Mosaiced Watering Can

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  • KudzuKween #44496

    a small watering can i’d already finished, but i’ve now added clear beads on wires as flowing water 😀 the bottle cap ladybugs are holding up very well, and that bowling ball/gazing ball is now a few years old.

    [attachment id=17717,2844]

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  •  Anonymous #74852

    thanks so much ya’ll:D

    oh, i thought i posted the ladybugs on here. they’re bottle caps painted to look like ladybugs. i tied a piece of fishing line to hang them with and used silicone caulk to glue them together so i have 2 ladybugs…when they swing in the breeze, you’ll always see a ladybug. spray with a clear spray sealer. my grandson made some,too…and he’s 6 so it’s a good kids project as well.

  •  Anonymous #74848

    very cute! I’d like to see the lady bugs up close.

  •  Anonymous #74843

    kUDZU, that is really cute.. love the water look and the lady bugs and of course love the watering can.. you did a super job.. hummm.. guess now I have to start looking for a watering can.. LOL

  •  Anonymous #74842

    good job Kudzu!

  •  Anonymous #74841

    love those ladies!!! how cute is that??

  •  Anonymous #74835

    That is so cool! I love the lady bugs 🙂

  •  Anonymous #74834

    How cute is that…

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