Locker Re-Do

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    I have a set in my craft room right now they are storing all my paint supplies. Someone had tried to paint them (badly I might add) so we decided to strip them and repaint but after gettintg the stripper on them and seeing how they look decided to leave them as they were. Love the way they turned out.

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    Use wax to rub on the edges that you want distressed. Then when you paint it the spots with the wax will just rub off and it will look distressed. I’ve never done it but I’ve seen them do it on tv and it looks easy enough. Anyone else have any ideas?

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    I just got some old school gym lockers like yours and I sprayed the inside of them all with a burnt rust and then the sides and top of the outside.

    I would like to spray satin black over the outside only ontop of the rust and the bottom front and then try to distress them to make them look older with some of the rust paint coming thru BUT I cant figure out how to distress them.

    Any suggestions?

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    Oh, I love the way they look! You’d think after 16+ years of school and 28 years of teaching in one that I’d HATE lockers, but I still love how they look! Especially in a kitchen with no books in them………LOL

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    I very much liked “missing man” on your blog

    Thank you I needed to see that

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    Robelyn…We would be like Lucy and Ethel grabbing those…Too bad they have cameras on them…I never think of myself as a thief, but I am always tempted to steal junk, lol. I’ve seen yours “where you create” loved them!


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    Lezlee – I’ll help you load some up!!! I have a set in my bedroom (great fabric storage) and some in my sewing room (great fabric storage)…

    they are really good for storing fabric. LOL I LOVE the kitchen pantry idea though!!!

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    i also used a set in my son’s room..when he was little…we painted them black and orange and did a harley logo on them…they were great !! he is grown now, and they reside in my basement for all his tools and work clothes !

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    That is neat. I also love all the vintage “what not” you see around the space!

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    LOVE IT!!! I ran across lockers at an estate sale a few weeks back and have kicked myself over and over for not getting them. Each set was only $25. They were dirty but in good shape. I have thought about calling the bank that did the sale and has listed the house to see if they are still in the garage…..I would go look in the garage window but the security gate is pretty mean looking.



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    oh my, I know where a whole bunch are going to waste…won’t let them go, though. Love this and would look really cute in my daughter’s house. I have some of the longer lockers…one in son’s room.


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