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  • copperhead #58075

    Besides quilting and aprons what have you made with men’s shirts?

    I needed some sewing machine covers so I used men’s shirts.

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  • Rena_mintleaf Rena_mintleaf #88914

    Wow! I’ve never thought it could be a great idea, but it looks absolutely wonderful. Great job!
    Would you mind if I’ll make something like this?

  •  kritika25 #87943

    O wow. I have never seen this before. Kids are cute.

  •  Anonymous #86308

    The shirt project and the kids sewing–very cool!

  •  Anonymous #86302

    The machines were good for scrap until I figured out the spinner knobs. The boxes were old shutters. The only expense was the spinners. I wanted something they couldn’t get hurt with. We fixed needle guards to mostly assure them they were safe.

  •  Anonymous #86301

    The other DGD is in the first pic – she is the gal with the dress unbuttoned. She likes ventilation in her clothing.

  •  Anonymous #86300

    One last pic of DGD using a reformed derelict sewing machine. She was piecing a quilt block.

  •  Anonymous #86299

    That last one was scared of the needle. I had needle guards on all of the machines. Some were still very afraid of the needle. Some were not afraid of anything but getting caught sewing. LOL

  •  Anonymous #86298

    DGD helping other kids sew

  •  Anonymous #86297

    I thought this little girl was very cute.

  •  Anonymous #86296

    OOPS. I should have hit a different button and got more pictures.

    I’ll try again. This little girl did not want to leave.

  •  Anonymous #86295

    Here are some more pics

  •  Anonymous #86294

    I hope some pictures will come up. The kids had a blast.

  •  Anonymous #86291

    Thank you Maggie. I love working on old sewing machines. DH took the part of the sewing cabinet that the machine sets in and cut it out to hold the machine. Then he built a box for the machine to set in. The rest of the cabinet was coming apart. I hope I can get some pics and post when we get back.

  •  Anonymous #86290

    Copper, you amaze me with your knowledge of sewing machines!

  •  Anonymous #86283

    I thought of pillows, too but I needed machine covers. I cleaned up 4 derelict sewing machines that were doomed for the salvage yard and fitted them with steering wheel spinners to make them easy to hand crank. DH fitted the machines to some boxes made from old shutters we fished out of the trash a few years ago… How do you spell HOARDERS??? Anyway. I am taking the machines camping at a historical camp this week end. Did you know there were sewing machine patents as early as 1755? I will be doing a history of sewing while there and letting kids punch holes in paper. My DGDs will be there and they will get to sew on one. I was amazed at how an ugly rusted up old sewing machine could come to life. REPAIR!!! and maybe REJUVINATE!!! The machines I have are no where near 1755 in age but we will talk about it anyway. I needed something for time out to eat and go potty or just give us a breather while I sell some junk, too. I hope I remember to get pictures of kids.

  •  Anonymous #86282

    That’s neat. I think they would make neat pillows too with the buttons down the front and maybe even the collar tacked on…maybe a bow out of the sleeves kind of like you tied them there.

  •  Anonymous #86280

    That’s cute! I never would have thought of that!

  •  Anonymous #86279

    The ‘sleeve ties’ should be straight out at a right angle not down like in the picture when you sew them on. I didn’t have a huge space for the picture. It might not hurt to iron the ‘sleeve ties’ Those ties are very easy to turn if you unbutton the cuffs. Don’t forget to rebutton everything.

    When you fold it in half, the pocket should be right side up. The ‘sleeves ties’ should be in the back and come around to hold the cover in place. You are on your own if you can come up with an old uniform shirt or something cool. I’ve also thought about putting the collars back on and maybe a neck tie.

    I guess you could call it a ‘head’ cover.

  •  Anonymous #86278

    To make it: cut to size a piece of quilted stuff – old bedspread or a mattress pad works. Cut around the sleeves and down the sides of the shirt. Cut the top off the front and back of shirt. (Save scraps to quilt or something.) Then I narrowed the sleeves to about 2 or 3 inches all the way down. Sew the front and back of the shirt together where the neck was. Then put the piece of quilted stuff on the right side of the joined shirt pieces. Sew all the way around. To put the sleeve ties in, either leave space when you sew or stitch rip an opening to put the pieces in. Sew down the ties. Then open up the buttons and turn the whole thing. Then stitch around the edges.

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