junker’s dream kitchen???

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    What does a junker’s dream kitchen look like??? I wish there could be an issue of Flea Market Style with lots of junk kitchens. All I see in magazines and on line is fancy smancy new big bucks. What about clean and not much cash? Any body have any ideas? If I thought I could have a contest, I would. Oh and how about a small size? I think 10X12 – yeah and eat in… Maybe a junk style kitchen contest???

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    Well, things turn out different than ever imagined. We have had to move into the ugly little cottage. It has been partly transformed. The old kitchen drains were not in a direct line to the sewer – way too long a run. The kitchen and a bed room traded spaces. ARGH. The “new” kitchen consists of a stainless steel single deep sink that just fits between two doors. It has drainboard on each side. We found some plastic that looks like ceiling tiles for the wall – looks like old tin. Then we found a black and gray tool cabinet for the wall. We hung a rail from IKEA on the wall and I found a stainless clock for next to the cabinet. It isn’t hung yet… Then one day my son called from work. Could we come and get a butcher block table. YES! We didn’t waste a minute believe me. We cut it down to fit here and the other half goes in the blue house some day. We also got a stainless steel shelf from the same trash as the butcher block and it fits above the stove. DH moved a window from the bathroom to the kitchen so we have a high enough window to not block the butcher block. There is a nice big pantry. The door is waiting for some chalkboard paint… It still in process – some new stuff and lots of old but good stuff. This is suppose to be temporary until the blue house gets done…

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    Hi Kudzu – are you feeling better?

    I’m getting into planning my ‘new’ kitchen. We have gutted the kitchen and the bathroom. Walls, pipes – all gone. Today he put new joists in where some were not holding and then put in a floor jack. It gets a bit of a turn or so each day until he his happy I guess.

    The old kitchen cabinets are the metal kind. My BIL has promised he would paint them. He paints old cars for fun. I’ve been looking at the 1950s decorating – I’m thinking I want the colors I found on an old sewing machine. The machine is white and aqua marine. The trim pieces are red or black or chrome. I would never have put those colors together. I have been digging around for those colors. I found a little red and chrome table – no chairs yet… At the same time I found the red table, I found a Brody set of chairs and table. It has the walnut looking plywood backs on pedestals with black plastic seats and back cushions. The table looks like a half an orange done up in two colors of ‘wood’. I never would have looked for something like that. My mom bought some chairs like that back in the 60s on close out – this is how I know they are that old. I know they are good – she still has them – 4 kids weren’t too much for the chairs.

    Anyway I emailed both places. I didn’t hear from the Brody chair folks… so I got the red. Then yesterday they called. The price was right so we drove 2 hours last night – then 2 hours back… Now I’m straining my brain to figure out a light – I want it to go with. I have some big old metal chickens that hang on the wall – they came with the house – there isn’t enough bare space to put them where they aren’t overwhelming.

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    Hey Kudzu glad to see you posting…

  •  Anonymous #83839

    my kitchen is slowly(years go by)getting worked on. it’s ready for paint. i did want a golden yellow paint, with red accents(i painted a tater/onion storage bin red and painted the screen in each door black. i made red/white mattress ticking curtains and sink skirt, and things i collected over the years to hang on the walls. reproduction advertising tin signs,repro. advertising tins for laundry,washboards; framed pictures of old vegetable and fruit crate signs;roosters(lol)old enamel lids to hang on the wall to hang dishtowels from; blue enamel spatterware camp cooking set; yeah,these are hanging on bare sheetrock:) hehh! let’s see if they get in here like they promised.oh, i have an old ladder i want to use for a pot raack, the other half to prop up or hang on the wall for dishtowels or some other idea,an ice tong for paper towels..lots more. i think i can clean everything easily.


  •  Anonymous #83281

    thanks ladies…I’ve been trying to stay away from the computer, so much lol.

    but it always calls me back

  •  Anonymous #83279

    Hi Prior, glad you popped in.

    Segway here… the other day one of the spelling tests at school asked “Would you like a bottle of soda______ A. POP or B. POOP

    Needless to say the kids lost it! Ok sorry about that. ­čÖé

  •  Anonymous #83277

    Hey Lezlee it’s been awhile…Good to hear from u.

  •  Anonymous #83275

    Aww, my mini vacation was relaxing and Mineola is a fun little antique shopping town…so next time all of us junkers should go!

    My daughter bought a couple of metal cabinets to use in her 50’s house…She spray painted them a fun, young blue…they painted up real nice and have the original Formica tops.


  •  Anonymous #83270

    Gigi, that sounds like a great way to upcycle a piece!

  •  Anonymous #83264

    copperhead, i purchased a dresser from GW for $15 that I use for a cabinet in my kitchen. i love it!

    it’s off white and whoever had it removed the mirror, lined the drawers, painted some flower stencils on it and added some vintage ceramic flower pulls.

    it holds all my cookware in 2 large drawers and all my lids go in thinner, little top one.

    another was given to me by an elderly friend, it housed his built-in tv when he was small, he removed the tv and had shelves built that pull out or reposition to other levels…it’s in origin state still (can’t bring myself to paint it) this holds all my bakeware.

    they’re both spacious and naturally blend into the room. i’d be lost without the extra space!

    i’ve seen them redone into little islands, bars, etc. you’re limited only to your imagination and your space confinements.

  •  Anonymous #83262

    Not sure about junkers kitchen, but here is my daughters kitchen she has posted on pinterest.. and she had done a lot of it with items you found.


  •  Anonymous #83260

    Gigi wouldn’t that be fun!!!

  •  Anonymous #83259

    gigi I have to agree – that would be a good vacation place

    I guess my question on a kitchen is this: If you use junk in the kitchen how functional can it be? I’m thinking it has to be able to be cleaned doesn’t it? I did one up with chippy paint looking breakfast bar a few years back. Looked great. I used new cobalt blue tiles and new cabinets though. This time new cabinets aren’t in the budget – tile maybe. I don’t think I want to look at white cabinets. We have a couple choices so far – some old metal cabinets with lots of painted over grease and rust with a very creepy looking sink. They have a corner cabinet that is a total waste of space – no storage – just a cabinet. Then we have some oak cabinets from the 1980s – pretty uninspiring. I’ve also considered just using an old single deep stainless sink (we have it around) with side boards – it looks like it is from a restaurant or somewhere – keep the old metal upper cabinets and sort of build something for more lower cabinets – well maybe from used boards we have on hand… What do you all do? What have you all used for kitchen cabinets? Decor isn’t my worry at this point – it is function first. I’m doing a lot of thinking before anything gets done. After I get the thing to function, I think I can add some junk touches to it – there is no end to the junk is there?

  •  Anonymous #83255

    i’ll be your roommate leveta!!

    now in my mind….THAT is the ultimate VACATION not some high falootin’, over priced, foo-fooey hotel or resort that you spend the next fifty years paying for!

    the place just reeks of r.e.l.a.x.a.t.i.o.n.!!!

  •  Anonymous #83247

    What a wonderful place!!! I could stay there forever…

  •  Anonymous #83245

    check out the kitchen in a B&B that our junker Prior has on her blog http://www.priorlives.blogspot.com

    if you like pink, it’s for you…i kinda like it, a throw back to like the 50’s-60’s maybe

    the bathroom has got to get a remodel, kinda yuck

    but i love, love the bed in that bedroom!!

  •  Anonymous #83244

    I can’t wait!

    I have seen SSSSOOOOOOO many kitchens revamped by painting them white and I’m sick of that.

  •  Anonymous #83241

    Ask and you shall receive! We are shooting the most incredible kitchen for fall Flea Market Style, I know you will approve! It is amazing. No new fancy cabinets…all reclaimed and repurposed coolness. Ki

  •  Anonymous #83213

    I like the awning idea, if you don’t need a big table you could get a small ice cream shop style.

  •  Anonymous #83212

    gigi I like the way you think. I LOVE advertising.

  •  Anonymous #83211

    oh man…i also saw a post/blog where a family converted their breezeway into liveable space along with the garage it lead into!! (but where!??….grrrrr….alzheimers effect again!!)

    well since the windows are lower than the table maybe you could make a floating type bar at the window, attaching it to the outter edges of window frame for support and fill in the lower portion of the window with a stained glass look or make old signage to extend across the length of it and make it look like a store/cafe front with a little awning?

  •  Anonymous #83209

    The Blog “Better After” has shown a number of kitchen transformations with some being done with a small budget. It is a good blog for lots of eye candy and inspiration.

  •  Anonymous #83208

    I have plenty of the wood to reclaim – there is a real nice thick rough wooden floor in the little dilapidated red barn out back. The windows set lower than the table they left in there though. Huge windows in a small kitchen with a kitchen table blocking the view – all on one wall. The end walls each have a door way. The other wall has everything with the stove around one corner. Needs a shoehorn. When we got the house after it had set for a couple years, the refrigerator was on the enclosed back porch (It had food in it too) along with washing machine and dryer space. I’ve thought about getting with smaller appliances and a chest freezer on the porch. Hot plate and a confection oven… dorm fridge…. nah. Since the pipes were already stolen, I’ve thought about replacing the windows with smaller ones and putting the sink there – the outside is brick though and would be hard to make it look nice. These windows do set pretty low. Any ideas how to make the outside look nice? Then I think there would be enough room to put the laundry in the bath room and eat on that porch. It is a breezeway type porch – garage on one side and kitchen on the other… The exterior door was boarded up – don’t really want to open it up again.

  •  Anonymous #83206

    saw a bar built with a piece reclaimed wood. fit under opening between 2 rooms, maybe you could make one under window sill to eat at, look out??

    the one i saw was about 5-6 ft long and maybe 2 ft deep. find some vintage stools and brackets to attach it???

  •  Anonymous #83203

    You can view the cabinets on my blog if you look through pics. (It isn’t a long blog) Maybe one day i’ll post more pics to get a better feel for the kitchen.

  •  Anonymous #83202

    Make a taller table and paint cabinets with different handles.

  •  Anonymous #83200

    The 10X12 room may not be big enough for an island – might have to settle for a table by big low windows – brick exterior. Low budget.

  •  Anonymous #83199

    I have a few ideas how about an island made of barn wood so you can eat at it or maybe a table. Paint the cabinets to give the weather look with some tin punch inserts.Make some pendent lights out of pulleys and edison bulbs.Maybe some type of mixed kitchen chairs.Then how about an old refrig.

  •  Anonymous #83198

    No junk kitchen here but we are in the process of finishing up a kitchen remodel right now that has been done on a tight budget. The kitchen is 18X12 so a pretty good size. We painted cabinets and walls. Put glass inserts in 3 cabinet doors. New flooring {peel and stick tile} new base boards and trim. Including outlet covers and light fixtures. Also built a 8 foot X 3 foot pantry to fit my freezer and give dry good storage.It will have bi fold doors. The expenses so far have added up to only 800$. I think that is pretty good for all we have done.

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