junkin…. the trouble with it…

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    its getting where i can see possibilities in about anything….. im buying stuff with real money that earlier would just have been refuse…. oh, it could be a robot head, oh it could be an O , oh it could be part of a birdhouse…its a slippery slope…. ha ha…… my dh says its starting tolook like a real junkyard out there…. i just posted saturdays buy….


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    thanks junx…. and to us more is always better .. but maybe i should be hoarding better stuff….but the junky stuff is sure popular right now…and we have big outside places to show some of it…like the turquoise bathtub… so takky and only 35$$$….. i hope my dh doesnt have to load it tho when it sells…then i will be in the dog house…


    diane chair projects sound really good and easy… we paint them up fairly often….

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    ann…the side effect of junking is hoarding..didnt you know that???

    (nice haul by the way)

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    I keep buying old chairs to make garden chairs out of. But I haven’t made any in a while, so, they just keep piling up. I have started looking around my house and realize my tastes have changed. So I’m trying to purge (except for the old chairs) It seems everything needs painting or fixing. I finally brought in the buffet off the front porch I bought last year. Looks pretty good. The birds were having too much fun looking at themselves in the mirror. It was a mess! I would love to visit your place Ann, it looks like someplace I could spend way too much at!

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