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    I’m hoping I can get a picture or two to work. This afternoon I dragged out a table my son hauled home from work – it is stainless and short. Then I filled up a tank of water. And I had a potting bench that I rescued. Most of it went into the bench and back in the shed until next time. I’m pretty sure they will be back. I put seeds, grass clippings, dirt & saw dust in some empty Quick containers and then found some old toy kitchen pans and some spoons and slotted things… They added their own dandelions, violets, strawberries and clovers to the mix. They didn’t discover the water for awhile. Someone made some meat balls. I don’t think you have to put a whole lot of effort into it for them to have a wonderful time.

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  •  Anonymous #86048

    Awwww that’s so sweet…They will always remember that…

  •  Anonymous #86047

    Cute! Made me smile!

  •  Anonymous #86046

    Looks like they had great time.

  •  Anonymous #86045

    What great memories!

  •  Anonymous #86043

    Title has a miss spelled word – Mud pie Making…

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    I’m thinking next time I’ll find more pans. They ran out of cake pans. And bowls. We need more bowls. We hiked through the yard and picked things up to add to the pastries. Good thing we don’t have a dog back there….

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    The garden is pitiful. Full of PI and weeds. My daughter says we need to get a goat… NOT.

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    Top picture is Lovie showing off her pies and cakes.

    Wilbur picks out his own clothes. Isn’t he adorable? He made bread. No cake or pies just bread. He spent a lot of time sifting garden dirt and pulling out worms.

    The metal table. I think that one won’t ever make it in the house. Way to much fun to have a work table that height – it hoses off so nice.

    The water tank was a GW find. Oh and Wilbur was fascinated by it.

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