lyour most creative Christmas tree?

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    The year my daughter was engaged we had very little money to spend on a Christmas tree but I wanted to make one last special Christmas for her before she moved out. I sent the kids all out on a search for a soon to be bulldozed cedar tree from one of the many empty lots in the subdivision where we were living. While they were out I made cookies and hot chocolate. The kids brought home a fine specimen and we went through the ornaments we had made over the years and loaded them on the cedar tree with a set of 25 year old lights. No expensive tree ever looked better. During that night I smelled something awful in the house… Just couldn’t sleep – whew… So I got up and followed my nose. The stench seemed to be coming from the tree. I hurriedly pulled the ornaments and the lights off the tree and threw the tree out the house door. I put on all the vent fans and got out some Cinnamon sticks, etc and boiled it make the house smell good again. Whew it was powerful. Then I climbed back in bed and since I could breathe, I went to sleep. A couple hours later, my son and husband got up and they got real excited – there were does all over our yard. Must have been a dozen. When I got up they were still looking out the window at the does and trying to figure out what was going on… How did the tree get in our yard? Didn’t we have the Christmas tree in here last night? WHAT? It was the tree attracting the does – seems some buck had a special tree and our soaking it in water kind of activated the scent ‘Eau de doe’? We had does all over our yard as long as that tree was in it. Powerful stuff. When the future SIL came back over he noticed the tree was missing but we had replaced it with boxes draped with an old green fabric tablecloth (looked weird) and then decorated with the ornaments – he probably wondered what kind of nut case family he was getting into – first a cedar tree then odd shaped boxes?

    On Christmas, after we opened all the gifts future SIL thought we neglected to get him a gift. He looked so forgotten… Then we told him he could just keep the “tree” and he could “mark” that one himself. Since our future SIL was remodeling his house we had all chipped together for his Christmas gift – in the weird shaped boxes we draped and decorated was a new toilet…

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  •  Anonymous #84686

    bump – maybe you are getting ready to decorate – BTW I noticed my SIL still doesn’t want any thing to do with putting up a Christmas Tree – do you think that buck made an impression???

  •  Anonymous #82137

    Ha Ha I just have to bump this one up…

  •  Anonymous #77921

    Oh my that cartoon should more like be a doe with hearts around her head instead of stars… The buck more like needs his leg raised or what ever they do… I still had to laugh. I should print that out and use it for a name tag for SIL’s gift… It’s been quite a few years – he probably forgot about it.

  •  Anonymous #77903


    That is hilarious….can just picture your late-night sniff-fest and can visualize that tree being tossed out the door!!! Too funny!!!

    I bet your future SIL likes his future in-laws…you have a great

    sense of humor…

    …AND a hunter’s paradise worth of deer in your front yard!!

  •  Anonymous #77880

    What a great story! Thanks for sharing it.

  •  Anonymous #77868

    How funny!!!

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