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  • daisytoaddaisytoad #43981

    I’m looking for some new flea markets and sales to shop at, what are your faves? and when are they?

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  •  Anonymous #86448

    Here is the new post card for my Nebraska show ­čÖé Would love to see any of you!

  •  Anonymous #86412

    Im not sure if anyone has heard of The Liberty Barn outside Auburn Indiana, but I had a BLAST in there! The ppl are so nice and helpful. Not open until warmer weather permits…cannot hardly wait.

    Indiana definitely needs more flea markets for us shoppers to be able to sell after shining up and repurposing. Texas, NY, CA, and FL…sooo Lucky. Looks like the kids may be going to Disneyland afterall…so long as I get a day to bargain hunt too. All of Indiana lets try and help ea. other out. We could always pull a pickers? Or maybe do a swap with ea. other on things. Tell me what you are hunting for and I will hunt for it also for you. Im hunting for old chandeliers to either fix or for parts…yes the chrystal ones…

  •  Anonymous #86408

    Oh if I only lived closer!

  •  Anonymous #86403

    My second Vintage and Artisan market is schedule for June in Kearney, NE!

  •  Anonymous #86356

    This is a good one, but its just around the holidays. If I can remember, I’ll remind you, if you’d like?

  •  Anonymous #86355

    I’m in Indianapolis and looking for a great flea market to set up and sell some junk in the spring.

  •  Anonymous #86353

    Zilch, Nada! Why do you ask, are you in Indianapolis?

  •  Anonymous #86352

    how much do you pay for flea market space?

  •  Anonymous #86351

    Indiana/Michigan stateline Antique store and flea market in Fremont Indiana has a flea market 3 times a year. I’ve been fortunate to be a vendor there the last two years.

    The Antique store is called Through The Years and its open year round. The Flea Market is held Memorial day weekend, July 4th weekend and Labor day weekend.

    There are lots of other Antiques stores and Flea Markets within an hours drive in Indiana and Michigan to visit.

    Leroy and Ilene Heintz run the antique store and flea market.

    Here is the address:

    1750 Indiana 120

    Fremont, IN 46737

    (260) 833-9822

    They are known for rare high quality antiques.

  •  Anonymous #79837

    I love the Kane County fair/flea market in Illinois. It’t usually the first weekend of the month from April through October, but the info should be on their website. The Ann Arbor antiques market in Michigan is a good one, too. I believe that one is once a month also.

  •  Anonymous #79332

    I found a head/torso mannequin this past Friday at "Hillbilly Flea Market" in Ashland, KY…much like the one in the picture below.

    Some of her plaster was peeling but she was a deal. Had pretty eyes with long eyelashes.

    I took her home for $5.

    She sold from my booth the next day!!!!

  •  Anonymous #79331

    Welcome, FleaMarketLeigh. I wish I could get to California to yours and all the other great flea markets out there. Thank you for the info, I’m sure a lot of the Cali members will be very interested in your flea!

  •  Anonymous #79313

    I just discovered this site thru the new magazine. I wanted to let you all know that I put on a 1st Saturday flea Market @ Smoketree Junction Antiques- 815 Hwy 138- Pinon Hills CA 92372 from 9a.m. to 2p.m. The next 1 is this coming Saturday, April 2nd. There is an antique mall, gardens and artists’ studio on site. L:)

  •  Anonymous #74058

    We have a “Restore” in our area. Haven’t been there yet but will have to put on my “places to junk” list.


  •  Anonymous #74056

    There are some good finds in these places:

    or we also have

    What do you have in your area?

  •  Anonymous #70800

    That could be the reason…..ROTFLMBO!

  •  Anonymous #70799

    And… that the reason why you feel so comfortable here at the JR!? LOL ((Maggie))

  •  Anonymous #70788

    Gigi…never heard of that, but it sounds interesting. I love nuts!

  •  Anonymous #70768

    just a fyi tip….just read an article in american profile or relish? that comes in our sunday paper about a couple who make syrup from shagtree bark….and they make hickory too.

    have you ever heard or tried either kind of syrup, i guess it tastes really nutty??

  •  Anonymous #70765

    We went and gathered hickory nuts yesterday in a BIG forest. There was water standing everwhere. It was awful but we got 13 grass sacks full…

  •  Anonymous #70763

    I can understand why they did that. You should see my yard. It never has time to dry out between rains. Don’t know when I will get to mow again. Oh well, that’s a good excuse for me not mowing….LOL

  •  Anonymous #70748

    For Maggie – The sale tomorrow has been postponed until the 31st due to the field being too wet and flooded. Just wanted to let you know before you head that way. They rented over 100 booths! Jan

  •  Anonymous #70653

    Maggie – I plan on being there by 7 or 7:30 so I will give you a shout if I see you. Hope your SIL is better by Saturday and you get to attend. Jan

  •  Anonymous #70650

    Jan…I’m going to try & make it there! My SIL got sick on our trip, so it depends on how well she is doing. We usually go in her car (suburban).

  •  Anonymous #70606

    For Maggie – Please email me for information on an upcoming flea market/garage sale in our neck of the woods. Thanks! Jan

  •  Anonymous #70545

    I’m hoping to get us a data base of sorts, so if anyone else has any to add, that would be great!

  •  Anonymous #68882

    There’s the What Cheer Flea Market that is always the first weekend of May, August, and October, in Iowa…

    Ki posted it on her blog… it’s the one I attend and vend at occasionally…

  •  Anonymous #68855

    Daisytoad, in NE–I’m selling at the Shed Sale Labor Day weekend. I don’t have to be there the whole weekend if I’m selling so I will be there on Mon. for sure. It’s two farm places set up with vendors wares. The one place (the Shed) is a quanset. That’s where I’ll be. On the South farm there is a great barn and other out buildings that will all be full. We took a load down on Sun. and there was already so much stuff there.

    Here’s the info:

    Fall Shed Sale

    6 mi. south of Seward I-80/Hwy 15 Exit to Yankee Hill Rd

    Watch for signs!

    Fri. Sept. 4 thru Mon. Sept. 7


    Deal Day is Mon. Sept. 7 Free and 1/2 priced items and vendors will be discounting selected items.

    Email me with any other questions

  •  Anonymous #68837

    There is Junk Bonanza in MN Sept. 17, 18 & 19 at Canterbury Park in Shakopee. Not that you needed a reminder probably for this one.

  •  Anonymous #68816

    One coming up, that I have been a vendor at for over 10 years, is the Argyle Antique Gas Engine Show & Flea Market near Colchester, IL. There are city wide garage sales and a large flea market area underneath loads of pine trees in the state park. The event takes place during Labor Day week-end. There is also a craft area and lots of great food.

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