Junkle Bells Challenge!

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  •  Anonymous #86284

    I still need a couple pieces of junk for mine. I think a plastic from a doughnut tray or something – I haven’t bought any doughnuts though.

  •  Anonymous #86281

    Yikes! yesterday slipped right on by me! I’ll post mine this evening!

  •  Anonymous #86266

    I got mine started!!! I need to find a few more pieces of junk.

  •  Anonymous #86263

    Hi Jillruth! Long time no hear, (I check on your blog often. Glad you popped in!

  •  Anonymous #86259

    Yay! sounds like fun! Copper, rub your head and don’t think too hard! Maybe paint those yellowed lids…unless the yellowing is attractive.

  •  Anonymous #86256

    I have a pink tree to decorate in my sewing machine shop. I have some Motts lids – they are smaller than most canning jar lids – kind of cute but OH SO YELLOW… I guess they would show up.

  •  Anonymous #86255

    I had better start thinking! But not as hard as you Copperhead!

  •  Anonymous #86253

    For my first I am thinking about some jar lids with rings. Just thinking… ouch… hurting my brain….

  •  Anonymous #86252

    Pressure is on!

  •  Anonymous #86250

    Okay, lets not do a theme, unless someone else wants to name the theme each time! First Junkle Bells due Monday Sept 2 (finished or progress!) Ready SET GO!

  •  Anonymous #86231

    My work schedule and other activities are horrid – I may or may not be able to do one every time. I’ll try to do some once in a while though.

  •  Anonymous #86230

    I would love to do this! Every 2 weeks, We could do a theme? or each person pick their own. 12 days of Christmas, Nutcracker, Country, well I guess everyone would pick a theme for themselves anyway. I loved watching JillRuth create her ornaments. Only a few participated though, I think Prior did

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