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    Bump. Thought this might give us some inspiration.

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    aah thanks….i am definitely NOT the best story teller 🙂

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    Gigi, I think I can picture it and it does sound neat!

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    (as seen on jillruths blog….”vintage tree light garland”)

    i had done something similar (and i apologize for no pics, so hopefully i can describe so that you see thru words)

    i’ve taken old twine, old vintage lights and bells that i aged to look rusty and an old fabric calendar that i found at thrift store yrs ago.

    i measured out the twine for three separate rows that would hang together in the window from smallest to largest.

    stringing the bells and lights, (1 row all bells, 1 lights and the 3rd alternated and hung them-tying individually as i went to hold in place)

    i then tore strips of the calendar to get individual or certain rows of numbers to tie around lights to count down to christmas.

    the lights look beautiful in the window picking up the sunlight and the old calendar numbers are very visible yet give it added color. very plain, simple, easy.

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    November Junkle Bells is up and running…finally!


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    Cutting a different one up for the numbers would be cool but MY GKs need stuff to DO… HHHMMMMM Maybe do the numbers with a hole on the bottom for them to hang their ornaments?

    Can you find a red AND a green stick? That would make the cut off numbers for 2 calendars… Maybe have to sort of thin down some paint… Or just paint the edges and back… I’m brain storming… Not a good thing when I have to go to work. LOL

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    Thanks Diane!

    Copperhead, that is an awesome idea! I cut up a tape measure but now you have me thinking besides your version, sawing a ruler up at each inch would make really wonderful numbers to hang on something else. In this case the numbers would match.

    Please post a picture of yours as they add ornaments. That is really a neat idea.

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    I have an old broken ruler. I sawed it off after 25 – drilled holes under each number. I drilled a hole in each end. Then I fit different length ornament hangers in the numbered holes and got a nice big ribbon to tie on the end holes so it will hang – GKs get to make an ornament to hang on there each day – I will provide them – old cards, buttons, beads, colored papers, ribbons, I’m adding things all the time. EASY. FREE. FUN. Do have to work a saw and a drill… DD will probably want to kill me… (GRIN)

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    Jillruth, I look forward to Junkle Bells each month, everyone who participates has such different styles. It is so neat to see the different junk everyone chooses. Please post pics of your house at Christmas with all your decorations.

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    I should do one for baby Miles – born Thursday am. By the time I get it done he’ll be ready. The other GKs are getting big enough to help me do one. How long did it take you to get all those numbers. I need to collect some numbers now don’t I?

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    Make one Copperhead! for yourself! If you get an old vintage tray the magnets will stick. I had been debating between the two before I started…never thinking about what they were made out of…

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    I love your advent calendar! Learning from our mistakes – ain’t it fun? I wonder about one of those round pizza pans with the holes in it… I wonder how many holes are in them… wire the numbers on or put a magnet behind there… Well, at least you got one done… For years we made paper chains with 25 links – we removed a link each day. For several years a lady gave the kids each a calendar – then they got older & we never bothered to make a calendar. I always wanted to do an advent calendar – never did – there is always the GKs…

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    October Junkle Bells is up and I’ll leave it open for the week if you want to link up.

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    Hi Tinkergirl! I’m Jill and I started a year long project on my blog that I called Junklebells. Someone here helped me name it! I’ve been making ornaments out of junk or some upcycled or recycled items all year. You can play along and link up if you have a blog or just come along and get inspired. I will post another one on Oct. 25. I’ve been posting it the last week of the month. It’s been a way that I got a lot done by committing publicly!


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    hey no problem, we all have our days ;}

    here’s some helpful hints to manuever around here, maybe others can add more to it….

    clicking the persons name(if blue) will take you directly to their blog

    clicking below name on “member” will take you to their member standing page and all forums they’ve started or contributed to

    searching the community, upper left tab, can take you to any link that you want by using a key word. it will bring up all posts on that subject

    i’m sure theres alot more but those are pretty useful

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    thank you Gigi… still trying to get the hang of this!

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    hi tinkergirl…sorry, i’m not ruthann but what you’re looking for is on jillruths blog…here’s another link to it


    she can explain it best and has one for each month….they’re adorable, too!!

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    dearest ruthann! Im pretty new here and I am desperate for christmas ornaments and decor for my bazzaar booth ! please explain what junkle bells is and how do I get the info? thank you so much……………………. newbee tinkergirl

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    Ok so LuAnn I feel REALLY stupid now. ROTHFLMBO…… I’m on the lookout for a tree now. Diane 🙂

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    Ha Diane, that’s cute!! Thanks for the positive input everyone! The white tree is proving to be a challenge…

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    Use the saw to cut a hole by the bottom to get out???

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    My son told me this riddle yesterday. Imagine your in a box that is 40 feet tall and you are at the bottom. There is a fire ready to engulf you, there is a window 24 feet up and you have 2 two by fours and a hand saw. How do you get out? Give up? Stop imagining yourself in the box! You two gals really think outside the box! Love your ideas. Diane 🙂

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    you go girl !! congrats to jill for staying with this all year !!!

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    I love what you did to that tree!!!!!

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    I’m in awe of your talents jillruth!!

    this months ornaments look so large in scale until you begin reading how and with what they’re made…WOW!!!!

    you do have some ideas rolling around up there….AWESOME!!

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    September Junkle Bells is up. This month it’s book pages and rusty hardware. Come and join up everyone!


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    Jillruth, you are right, some times less is more. I like the junkle bells color too.

  •  Anonymous #76732

    Thanks! Marking to read later…

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    Me again–with my August Junkle Bells:


    Join up if you’re in the Christmas mode–I know you all have great projects. I’ll leave it open for the week.

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    Thanks gigi!

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    you’re ornies are cute jillruth and i like your wire glasses you whipped up…i also use wire to make mini wirerim glasses for my old santas and snowmen…it does a great job and easy to make circles for lenses if you bend around another object!! maybe next month you can junkle up some mini glasses for your tree people?? hmmm??

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    Hey all! Just me again with Junkle Bells in July–Join in this week if you want!


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    love those clothespins!


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    June Junkle Bells is up and running if anyone wants to join in or check it out!


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    TOO CUTE! I might have a few of those around somewhere… I know I have old dead metal buttons that could enhance. Isn’t it amazing what we save. My DS used to wear overalls all the time… He would lose parts or the thrift store overalls sometimes don’t have all the parts so I had to keep some around – I need to dig…

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    May “junk”le bells is up and running


    Anyone want to join in?

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    “Junk”le Bells in April is up and running!


    Would love to have you all join me! It will be up for the week to give you some time.

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    great! I’m ready and don’t forget my priorlives party on the 16th, If you don’t know, I’ve started a party for old or re purposed items that have prior story to tell. Everyone on here would have something they’ve used in a way other than intended or something old, so join up! Lezlee

    Just click on my picture to get to my blog!

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    Love it…

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    March “junk”le bells is open! You can join up this week:


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    Ok folks for those of us that are still fighting our way through snowdrifts you still have too be thinking a little about Christmas and ornaments!! Those of you that are seeing signs of spring…it’s never to early to get busy on your next tree decorating project! Share with us!! Please!!

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    I love,love those spoon orny’s…The blue really pops…

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    It’s an old candy display of some sort I dug out of my Dad’s falling down old shop. It’s really neat. I just had the ornaments on it temporarily. I want to “adorn” the display with just all kinds of little odds and ends of junk. (that will be a post when I’m done!)

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    love your ornies….also the display..what is it??? a matress spring????

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    They are wonderful!!! I was laying in bed last night trying to decide which one of my ornies I was going to submit this month! I have my new one for next year….hmmmmmm. When we were in Florida we had craft day at sister’s…they made 40 plate angels….I had the plates and heads done for them and they just had to finish them off. They were very pleased with the results.

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    February Edition of “Junk”le bells is open!


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    It looks WONDERFUL!!!

  •  Anonymous #73537

    I guess I better get busy…..


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