Mud Room Cubbies ou of CD rack.

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  • mcnaughton #45131

    I couldn’t find what I wanted to use as storage for back-door items until I found a vertical wooden CD rack. It was symetrical when hung horizontally because the top and bottom pieces matched and were finished in the same way. My husband mounted it on the wall above our coat rack. I screwed in cup hooks on the end for keys. Scrabble letters have kept any one person from hogging other cubbies. Now most things we need for dog-walking or weather are in the back hall where we can hang them when we get home.

    Excuse the mess. The maid isn’t very motivated.

    There. I’ve finally made a small contribution to the forums that I have enjoyed so much. Happy Labor Day Evening!

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  • Ruth Ruth #87414

    Hi!!!! This sounds adorable!!!!! I would love to see a pic!!!

  •  Anonymous #81604

    wish i could post a pic but can’t at this time. 🙁

    maybe in the near future 🙂

    • Ruth Ruth #87415

      Have tried posting a pic again? I am the Community Page Coordinator. What response are you getting?

  •  Anonymous #81593

    love it !!! great eye to see that it would work..dont you love when you cant find what you want, and then find something totally different that will work !!

  •  Anonymous #81592

    Gigi, that sounds so cute. Can you post a picture of it?

  •  Anonymous #81591

    speaking of reusing cd racks. i found one a few summers back for a buck at garage sale. it resembled a bird house to me (the frame was solid wood and each layer of 10 cds had its own wood shelf. the exterior was meshlike wire and it had a coppula looking ornament on top. standing about 3-4 ft. tall i had every intention to make it into an outside decoration.

    fast forward…i installed mini lights inside it, painted little barn stars mustard, barn red and hunter green-wrapped them in wire with cute lil’ designs and attached outside of it. now i have an indoor birdhouse that glows throughout the living room….the shadows made from the wire is incredible!!

    •  klaporte #87408

      I think I have the same cd holder….I turned it into a storage rack in my bathroom. ..I made little boxes to fit inside and covered with craft paper..just for a few areas..I store washcloths, hand towels..and bird nicknacks and my makeup in it….looks cute!!

  •  Anonymous #81588

    That’s a great idea turning your shelf horizonally! It looks great and I must say my “maid” seems to be on vacation way too much! lol

  •  Anonymous #81583

    Oh, and the letter “L” for our last name was weathered, red and a cast-off from a local store’s sign that was replaced. ORB spray paint again.

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