yes, there is a lot of time in on them – and we don’t always recoup our time when we sell, do we?!

    I’ll post pictures when I’m done. ­čÖé

  •  Anonymous #62990

    I sold a few several years ago and got $ 35 for the large ones and $ 22.50 for the smaller ones. Heck you put a lot of time and work into them including having to purchase the plants. Good luck with them! Sue be sure and post pics of your chairs if you get a chance. Jan

  •  Anonymous #62983

    Hillbilly – I love your chairs and was surprised to see the first one. I’m doing a chair that looks quite like your first one. I bought for $2 because the caning had a hole in it. I’ve borrowed your idea of adding a bird house (I hope you don’t mind). I’ve also added a wire basket for the flowers. I’m not sure if this is too personal, but I have no idea what to price it for an arts and craft show at an antique shop this Saturday. Do you mind if I ask how you’ll price yours? If that is way too personal, please don’t feel obligated. Or you could email me at if you’d rather.

    Anyone else with ideas for pricing can add your two cents here or email me if you’d prefer. I’ll try to post pictures after I get all my stuff done.


  •  Anonymous #62961

    Love em…Do you use wire or just sit them on a hole? You do a great job…

  •  Anonymous #62959

    Those are adorable and would be wonderful Mother’s day gifts! You shouldn’t have any trouble selling the either. I know what you mean about repurposing junk and trying to get folks to comprehend its function….they just don’t get it! Good luck on your planted chairs. Jan

  •  Anonymous #62958

    They’ll sell fast and you’ll be making more!

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