Mud Kitchen for children

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    A friend of mine came across a great idea for children/grandchildren for creative play in the garden. Alot of the kitchen items can be found “junk”–just up our alley. I love this idea and plan on putting one together for GD for next summer (too young this year). Here’s a link to my pinterst “playful kids” for some idea.



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  •  Anonymous #83283

    aah….making mud pies, the good ole’ days before growing up!

    i remember getting dirty as a pig with my lil boyfriend prior to and after kindergarten plus, i have the pics to prove it! lol ­čśë

    nowadays i’m not so happy to get that icky because i know that mom isn’t going to clean me/house up…..I HAVE TO!!

    aah….but it was fun memories!!

  •  Anonymous #83280

    Ha Ha funny stories Copperhead…I BOUGHT a mud pie maker kitchen for both my 2 year old grandbabies, but all those ideas would be fun to add to it.


  •  Anonymous #83271

    we used to use Grandpa’s mail box for the oven. The mailman crabbed a lot… Years later when my DD was little she packed our mail box full of snow. The mail man crabbed at her. I saw the mail man the next day and he was LAUGHING. He said it made his day when he saw stuff like that. WHAT? Shattered my illusions. Once she tried to put the cat in there….

  •  Anonymous #83269

    LuAnn, I love it! Great posts. My nieces would have so much fun! My brother used to make mudpies and tell us they were chocolate chip cookies. He got paid back when he kicked the skunk! LOL

  •  Anonymous #83263

    I REALLY like that – I sent it to my GKs and they LOVED it.

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