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    I want to make some christmas ornaments that say “MIZZOU”. I’v got most of the letters and bought some mizzou tiger pictures but I’m having a hard time finding Z’s. Does anyone have some that you would sale or know where I could get the letters at a good price? Thanks, Diana

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  •  Anonymous #84706

    Ive seen tons of scrabble tiles on ebay for cheap, or at least I think they are cheap.

  •  Anonymous #82222

    very nice !!

  •  Anonymous #82217

    Just thought I would post a picture of one of the MIZZOU ornaments I made (with a little help from my friends). Hope the picture works.

  •  Anonymous #81852

    What is the going rate for Scrabble tiles?

  •  Anonymous #81849

    Sorry I’m just now getting back to you. Do you still need Zs?

  •  Anonymous #81790

    sorry it took me so long…(country living fair….mad time consumer)

  •  Anonymous #81789

    junxtaposition, Thank you, Thank you for all those Z’s.

  •  Anonymous #81598

    Thanks everyone :^). My email address is pumms@iland.net , if you would email me please and let me know what you want for them and I can give you my address.

    Ladydianab, I’m afraid KU would not sell to well around here but it sure would be easier to find the letters. I make snowmen out of chenille bedspreads and decorate them for different teams and sell alot of Mizzou. Anyways last year someone wanted a couple KU snowmen so I made them. The store owner set them out just to see what would happen, she said you would not believe all the fuss they caused.

  •  Anonymous #81594

    i have some too…let me know if you still need them..

  •  Anonymous #81590


    I have some on hand, too. Let me know and I’ll make arrangements.


  •  Anonymous #81589


    I think that I still have my scrabble at my booth. I will check tomorrow (we are closed today). You are welcome to it. But.. shouldn’t the ornaments say KU? (sorry, had to add that since I am in Jayhawk land, Lawrence, KS. LOL)


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