Looking for silverplate silverware

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    Didnt know which one to put this in, but I’m looking for silverplate silverware…Thanks Ladies

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  •  Anonymous #86052

    Thank You for your kind offer msOkeeffe I surely appreicate it. I’m only in need for the silverplate silverware. Your more then welcome to ramble all u want here…lol God Bless

  •  Anonymous #86049

    Hi Leveta…I have an assortment of my grandmother’s silver plated serving trays…all different sizes(one is so heavy I have no idea how she could have walked around with this tray of champagne glasses without dropping it!).

    I know you want silverware but just wanted to let you know.

    Sorry for my rambling post.


  •  Anonymous #86034

    Thanks Maggie I appreciate that…You to Diane for your like…Copper your a good talker throughter…lol

  •  Anonymous #86033

    Leveta, your jewelry is beautiful! I’m so glad it is selling well for you!

  •  Anonymous #86032

    Hi Leveta, I like you so I “liked” you, (hehehehe) I really like the rings. My 88 year old Mother has a spoon ring she wears all the time.

  •  Anonymous #86031

    Yes and it works!!!

  •  Anonymous #86029

    Thank You Copper!!! I actually did it…LOL

  •  Anonymous #86028


    Click on member (under your name) Then you can edit your profile from there & make a link then when someone clicks on your name it will take them to your site when they click on your name.


  •  Anonymous #86027
  •  Anonymous #86026

    can you link from here? I couldn’t find you on facebook

  •  Anonymous #86025

    copper JD has made keyrings from some of the knives. Not to many of the one we have are hollow. Some are filled with a concretty like substance. Diane we make bracelets and rings and sometimes pendants. We do have a site. SecondTimeAround on facebook. JD has a orange t-shirt on and i’m standing next to him…

  •  Anonymous #86024

    So what are you going to do with them?

  •  Anonymous #86023

    I need to dig around – there should be some… do you do anything with the hollow ends of the knives? I’ve seen some cool stuff done out of them, too.

  •  Anonymous #86022

    Forks and spoons…The other day we stumbled upon some very old that was 4 & 5 pieces(tied together) for 1.00 then alot of times we pay 1.00 apiece…For sets depending how much is in it 20.00-25.00…

  •  Anonymous #86021

    I’m not seeing it much these days

  •  Anonymous #86020

    forks, spoons knives? What are you willing to pay?

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