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    Here is the “menopausal woman” I welded. She has some serious attitude and can go from cold to hot in a “flash”. LOL Her body was made from some cannister that I picked up at the metal salvage yard and her mood gauge is from a shower assembly. The skirt is an old tennis or golf ball basket, her feet are hinges and her legs and arms are made from pipe from the salvage yard. Her ankle bracelets are old springs. Her hair is the springs from an old car seat. She’s about 4 1/2 feet tall but don’t let her size fool you. Her hands on her hips let you know she means business!

    Christy [attachment id=905,173] [attachment id=905,174] [attachment id=905,175]

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  •  Anonymous #59255

    Oh yes, Jeff is funny & the best ventriloquist that I have ever seen! I love Walter too!!

  •  Anonymous #59250

    i am right there with jeff dunham is the funniest person i have ever seen . i love Walter.

  •  Anonymous #59233

    Thanks everyone for all the positive feedback. I’ve been in a slump and haven’t made anything for a while and Margo shamed me into getting something done to post. The menopausal woman was a fun project so now I’m raring to get back in the shop to make something else!


  •  Anonymous #59197

    Love, love her! I think I need to get some attitude to go along with my hot flashes! So very cool!



  •  Anonymous #59192

    I feel like her some days. My hubby would like for me to wear a hot-n-cold sign so he knows how to react to some of my mood swings. LOL. I just love her. You have done a great job.

    Cindy (tinta)

  •  Anonymous #59188

    That is just so cute!!! My husband was a welder for years & I wish That I had learned to do it!

  •  Anonymous #59187

    Awesome!!! Love it…the pieces you used are such great pieces of junk, and they came together beutifully…warm…hot…cold…SHUT??? LOL *elaine*

  •  Anonymous #59186

    I absolutely Love her! My husband bought me a wire feed welder for christmas and I need to learn how to use it. It did come with an instructioinal video….VHS….I don’t have a VCR I’ve got to find one to borrow though because I’m anxious to get started.

    Hoping this old dog can learn some new tricks!

  •  Anonymous #59183

    I love her, she’s great. Show us some more.


  •  Anonymous #59181

    That is Jeff Dunham. He is hilarious..

  •  Anonymous #59180

    ok, this lady reminded me of a joke i recently heard on a comedy show….the guy was a vantriloquist and had a grumpy old man as his character and he was asking him about his wife and this is what he said: that she hopped on her MENSTRUAL “CYCLE” and ran him over!!

    (ok, guess you had to be there…i thought it was hilarious and it’s ammunition for my husband!) lol ­čÖé

  •  Anonymous #59179

    WOW…Love it….You did an excelent job…

  •  Anonymous #59178

    What an awesome piece of art! You have good vision and a welding talent I envy!

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