Making Birdfeeders Out Of These Tins-How Do I Punch Holes In Them?

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  • KudzuKween #44488

    i dug out some goodies and meant to make bird feeders. but i couldn’t make the holes in the bottoms so the feed could come out. i wanted to use a punch can key type….but i couldn’t find it, and the stores had none!

    so…does anyone know how i can punch out some nice neat holes? just large enough for bird seed to come out…

    thank you!

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  •  Anonymous #74754

    PVC would work real good! Do you file the cut edges smooth or just spray?

  •  Anonymous #74751

    i got a large pvc pipe to insert in the can when i’m working on it. it still dents a bit but much much better than what i’ve tried so far. the 4×4 block of wood is good for stopping the nail and for nailing in a hole in the bottom of the can or pie plate. you’ll want to spray it after you cut the holes to seal them ๐Ÿ˜€

    go make some!


  •  Anonymous #74738

    We tried freezing the olive oil can with water in it – can didn’t like it much… lost it’s shape. It might work for a smaller rounded can though. Better to clamp a board or put a peeled log indide the can.

  •  Anonymous #74712

    thanks ya’ll ๐Ÿ˜€

    i put a hole in the bottom of the pie tin, or lid(have to go in at an angle on the lid)and put a hole in the bottom of the can. then i bolted the chain to the bottom of the can on the inside. i also put a hole in the lid of the can for the chain to go through.that way you can just lift the lid to fill with more bird seed. use a little S hook to help you hang it.

    i might try to fill a small tin with water and freeze it. i was worried the sides might split open. Hoss has gone all over looking for a can opener, even asked his buddy, a mechanic, if he had one of those old oil can punch funnels:D

    ya’ll keep coming up with some tweaks:D


  •  Anonymous #74711

    who doesn’t always have a tin on hand or they’re dirt cheap to buy!!! cute!!

    how about making some luminaries to hang for that bbq/weiney roast…could string several down a chain or do individually on posts around the yard.

    filling w/water, freezing makes it easy to poke holes thru w/nails…for those w/o the tools or means.

  •  Anonymous #74709

    Cute-I see now how you made them. May have to try this!

  •  Anonymous #74708

    They are sooo cute…

  •  Anonymous #74707

    How clever, great inspiration!

  •  Anonymous #74706

    hi ya’ll…..i got 2 different ones made ๐Ÿ˜€

    i just used a very large spike(ones to hold bottles on my 4×4 bottle tree) to punch a hole to start. then i used a welder’s pick axe……then a large wooden dowel like a table leg or paint handle extension. one is to sit on a flat surface, one hangs from a chain through the center of the can.

  •  Anonymous #74699

    Kudzu, so you’re using an old lid for the base to hold the feed right? then the holes will go right in the bottom of the can? What do you use to hold it off of, but still attached to the lid so the feed can flow? Is the top of the can just open? These look like they’ll be so neat but was wondering the details…

  •  Anonymous #74697

    I had to go back to realize what they were. I thought they were just regular cans with paper labels (was wondering how they would weather) DUH! Now I have to go back to goodwill because they had tons of these in there. Mom will love one! Diane ๐Ÿ™‚

  •  Anonymous #74696

    thanks ๐Ÿ˜€ those sound nice,too…!

    i was remembering the old motor oil can punch funnels..when motor oil came in round metal cans. they made this nice smooth “door” shape..does anyone remember those? i hoped i wouldn’t have to file sharp edges, ๐Ÿ˜€ but i haven’t left my house except the local dollar stores. i woke up sometime in the middle of the night and wondered if i put that can opener in with my cans of paint and stain…too early to check yet, but a good place to look!

    i used a clear acrylic spray and got all of these covered. i also found a few more cans. we collected them for ages. i found 2 repro flower seed cans Ferry-Morris, a Cream of Wheat, and a Goo-Goo Cluster…very colorful ones!

  •  Anonymous #74691

    Did you look for a can opener at a thrift store? I wonder if you could use a regular can opener in a few places then open them a bit with a nail or a knife – wedge it in there and twist back and forth until the hole is the size you want.

    One year my son made some bird houses out of big olive oil cans – he drilled a big door hole and a little perch hole by clamping a piece of wood inside the can and then drilled into the can. Had to smooth out the hole real good. Then he crushed the top part of the can in a treadle hammer (blacksmith tool) then bent the crushed part to cover the hole for a little roof. He put a wire in the corner of the bend to hang them. They came out pretty cute – could have been bigger for the birdie.

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