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    This is the place to post your prayer concerns, health issues, and general personal topics.

    Please reserve prayer requests for yourself or persons you actually know. Please do not re-post email prayer requests if you do not actually know the subject being prayed for, or are within one acquaintance from that person.

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  •  Anonymous #86359

    I read your first story about them again and teared up again, Gigi. God’s blessing to you and your niece!

  •  Anonymous #86358

    oh thanks for sharing jillruth…that was an awesome story!! it just kind of takes your breath away for a second when you see one so unexpectedly as you described.

    you’d be amazed at how many people have shared their own butterfly stories with me recently. they’re good to hear.

    now that it’s getting colder here in my neck of the woods….my little friends have temporarily left me but though out of sight they’re not out of my mind….i’ll still look for any sign i get until they come back next year.

    i’m still just in awe every time i look at the picture my niece sent. that butterfly just sitting so peacefully at the end of her braid. it actually looks like a hair tie where it placed itself…if you didn’t know better…you’d think so. amazing!! ^j^

  •  Anonymous #86341

    Oh Gigi, that is a great story! Can I share a butterfly one too? Through a series of events surrounding my husbands death I had been made aware of yellow butterflies that came to a friend as a sign of her Dad who had passed away. My connection with the butterflies came through my husband’s death 13 years ago. This friend knew my husband more than me and he was our connection. Last year on what would have been my first husband’s and my anniversary…I saw this friend at a volleyball game (our daughters play on a team together) then I told her about our anniversary would have been that day and we reminisced about him and then I looked up and here was a yellow butterfly flying above the bleachers in the gymnasium!!!!!!! I said, Oh Molly, look!! And she knew too what it meant. (this was a real butterfly, inside folks!)

    God is so very good and I just loved hearing your butterfly story!!

  •  Anonymous #86329

    Gigi – now THAT is one KOOL story!

  •  Anonymous #86328

    Yes He is! Great story.

  •  Anonymous #86327

    I’ll share a funny yet tear-filled moment with all of you. If anything, to show how God uses small things to bring about large results.

    I’ve seen a small white butterfly flutter in my yard everyday since my oldest sister passed in June.

    When my middle sister passed the beginning of this month, I began seeing 2 little white butterflies fluttering about the yard, together.

    Now, for this part of the story keep in mind………………

    it’s always been a running joke in our family about my middle sister constantly coloring her hair…she could never settle on a color/product she liked, therefore the experimenting.

    As I let my dogs out to potty, I began texting her daughter when those 2 butterflies caught my attention from a far distance away, as they entered the yard and came close to me…I noticed that 1 was a bright white and the other a very pale yellow tint.

    It was then I told my niece that the butterflies were here to visit me and then I burst out laughing and said Oh Dear God, she’s dying her hair already!!!

    It instantly lifted my nieces spirits and fun thoughts of her mom began spilling out. We reminisced for a long time and then she said auntie you will not believe this until you see it yourself and began sending a picture her boyfriend took of her the day before…it was of her with a huge white butterfly just sitting on her braid, she said it sat there for a good half hour before flying away!!

    She didn’t see the connection until I told her my story…..

    God is just amazing!!!

  •  Anonymous #86326

    Gigi, I’m so sorry. I sometimes think it is harder to watch those we love suffer, than to let them go. What a brave lady she must have been. I’m sure you have a heart full of memories, and that is what keeps our loved ones with us.

  •  Anonymous #86325

    I’m sorry Gigi but what a blessing to have her children with her.

    Diane, I hope this is all your mom has to go through.

  •  Anonymous #86324

    It’s sad to know we’ve lost a valued member of the junk community. 🙁

    Mary I can only imagine what you saw and went through with your mother. 2 brave women!

    Diane, I’m glad you’re mom is up and running through the orchards but please do not let her overdo it! God bless her!

    chicottagechic….so good to know you’re still around!! hello!

    lastly, thank you to all who prayed for my family, especially my sister as she bravely faced cancer. She passed away Sept 2 with her 2 kids by her side, holding each hand. She so wanted to be present with family that she refused morphine until the last 2 days of her life and even then it was the smallest dose about 12 hrs apart. I will miss her immensely but not miss having to watch her wither away and in pain. God bless you all

  •  Anonymous #86322

    Thank you everyone for your prayers. Mom finished her treatments Friday. She said she didn’t feel anything and other than being tired from the trip, hasn’t had any side effects. She refused to stay in a hotel so Sparky got to see her every night. On Thursday she took down a bushel of apples and handed them out. (We live in Musselman Applemen country!) My younger brother drove everyday and all 5 of us daughters took turns together, going along.

    Mary, I can’t imagine Mom going through cancer for 15 years! It must have been terribly hard on all of you.

  •  Anonymous #86317

    Diane, God bless your mom. It must be so difficult for all of you too. And she will miss her little dog! Maybe the dog could ride along if you find a hotel that allows dogs? My mom died at age 79, 15 years ago of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma after fighting it for > 6 years. Luckily, we live in Dallas & her hospital & docs were only 15 min from her house. And God bless Kari of Meadowview Farm & all of you with relatives & friends struggling with disease & poor health now. Life can be hard enough when we are healthy! Mary

  •  Anonymous #86316

    Thanks ladies.

    I meant 4 “Hours”, it’s 2 hours each way plus traffic jams, which there always happen to be before you hit the beltway. We are going to get Mom to stay at least Tuesday and Thursday night, break it up for her. She hates to be away from home and her dog, Sparky, throws a fit when she is gone.

  •  Anonymous #86315

    A hotel room is much cheaper than a hospital room and much more comfortable. I’m praying, too. That does not sound like an exciting trip.

  •  Anonymous #86314

    Will pray for all of you Diane.

  •  Anonymous #86313

    So say a prayer for my Mom please. We start the radiation next week. Five days of driving 400 miles into Baltimore, yuck, for a 27 minute radiation treatment. God help us 🙂 (because Mom is going to be fit-to-be-tied when she finds out we are getting a hotel room for a couple of the nights!)

  •  Anonymous #86285

    Sue: I’m still in disbelief. It was such a shock. Midge was a great inspiration to all us “junkers”. We too communicated quite often on FB. She will definitely be missed.

  •  Anonymous #86277

    Just learned of Midge’s passing and I cannot believe it. Noreen, aka Midge, met a few times here in Michigan and communicated a lot on Facebook. I will truly miss her inspiration and fun posts on FB. R.I.P., Midge, we will miss you.

  •  Anonymous #86276

    thanks LuAnn

  •  Anonymous #86275

    Here is the information for those who would like to post condolences.



    PS Hope this works

  •  Anonymous #86274

    Oh No! How sad. I really don’t know what else to say! Prayers for her family. I often wonder if anything has happened to those who don’t post anymore. If there is somewhere we can send condolences please post it. I went back and read some of her posts and I’ll bet she was a hoot!

  •  Anonymous #86272

    I know junkermidge: http://junkrevolution.com/community/profile.php?id=47 hasn’t been around here lately but I’m friends with her on facebook and she was active there. There was a post today that Noreen (aka junkermidge) passed away last night. No other information was available. Her last post just a few days ago was that she was going to watch her daughter in a triathalon.

  •  Anonymous #86265

    AW it has to be a hard thing to watch your sister so sick. Prayers from here, too.

  •  Anonymous #86262

    Gigi, prayers to your sister and family. Hopefully she will get the care she needs at the nursing home and be able to come home soon.

  •  Anonymous #86258

    Saying a prayer now for all of you on this thread!

  •  Anonymous #86257

    Asking that you keep my sister and family in prayer. She’s going into nursing home today as it’s harder to care for her at home. Her legs are so swollen, she has fallen several times. She cannot eat or drink and is so skinny.

    I just pray that she’s not in pain and if so, they can contain it as she’s been through enough these last few yrs.

    She’s such a brave woman.

  •  Anonymous #86218

    Thanks everyone, Gigi she is amazing, we have an appointment at John Hopkins on the 21st to talk to all the doctors then they will schedule the radiation.

  •  Anonymous #86217

    DITV, sending prayers for your mom. God bless her for being such a healthy 88 yr old being only on blood pressure and fluid pills. Bless her even more for bearing 11 kids….wow!, what a woman!!

    CH…glad Joe is coming along.

  •  Anonymous #86215

    My BIL had a tumor the size of a dime in his ear. They got it all out! He still can hear. The wonders of modern medicine.

  •  Anonymous #86214

    Glad Joe is doing better! A lot of getting better is attitude,

    Mom was funny, she had seen on tv, a girl with a tumor in her head and they went through her nose and sucked it out, so Mom asked the doctor if they could do the same thing but it is too high. She just wants it out. We went to John Hopkins and saw the head of Nuerology, very nice man, all the doctors were.

  •  Anonymous #86213

    Joe said he has shed the wheel chair and trying to get some strength built up. That is good. The last time I talked to him he sounded like he was giving up. I pointed out to him that my DGS was pretty sick a year ago – we didn’t realize his doctor was afraid he wouldn’t make it. But the kid is up and running now. Joe says he thinks the medicine helps and a new MD has helped. I think all the prayers helps.

  •  Anonymous #86210

    Joe is not doing well. I keep telling him to drink lots of water. I’ll pray for your mom. My mom is 87. I know your worries but hopefully this won’t be any big deal for your mom.

  •  Anonymous #86209

    Please say a prayer for my Mom. She is 88, has had 11 kids, takes a blood pressure pill and a fluid pill. They found a small tumor in the middle of her forehead, a little smaller that a quarter. Don’t think it’s cancer but they are goint to do radiation to stop it from growing.

    Copperhead, hope Joe is doing well.

  •  Anonymous #86208

    ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ SENDING AN ANGEL ARMY TO JOE ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^

  •  Anonymous #86198

    DD is off the catheter. They did some tests – she is ok but on a watch and will have more tests.

    Joe is still in bad shape and continues to need prayers. Infusions every day.

  •  Anonymous #86197

    Prayers for your friend Joe and your daughter, hope tests show something the doctors can fix.

  •  Anonymous #86196

    Joe is not doing well. He has daily infusions of antibiotics. He is very weak, in a lot of pain and has to use a wheel chair to get around.

    My daughter has some tests tomorrow – finally.

  •  Anonymous #86195

    Probiotics are a lot of help. I’ll remind Joe. He has E-coli infection somewhere below his kidneys. He’s still very sick. I will pass along what you said.

  •  Anonymous #86194

    a question he may want to ask his doctor. has being on so many antibiotics depleted my system of good bacteria? do i need to take a regimen of probiotics.

    prior to my kidney surgeries, i was given 2 different antibiotics to take.after the surgery, i wasn’t feeling any better.i lost 22 lbs due to lack of eating/drinking. the thought of drinking even water made me want to puke. i was constantly nauseated, had a headache, in pain and just blah.

    my doctor was out so the older doctor at the practice said….well, why don’t we start little and work our way up from there. i think you need to purchase some otc probiotics and take some prescription ondansatron for nausea (these little pills just melt in your mouth when you can’t even drink water…thank God!)because my urologist had given me a prescription for nausea that required a full 8 oz water with it…kinda hard when you can’t stomach to do it!!

    it was a few days and i started to feel the difference…it was like a little miracle!! i could have gone back and kissed that old doctor!! it’s been a long while since my surgeries but i still stay on probiotics daily now….i reaped the benefits!!

  •  Anonymous #86183

    I’ll warn her about the show and tell… She has 5 kids and one is sure to blab it somewhere. She is still waiting for a dr visit. She says she is feeling better except for the bag. She had 4 trips to the ER since Wednesday.

    Joe is still needing a lot of prayers. He had a basement sewer back up and they are saying he has e coli so we wonder if that had anything to do with it. He’s been on 8 different antibiotics in the last week. They are still running tests. He’s had a regular parade of various doctors to check him out. He’s miserable.

  •  Anonymous #86182

    I send out prayers for health and comfort to you all copperhead. I hope they find the key to his problems and when they do it is a breeze to return him back to top health. I’d suggest getting a 2nd opinion by another dr. they may be able to determine something other than what the dr is now saying…it’s worth it!

    As for dd…God bless her too, i know kidney issues are painful, btdt and i feel for her….praying she finds a great urologist, it will make all the difference.

    Bless her kids, too. Here’s a funny to hopefully lighten your heart and mind. About 24 yrs ago when 1 of my nephews was about 10, they had show and tell at school and he proceeded to get up in front of class to declare that his mom “pee’s in a bag on her side”….my sister had to go to school later that day and when she walked in the class all the kids glared, stared and chatted up about her, trying their hardest to look under her long black skirt. When the teacher pulled her into the hall, she told her what her son said in show and tell, after explaining she just had surgery and feeling completely mortified, she left the school without even getting her son. 🙂 We (nephew and i) laugh about it to this day…she of course still doesn’t think it was too funny.

  •  Anonymous #86181

    Joe is in pretty serious shape. They found Ecoli and the abscess didn’t drain anywhere near what they expected. Doctors are scratching their heads.

    DD has been to the ER 4 times since Wednesday. She says she is doing some better today.

  •  Anonymous #86180

    Urologist is waiting until Monday. 5 kids and a catheter. UGH.

  •  Anonymous #86179

    Copperhead, hope everything goes well for Joe and your daughter.

  •  Anonymous #86178

    A good friend, Joe, had cat scan – they found an abscess in the muscle that is around the right kidney – they are suppose to drain it on Monday.

    My daughter has some kind of infection, bladder related. She got sent to the ER today. She is on a catheter and has to find a Urologist in the morning. She is a couple months pregnant. My DGKs think momma is going to die.

    Gigi, I hope things are starting to go better for you.

  •  Anonymous #86155

    I’m sitting in a chair too Gigi. Praying for all of you.

  •  Anonymous #86153

    Gigi, I’m so sorry. I’m sitting in one of those chairs.

  •  Anonymous #86152

    gigi… just take a long, calming breath, close your eyes and imagine all the chairs around you as full with every lady from this site and that you’re not alone in the process….we’re all thinking, praying and wishing for good, positive results.

    those were your own words a few years ago but I like them.

  •  Anonymous #86151

    I come to you asking for prayers for my entire family. Today we lost my oldest sister that had previously been hospitalized with copd/emphezema. she had been sliding downhill but we never imagined this, especially on top of my middle sister in hospice care. it’s a shock to the entire family in finding her this morning.

    Thanks so much

  •  Anonymous #86142

    Oh Gigi I’m so sorry. I’ll pray for all of you.

  •  Anonymous #86139

    ouch – prayers for all

  •  Anonymous #86138

    I’m so sorry Gigi. Cancer just sucks!

  •  Anonymous #86137

    Sorry Gigi. Definitely prayers to her and all your family.

  •  Anonymous #86136

    Ladies, I’d like to thank you for your prayers up to now for both of my ill sisters and i’d like to ask for continued prayers for one of them as well as her daughter, son and grandsons….and my mom, sisters and i.

    we had so hoped that things would improve and for a short while, they did but her dr told her there’s nothing more he can do and yesterday hospice had to be called in to arrange for things to make her comfortable. i pray they were called very early and things go well for her for a long time so she can spend more time with her grandsons who are so young and with her kids, too. She’s just so very young still and it’s just so sad to see her energy fade and her try to be so strong.

    please, please pray for us all….i thank you all

  •  Anonymous #85147

    Ha, Diane! Hopefully, not this time!

  •  Anonymous #85141

    We’re all fine in this neck of the woods. My Mom is going to be 88 the 7th of Feb. and my sister Teresa is going to fly in and surprize her. One of these days she is going to have a heart attack when we do that. Pray it’s not this time. 🙂

  •  Anonymous #85139

    How’s everybody doing?

  •  Anonymous #85109

    me too

  •  Anonymous #85108

    Gigi I may not post it, but I’m praying…

  •  Anonymous #85107

    thankful no stent/bypass, was somewhat better than surgeon expected to see, now at home on oxygen and has home helper…extreme changes in life needed or future surgery will be inevitable.

    other sister had problems getting tests ran, machine malfunctions, reschedule went fine then problems getting in with specialists…have postponed to future date…..as if smooth plans make the wait any easier…unknown plans bring more stress for her! ?

    ^j^ thanks for the prayers ^j^

  •  Anonymous #85098

    ditto what Diane prayed

  •  Anonymous #85096

    LOL I think your whole family could use some prayers! Praying the cancer hasn’t grown, the the stent/bypass is not needed and your Mom, you and the rest of your family find some peace and breathing room. Amen!

  •  Anonymous #85090

    Your continued prayers are most appreciated.

    Sister 1 is due for cat scan Thurs, to see if cancer is progressed prior to appt w/specialist.

    sister 2 undergoing heart catheritization in morn to determine if stent/bypass needed.

    Would also like to add my mom in the prayers, as she is a walking mess!!

    Thanks ladies!

  •  Anonymous #85084

    Glad to hear! I bet she’ll be glad to see everyone!

  •  Anonymous #85083

    Thank you all for the prayers. My sister is now coherant and they have removed virtually every tube and will be moving her to a private room tomorrow where she can finally have visitors and realize it! We still have no idea if-when she may return home tho.

  •  Anonymous #85081

    I only have two sisters when one of us hurts we all hurt.

  •  Anonymous #85080

    Prayers and healing thoughts to your sisters Gigi. I too have 3 sisters and can’t imagine what you are going through. Keep the faith.

  •  Anonymous #85079

    Prayers and healing thoughts to your sisters Gigi. I too have 3 sisters and can’t imagine what you are going through. Keep the faith.

  •  Anonymous #85077

    Oh Gigi, I’m so sorry. Sending prayers that whoever comes in contact with your sisters has healing hands and attitude. I pray that both your sisters get better and are protected by God and that you find comfort in the doctors and the treatment they are receiving. I have 4 sisters, and I can just imagine how worried you must be.

  •  Anonymous #85063

    Asking for continued prayers for my sister struggling with cancer. Her hopes and spirits are high thanks to all the prayers this far! Thank you all!!

    Also asking that another sister be added. She was life flighted after unable to breathe on own…is being held in highly sedative state on ventilator as not reacting to treatment as should. May bring out in few days but unknown. Emphezema, COPD and pneumonia taking it’s toll on her lately as she is down to less than 100 lbs.

  •  Anonymous #85027

    Looks like there was one near us today. Sad…

  •  Anonymous #85026


  •  Anonymous #85025

    I just ask that we all continue to pray for the family, friends and community in Connecticut.

    Unfortunately, there will be all kinds of copy cats coming out of the wood work….we just had our schools threatened today and I’m sure many more will feel the fear that others are experiencing firsthand.

    This time of year even more than others, keep God first, Others second and Yourself, last. This gives us all JOY.

  •  Anonymous #84330

    my son is ok – just a bunch of aches and pains. His car is toast. He says he has trouble sleeping between pain and nightmares.

  •  Anonymous #84328

    my guess is jail space! they’d rather have less cluttered jails for the police to guard than cram criminals like sardines in a can. (which is what they not only need to force change but they deserve!)

    the justice system is definitely not geared towards the victims anymore.

    sorry to hear about your son, copper.

  •  Anonymous #84320

    You know I don’t know why they let a drunk driver out of jail in less than 12 hours…

  •  Anonymous #84317

    Glad he wasn’t hurt too bad. There are idiots everywhere.

  •  Anonymous #84313

    prayers, Copperhead..

  •  Anonymous #84295

    A prayer of thanksgiving. My son’s car was T-boned Wednesday by a drunk driver. My son walked away with just bruises and one good burn from the air bag. The car is totally toast. The EMT told him it was a good thing he was in a Honda. There was plenty of bracing in the door. The other driver is in the hospital jail for a while.

  •  Anonymous #84282

    wonderful news copperhead!!

    sisters spirits are high…did well during procedure earlier this wk but the real procedures have yet to begin.

    thanks for the prayers…God is great!

  •  Anonymous #84272

    Praying for Gigi’s sister and Copper thanks for the update. I was wondering how he was doing. Am glad it wasn’t a super infection but that darn staph can be a bugger.

  •  Anonymous #84267

    Poor little guy is doing better – he does not have a super bug – that is good news. He does have strep and staph. And he is still terrorizing his big sisters he has another round of antibiotics to go though.

  •  Anonymous #84254

    Bless his heart Copper. Will sure be lifting him up to the Lord that healeth thee…

    And Gigi so sorry about your sister. Will be lifting her up to most definitly…

  •  Anonymous #84253

    Prayers to your sister and you. Cancer sucks. 🙁

  •  Anonymous #84252

    Prayer and thoughts to your sister.

  •  Anonymous #84251

    please add my sister, her cancer has returned.

    she needs held up high….it’s down to experimental procedures now.

  •  Anonymous #84250

    Oh Copper, will be praying for Wilbur! Having a little one to worry about is so trying. Prayers for peace for all of you, his family too!

  •  Anonymous #84249

    Poor baby! Prayers that he gets better and the doctors figure it out. And also for you, worrying about a sick child is no fun.

  •  Anonymous #84248

    Prayers and healing thoughts his way. Hope he feel better soon.


  •  Anonymous #84246

    This pic was a week ago – he has some kind of infection inside & up above that sore – last Friday Joy took him to Dr Stine and dr freaked when she found his sinus really messed up – something in there so referred him to the ENT. That night/early morning he couldn’t breathe so Joy said he needed to go to the hospital – Wilbur got in the car and tried to buckle up. The hospital ER looked at him & tried make him comfortable and told Joy to take him to the ENT appointment. Sunday he felt pretty good – he was talking plainly, running and playing. Monday he was back to sitting in a dark corner and holding his head and having nose bleeds and not talking or not talking clearly. This morning we took him to the ENT who looked up in his sinus area with a scope (I was keeping the Walter busy) Great Grandma had the 3 girls. (On the way in he saw all the hospital construction and just had to look at all the ‘Builders!!!’) ENT said there is an infection and sent Wilbur back to Dr Stine. Somehow we got an appointment for this afternoon. Dr Stine spent a bit of time with him. He has an infection (possibly one of the super infections – this is very serious if so) Dr. Stine was able to make a culture from a sore on his leg. (Yes this is in his whole system) You can see from the picture above that he can only breathe through his mouth. He is on some serious medication. Please pray for Wilbur. If you think he looks miserable in that pic you should see him now…. This afternoon I sat with the girls and Walter while we waited an hour and a half for his Dr visit. The girls barely moved. We stopped by the thrift store on the way home and found a Bob the Builder "laptop" for Wilbur – I think it helped his day a lot.

  •  Anonymous #83063

    that’s wonderful!! am happy for her and her family!!

  •  Anonymous #83054

    Praise the Lord!!! Thank You Jesus!!! for mom’s new liver and her doing well….

  •  Anonymous #83051

    Just checked momlvcntrt’s facebook page and her daughter updated that she is doing really well! Praise God for the new liver!

  •  Anonymous #83050

    Copper, that sounds so cute!

  •  Anonymous #83032

    Oh I hope Mom got her liver. My brother felt so much better after his transplant.

    Copperhead, sounds like one of those moments that will make you smile for years to come. Congrats.

  •  Anonymous #83029

    lots of heavy stuff to pray about. Good news! Wilbur (DGS) is breathing much better, he’s not throwing up or choking every time he eats and he’s gained a little weight and he is sleeping at night! He seems to have forgiven his momma and he sort of let me give him his first hair cut the other day. At first he held his hands over his head and yelled “it hurts” Then we gave him a hand mirror and kept giving him his cut off curls. He tried to put the cut curls on his head in the mirror. Very cute.

  •  Anonymous #83028

    Via facebook information, I’m pretty sure that momlvcntrt got a new liver so I’m adding her here for prayers. If I have her confused with someone else, I’m pretty sure the prayers will still help 🙂

  •  Anonymous #82964

    How sad, and he was so young. Prayers Jane.

  •  Anonymous #82962

    my deepest sympathy to you and your family, jane.

    you both displayed great strength and courage.


  •  Anonymous #82958

    I’m so sorry Jane. May Gods Peace be with you and your family. What a beautiful tribute to your husband…

  •  Anonymous #82957

    i know a lot of you follow her blog, but in case you weren’t aware, jane lost her husband to ALS this week..we love our blog friends and pray for jane to find comfort and peace in the coming days and weeks.

    you can read about her husband here and if you can, make a donation to his cause via the link.


    thanks you.

  •  Anonymous #82915

    Love that, Diane!

  •  Anonymous #82912

    I like that diane.

  •  Anonymous #82910

    She-ne we can pray together. I saw a saying (on pinterest of course) “When a person we love becomes a memory, then that memory becomes a treasure.” That’s the greatest gift we can give our loved ones is to be remembered.

  •  Anonymous #82908

    Diane,I am so sorry for your sister’s loss. I can’t even imagine her shock! Fifty five is young. It is always hard to lose a loved family member. But, when they have lived a long full life, of 80+ years, it seems easier to accept their death.

    However, sudden deaths, at any age, are hard. My cousin’s wife was seventy. She died suddenly last week. She was a very good friend of mine. I am still reeling from the shock. I can’t even imagine what my cousin is going through.

  •  Anonymous #82902

    yes, i understand diane. it will be many years of what-ifs, had i onlys, maybe ifs, second guesses.

    the thoughts of if she could have helped had she been there sooner, not left at all, so many things cross the mind.

    God placing her there may be the only thing that can bring some sense of comfort when trying to reason. my heart goes out to her.

    i’m so glad that you both have a tremendous network of support and each other!

  •  Anonymous #82900

    Thanks ladies, I come from a large tight knit family (I’m one of eleven) so there will be plenty of people to help. It was really hard to see my sister break down in front of her mother-in-law. The MIL had lost a daughter 10 years ago, and she still hasn’t gotten over that. My brother in law would be 55 next week so that’s going to be hard too. I wish my sister hadn’t been the one to find Don. She’ll keep that picture with her forever. Still in shock.

  •  Anonymous #82895

    prayers going out to all my JR friends in need.. God Bless you all..

  •  Anonymous #82893

    Oh My…Prayers going up. God Bless you all…

  •  Anonymous #82889

    oh diane…prayers for you and your family…deepest sympathy about your aunt.

    it’s lovely when we have our family around us in their golden years, we are so blessed but so hard to know they need hospice care to be there for them. i have the utmost respect for those who can do hospice work….they’re angels!

    i know alittle about your sisters state of mind in finding her husband….my mother and i found my step-father in the same way one night and it is so devastating….my heart goes out to her. just be there for her and we’ll do our best to send out the prayers for you all! xoxo

  •  Anonymous #82886

    I am asking for prayers, a lot of them.

    1. My Mom just lost her last sister/sibling out of 12. Aunt Mildred was 95 and led a full life.

    2. My Aunt Mary (Dad’s side) has been in a nursing home for quite a few years and her kidneys have started failing, they have called in Hospice.

    3. My sister Sue got off work this morning and came home to find her husband dead on the couch. She is a basket case.

    Send prayers please. That’s my 3. No more!

  •  Anonymous #82791

    I’m just catching up on all of this now so will send up prayers for continued healing for the tonsil surgery, the kidney surgery, the new baby…Blessings to you all!

  •  Anonymous #82782

    Gigi take it easy so later you can get er done…Hugs girl. Copper i’m glad the little guy is getting on his feet…

  •  Anonymous #82778

    Wilbur is still very grumpy and doesn’t trust ANYBODY except his sisters – he is not throwing up and he is sleeping a lot better.

  •  Anonymous #82774

    Gigi, here’s to a better, blessed New Year.

  •  Anonymous #82765

    congrats on new baby!!

    thanks for prayers, ladies. i landed in hospital days prior to surgery date for other symptoms, required lots of exams, tests, pokes but were able to continue on with surgery as planned and now back home recooperacting.

    very sore and shuffling around here like a 100 yr old but very thankful to be home!!

    thank you all and blessings in the new year!!

  •  Anonymous #82703

    ROTFLMBO – new parents… they figured out the poor kid needed to fart or burp and hasn’t learned that yet… entertainment…

  •  Anonymous #82696

    It will all work its way out in the end. 🙂

  •  Anonymous #82694

    Wilbur is getting through it – finally. The new baby is now in ICU because he hasn’t pooed.

  •  Anonymous #82692

    It will be ok. I remember when my son had his tonsils out at 6. I slept with him for 3 days. It’s hard watching your babies feel bad. Glad he’s feeling better.

  •  Anonymous #82689

    We are weathering it – Wilbur is beginning to perk a bit. We gave him a rocking horse. He drove trucks up and down it and guarded it but wasn’t feeling like riding on it. He’s eating a little and drinking a little.

  •  Anonymous #82688

    copperhead, thinking of you and your family. Congratulations on the new grandson. What a great Christmas present.

  •  Anonymous #82686

    Bless his heart. Nothing worst then the little ones not feeling well. Prayers going out…

  •  Anonymous #82685

    I got to hold Abram a little while and help DIL and baby get started nursing. Very special time. Who needs Christmas? LOL. I made a little RR engineer’s hat out of DHs old shirt for a present – hope it fits.

    Wilbur is still needing prayers – he’s not eating or drinking at home – lots of pain still.

  •  Anonymous #82684

    Congrats Copper!!!

  •  Anonymous #82682

    Baby boy named Abram born about 2:45 Christmas Eve.

  •  Anonymous #82678

    Congratulations on the new grandbaby! I’ll pray for your son passing the stones, my husband had those, not fun.

  •  Anonymous #82677

    Still another prayer request. My youngest son just called – his wife’s water broke and she is awaiting delivery sometime today or tomorrow. Don’t know if she is having a boy or a girl. The other son is passing kidney stones.

  •  Anonymous #82675

    Prayers for a speedy recovery. Gigi, hope your surgury goes well.

  •  Anonymous #82674

    Wilbur is doing great. I got to the hospital just before we got him out of recovery. He was sucking on a Popsicle – his poor hand was cold. He ate 3 Popcicles and then drank some pop then he stole DDs french fries so she ordered some food for him. He ate every crumb and then some Teddy Grahams and was looking around for more food. We played a little bit of catch – someone gave him a couple plastic frogs… His breathing is so much better and he ate all that food with out puking. The last week he wouldn’t eat or he would eat then he puked. He ate and held it down. He seems to know it is going to be ok. He has been fighting with the IV thing and he doesn’t like the pain meds much but on the whole it was a good thing he got the tonsils out. I hadn’t held Walter so much before so that was a treat. He’s now 3 1/2 weeks old and doing fine. DD is very exhausted. Prayers appreciated!

  •  Anonymous #82673

    copperhead, as i read your request…i see it’s an hour past his surgery…i will still pray for fast healing and great health…along with a beautiful christmas for him (even though he may not quite feel up to it, he’ll feel better soon after)

    don’t forget POPSICLES, they do wonders for the sand paper throat!! 🙂

  •  Anonymous #82671

    TO: Gigi and Copperhead.. Dear Lord, I ask you to turn this weakness into strength, suffering into compassion, sorrow into joy, and pain into comfort for others. May your servant trust in your goodness and hope in your faithfulness, even in the middle of this suffering. Let him be filled with patience and joy in your presence as he waits for your healing touch.. Amen

  •  Anonymous #82669

    It’s ok Leveta, Wilbur needs lots of prayers! He is a handful and he is not happy about this at all.

  •  Anonymous #82668

    Sorry guys. It wouldn’t do anything and I kept clicking on it…lol

  •  Anonymous #82667

    Praying that God will touch both gigi and copperheads GS with good health in each situation. Through Jesus Christ…

  •  Anonymous #82666

    Praying that God will touch both gigi and copperheads GS with good health in each situation. Through Jesus Christ…

  •  Anonymous #82665

    Praying that God will touch both gigi and copperheads GS with good health in each situation. Through Jesus Christ…

  •  Anonymous #82664

    Praying that God will touch both gigi and copperheads GS with good health in each situation. Through Jesus Christ…

  •  Anonymous #82662

    Praying for you gigi

    Please pray for my 2 year old grandson. He is having his tonsils out tomorrow about noon. He is one sick little kid. DD has a e week old newborn to deal with as well.

  •  Anonymous #82661

    Gigi, I will say a prayer for you. They tell me having good humor is half the battle in life. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and the best for you in the New Year!

  •  Anonymous #82660

    merry christmas ladies. i pray for all…good health, happiness and safe travels over the holidays.

    i just wanted to ask for continued prayers as i go through my 3rd surgery for kidney issues next week.

    i pray the third time is a charm! 🙂 we’ve gotta keep our humor in trying times!

    God Bless and keep you all!!

  •  Anonymous #82236

    I’ve just caught up with this thread and want to lift up all of the prayer requests knowing that the Lord is listening and honors the humble prayers of those in need. Mom, I pray for a quick match for your liver transplant. God bless.

  •  Anonymous #82231

    Prayers for you to get that liver transplant and be feeling better real soon!

  •  Anonymous #82229

    Praying for you momlvcntrt.

  •  Anonymous #82224

    thank you so much everyone

  •  Anonymous #82223

    Hope the liver comes soon. My brother had a liver transplant. I remember how sick he was before and how much better he felt afterwards. Here’s praying you get your liver and feel better.

  •  Anonymous #82221

    Amen Huggy!!

  •  Anonymous #82208

    Lord Jesus Christ, Our best Physician, I come to You in Mom’s sickness. I pray You to look upon her in tender mercy. Send Your guardian angel to watch over her and soon make her well. Amen.

  •  Anonymous #82207

    Praying for you Mom…God will find you a good match.

  •  Anonymous #82206

    AW I wondered where you have been. I’m praying you get this taken care of real soon and get healthy. Keep us posted.

  •  Anonymous #82204

    i would love to share some exciting news with all my fellow junkerrs. i have bben in and out of the hospital for the past month just had a liter of fluid drained from my lungs and am finally on the top of the liver transplant list at hershey medical center. i am askin everyone to keep fingers crossed that they find a match soon so i can get on with my life

  •  Anonymous #82134

    Gigi, putting you in my prayers. Hope the surguries go well. Leveta, sounds like God is guiding you.

  •  Anonymous #82128

    Gigi, remembering you in prayer. Hope you are back to normal soon. So sorry you are having to got through all this.

    You are so right. I am a lot more valuable to others when I am creating and happy!

  •  Anonymous #82102

    yes leveta…thinking back to your news…i honestly was saddened reading that you were closing because each time you spoke of your shop, i could feel your passion.

    all this time, i’ve secretly been hoping that you’d re-open. i think you give your customers something special.

    i realize/remember your situation…it freed up time for you to focus on what you needed but i think sometimes when we get to do what we’re good at or made for…it makes us happy and excited then we’re even more valuable to others who need us.

  •  Anonymous #82101

    Thank Gigi…I’m sorry to hear you’ve had kidney problems. I will lift you up in prayer. God Bless you gigi girl…

  •  Anonymous #82100

    leveta…remembering back to your shop pics, i think you offered people a home-like environment to browse in. that does so much good for you as it does the customers!! i’ll lift a prayer for you!!

    just update on my own prayer request…i’m in the middle of 2 surgeries to fix a severely infected kidney. hopefully i’ll be back to normal soon ;} i’ll spare you the details.

    thank you all for the prayers and thoughts!

  •  Anonymous #82094

    I’ll try to bump it up.

  •  Anonymous #82093

    I love to go to shops (seasonal shops) that are only open for short periods of time. We have tossed around the idea of opening our old barnhouse from mid-October through mid-November every year. Then, have our barn sale to close the season out. Our county taxes will eat one alive if they have inventory at the end of the year. I would love to see pictures of your place. How do I get to them?

  •  Anonymous #82092

    Thanks She-ne. My little shop kept it’s self going. I only had it opened from 3rd week in sept to holloween. I only charged a fraction of what most people charged and still made enough to keep it going and replenish. Even though I havn’t been open for 2 yrs someone come looking the other day to see if I was open. I’ll have to try and post you a few pic’s of the last time it was open. I think you can go to search and type in “open house” and see the inside.

  •  Anonymous #82090

    Leveta, after many years, I have found that the success of a venture can not be solely judged on monetary gain. If it brings you and others happiness, you should do it. There is no medicine that can be compared with being surrounded by smiling faces. I will pray that God will lead you to the right decision.

  •  Anonymous #82089

    I just want to Thank the Lord for Answered prayer on this site…I have a different kind of prayer request this time. I am seriously seeking Gods guidence on possibly starting back up my pumpkins,gourds,ect…And a scaled down verion of my shop. Please be in prayer with me to see what God wants for me…Thank you ladies…

  •  Anonymous #82025

    Jeanne, I’m glad there is some good news (eye, and mood so far) I’ll keep praying. Also, I’ll pray you can forgive the hospital and staff.

    We were in the ER this weekend with another seizure but we were in a different hosp. It was rough and I just need to let a lot go.

    I would appreciate prayers for my little girls and our family… for no more seizures…

    I understand being tire of talking.

  •  Anonymous #82011

    Thanks for the update. I know you must be exhausted! Will keep you in my prayers,along with your son.Glad to hear that he is making progress. You don’t want me to get started on my recent experience with an emergency room.Long story….

  •  Anonymous #82010

    I’ve been praying for you both.

    Take a little time for yourself.

    Be sure to write down the complaints you have about the hospital. I had a horrid experience once. I just figured to let it go – I try not to grudge… My care giver had me send a letter to the hospital – she said you wouldn’t want someone else to have to go through what I went through – so wrote it down and let them know about it – not for you & your son but for the next person.

  •  Anonymous #82009

    thank you all…..my son spent a week in the hospital then they moved him to a nursing home…they say he will be there for at least a month..then 3 more (at least) of physical therapy….this is going to be a long long road..

    so far his mood is positive, but alas..he is still on extensive pain meds…so who knows how he will be when they start to ween (sp?) him from them….i am just praying constantly that he gets through it in one piece..

    they fixed the eye..yeah..and it will be fine, but he also has some injury to his knee that they are still working on…

    pittsburgh is supposed to have some of the best hospitals in the country…and i’m sure we do..but this was not a good experience….and i am not at all happy with a lot of what went on..but that’s a story for another day…

    i never thought i would say this..but..i am so tired of talking..ahah….i am a big talker…but i’m worn out…

    thanks all…………blessings

  •  Anonymous #81985

    Hope you will post an update on your son!

  •  Anonymous #81909

    So,so sorry to hear this. Been praying for you and your son…

  •  Anonymous #81903

    Oh Jeanne! I’ll be praying for him and for you. It seems I keep hearing of people who have extreme anxiety lately and am really realizing how many people need medication for it. I’ll also pray for the right medicine in addition to healing from the injuries.

  •  Anonymous #81895

    Junx–prayers and healing thoughts your way.

  •  Anonymous #81890

    You poor thing! What an awful way to find out! Will add you and your son to my prayers.

  •  Anonymous #81885

    so sorry that you found as you did, what a tremendous shock.

    prayers to you and him. that he recover fully and that you are comforted to comfort him.

  •  Anonymous #81883

    I will remember you and your son in my prayers. What a shock it must have been for you to find out the way you did! Wishing a fast recovery for him!

  •  Anonymous #81879

    Prayers for you and your son. Keep us posted.

  •  Anonymous #81875

    Sending Prayers and hugs you and your sons’ way junx! Thank God he was not killed and wishing him a speedy recovery!

  •  Anonymous #81874

    i’m not usually one to ask..but please add my son to your prayers. he was in a very bad car accident this week and had to be cut from the car. he has had 2 surgeries on his hip and will not be able to walk for quite a while. he also did some damage to his eye. other than that cuts and bruises. he suffers badly from anxiety and panic attacks and as expected the tremendous pains brings them on.

    (i found out about the accident watching the news at 6 am and had to make several calls to even find him !! so i could use a prayer or 2 also)

    it’s going to be a long recovery and any good thoughts and prayers are welcome.

    thank you all.

  •  Anonymous #81758

    thanks you, ladies!!

    i’m praying that no news is good news.

    my drs. appt today revealed little other than referral to 2 specialists in the near future.

    i appreciate the kindness-support of prayers and thoughts!!

  •  Anonymous #81755

    You in my prayers also, Gigi.

  •  Anonymous #81751

    prayin’ you can figure it out

  •  Anonymous #81747

    Prayers and healing thoughts your way Gigi. LuAnn

  •  Anonymous #81744

    Praying for you Gigi. Hope it gets better.

  •  Anonymous #81742

    Gigi, thinking of you at this time. I can’t take heavy medications, but have seen a few times I looked forward to them. You are in my prayers.

  •  Anonymous #81741

    Am lifting you up in prayer Gigi girl…God Bless…

  •  Anonymous #81740

    asking for thoughts/prayers dealing with medical issues.

    prognosis unknown but the pain is undeniably unbearable at times.

    being one who doesn’t like taking heavy medications….this has caused me to look forward to them every 6 hrs on the dot!!

    <j> thanks ladies <j>

  •  Anonymous #81584

    Thanks Hugs…It is a beautiful prayer indeed…And to everyone for your thoughts and prayers…Their dad picked them up yesterday and we had them till this afternoon. They start school tommorrow. THeir dad lives in Ind. They are only about 15 mins from us now.He has set it up to where we can go eat lunch and such with them or pick them up after school if we need. Now my prayers are for their mom to see rightly and to know the Lord…

  •  Anonymous #81567

    That is a beautiful prayer Huggy. Thank you.

    Leveta, do you or the kids’ dad have them now?!

  •  Anonymous #81539

    Huggybear, what a wonderful prayer! We all need to be reminded that “today’s darkness” will always pass.

  •  Anonymous #81538

    My Lord, if I may be walking through fields that are rough with grief and care, may I have the courage to continue on to the smooth pastures, where I may walk with comfort and peace. May I not let the weariness and sorrow that may come to my heart to-day dwarf my hope and enjoyment of the future. Amen.

    God Bless you Lev.. for having the courage to do what you knew was right for those children.. my prayers are with you and the family.

  •  Anonymous #81534

    Leveta, what you had to do is called “tough love”. Heart wrenching decisions are never easy. It appears that God has intervened.

    Even though it seems like a long time until Sunday, it is just a couple of days.I hate to hear that they will have to be in such heat, with no AC. I don’t know your daughter, but her allowing them to suffer this kind of heat speaks volumes about the children being under her watch. It appears you made the only decision possible.

    Keep the faith and soon, satan will move on.

  •  Anonymous #81527

    Hugs my daughter absolutly hates us right now. She in no way wants us to have anything to do with them for going against her. This is one of the reasons we had to do what we did.She has put them in a bad situation all the way around. All I can do right now is trust God to take care of them and get them over here sunday night.I sure was hopeing their dad would have gotten them yesterday. Believe me satan is rearing his ulgy head right now in our family. But I will never back down on what we had to do…

  •  Anonymous #81526

    Lev.. keep checking on the kids.. and ask your daughter is she will think about letting the kids come over to your house since it is going to be so hot.. or maybe take a few bucks and pickup a cheap a/c unit for the Trailer.

  •  Anonymous #81524

    I know it must be bitter sweet. But maybe after her children are gone she will wake up. Until then you get to have fun with the grandkids! Keeping you and your family in my prayers.

  •  Anonymous #81521

    We won. But my daughter sure does hate us right now. The bad thing is the kids are left in her care till sunday evening in a trailer that has no air. And it’s going to be high 90’s here the next several days. It’s a bittersweet victory…Thank You all for the prayers…

  •  Anonymous #81511

    I’m praying too – the courts don’t have a clue do they?

  •  Anonymous #81510

    I will be praying for a good outcome also…

  •  Anonymous #81508


  •  Anonymous #81506

    At 11am we go back to court to try and get our sweet babies out of a bad situation. Please be praying that God will go before us and give us favor with the judge. Or better yet it can be settled out of court…ThankYou…

  •  Anonymous #81317

    LuAnn, So sorry about your mom.We are never ready to give them up. Hang onto the memories of her, and she will live on.

  •  Anonymous #81315

    Oh Luann, I’m sorry. What a blessing to have her for 94 years! Sending prayers for comfort.

  •  Anonymous #81314

    Thanks all for your prayers and LuAnn YOU are also in my prayers and so is Rosie

  •  Anonymous #81309

    I’m so sorry for you LuAnn. Your Mom must have been blessed to live to 94.

  •  Anonymous #81306

    Oh LuAnn i’m so sorry…Will be lifting you up in prayer. And Hugs will be praying for your family and you…God Bless to you both…

  •  Anonymous #81305

    My prayers and thoughts to all.

    Just wanted to let everyone know my mentor and reason for junking passed away this morning–MY MOM. She was such a wonderful person and touched alot of lives in her 94 years here. She will be truly be missed.

  •  Anonymous #81304

    Rosie and Huggy, adding you to my prayers.

  •  Anonymous #81303

    I am asking for prayers for my brother in law.. to help speed his path to heaven.. he passed the other morning at 4:45am his family was at his side and my family also was with them.. He was such a great guy and he was married to my sister who passed away in 1995.. My sister and my brother in law were always there for me when I needed help or support.. so to them I say I know you are sitting at the right hand of God along with all my family members.. I have their daughters and their children to add to my list of children.. I am all they have and will do anything I can as long as I am alive.. God Bless you sweet brother in law.. you will be missed.

  •  Anonymous #81301

    Rosie so sorry to hear. Will lift them up..Thanks for everyones prayers. We went to court monday, but since she just got her papers she gets till friday to get a lawyer. She’s so angry. There is no talking to her. She’s very bullheaded and her bf is just fueling her. I pray God to break through the barrier that’s around her mind…Copper I havn’t read that book, but when things calm down I may go to the library and see if they can ger it…Thank You all again…

  •  Anonymous #81299

    So very sorry Rosie…praying…

  •  Anonymous #81298

    Just came in and reread this whole entry. Thought that I had told you guys that my dear SIL passed away on July 2, but I didn’t see a post. Please keep my DB and their kids in your thoughts and prayers.

    She was diagnosed on April 11 with lung cancer and on April 15 with three tumors in her brain. She didn’t make it three months.

    He’s really having a rough time and I’m grieving right along with him.

    Hope all of you that have sick ones are seeing some progress, or at least finding some peace in what is going on with them.


  •  Anonymous #81290

    “The Shack” is one of my all time favorite reads. I do agree that you have to read it with an open mind.But, I totally love it!

  •  Anonymous #81287

    Oh Leveta, I will pray for you, and for her, and the children. What a tough time. Know we are all thinking of you…

  •  Anonymous #81285

    Leveta, Have you ever read ‘The Shack’? Some people are all bent out of shape and think it is awful – maybe so. Others find a good explanation of grace and find much healing. Try not to take the characters too seriously. The story has a lot of unexpected twists & turns. It was hard to get past the first 3 chapters. My brother committed suicide about 10 years ago. My dad pretty much withdrew from all of us until I gave him that book and he read it – he must have bought 20 copies.

  •  Anonymous #81280

    Prayers are with you. Give it to God, and stay firm during this spiritual battle, so the prayers can work. I know how hard this is.

  •  Anonymous #81275

    Thank You guys I really appreciate…Copperhead Thank You. It’s nice to know your missed. Seems like I’ve lost the want to do anything right now. I pray a whole lot about all things at this time. Hopefully after tomorrow I can give a praise report about this whole ordeal…God Bless you all…

  •  Anonymous #81274

    I’ve been praying too. I do hope she comes to her senses. I’ve been missing you around here.

  •  Anonymous #81265

    Oh Leveta, I will pray! How hard for you to take this stand against your daughter but as you say, it’s spiritual warfare and the stance is actually against evil. God will prevail. He always does if we give it to Him. May the Lord’s Peace be with you as you walk this path.

  •  Anonymous #81264

    Here’s praying for your family. The children are lucky tdo have family fighting for their welfare. Let’s hope the court sees how much you and their father love them and put them in a safe loving environment. And also that your daughter gets her priorities straight. I’ll be thinking of you.

  •  Anonymous #81253

    I need your prayers!!!!!!! Through months of turmoil of watching our daughter go down hill from getting mixed up with the wrong person and what she has put our grandkids through because of him and her selfishness we have decide to back her ex husband for custody of the babies. She will still get them on weekends ect. She got her papers yesterday and is livid to say the least. This man has her were he wants her and is feeding her the lies of satan. Monday we go to court. Please dear ladies PRAY that God gives us favor with all this. I believe with all my heart that God has directed this path. But this is a very real spirital warfare. I have seen all to many times that judges leave the kids in the worst situations and know what can happen to them after. Yes I’m scared, I’d be lying if I said different. But I KNOW God has lead this way…Thank You all…

  •  Anonymous #80429

    Hope all goes well Jillruth. Praying for your daughter.

  •  Anonymous #80424

    Without details…We could sure use some prayers here too for my daughters upcoming wedding and for her health. Thank you.

  •  Anonymous #80384

    praying for both of you. Kim

    I got down on my knees today,

    And said a prayer for you,

    For you are always in my heart,

    And I often think of you,

    I asked the Lord to send his angels,

    To protect my dearest friend,

    I prayed that all the joy and happiness,

    You have will never end,

    I asked the Lord to comfort you,

    When you are feeling blue,

    And when you have a tear,

    He’ll wipe away that too,

    I asked the Lord to bless our friendship,

    So our ways will never part,

    For true friends always stick together,

    For we’re in each others hearts.

    (By Melinda Tanner via http://www.inspirationalarchive.com)

  •  Anonymous #80316

    …praying for all of you…

  •  Anonymous #80302

    Gigi, Hope it all works out well and God watches over you.

  •  Anonymous #80300

    i also ask for special prayers/thoughts for immediate family as we go through trying times.

    i, like farmers wife, really don’t want to get into the why’s but i would ask for the strength to move forward and to open up our hearts more.

  •  Anonymous #80294

    Farmer’s wife, hope everything turns out all right. Thinking of you.

  •  Anonymous #80289

    Sorry to hear about the job, Hillbilly…but if was meant to be, it would have been. Like others have said, something way fantastic will come along.

    Need some prayers myself…I don’t want to get into the why of it, but just need some prayers and good thoughts sent my way.


  •  Anonymous #80286

    I will continue to pray for her, and your brother and you to stay strong!

  •  Anonymous #80274

    Thanks for update. Bless her heart. Will be lifting them and you up in prayer…

  •  Anonymous #80273

    Cancer is such a terrible disease. Prayers for you and yours.

  •  Anonymous #80270

    Good news up until this point with my DSIL. She’s finished one round of chemo and one round of radiation (or will tomorrow). She has been a little bit sick at her stomach a time or two but nothing major at all.

    Hair started coming out in wads over the weekend so now she and my brother have matching shaved heads! LOL

    Please continue your prayers for them both. I am so hoping that the treatments shrink these lung and brain tumors in her. I love her so much and my brother loves her even more!

    Thanks everybody! Good thoughts going out to you and to yours.

  •  Anonymous #80233

    And I agree with the 2 above me. Gods thinking is far above ours. Something will come out of nowhere that your not expecting…

  •  Anonymous #80230

    Sad face 🙁 I agree with gigi, something better out there.

  •  Anonymous #80229

    sorry hillbilly 🙁

    there must be something even better headed his way that he’ll need to be free for when the time comes! ;}

  •  Anonymous #80227

    well. He got the call. Someone else was more qualified for the position. So, I thank you all for the prayers and well wishes. Maybe next year.

  •  Anonymous #80222

    no word yet… should hear today so keep those prayers coming! It’s a school that he’s subbed at all year and all the faculty is pulling for him as well… thanks all!!!

  •  Anonymous #80111

    Praying for the job Hillbilly!

  •  Anonymous #80084

    Prayers that your husband gets the teaching job!

  •  Anonymous #80082

    here too

  •  Anonymous #80079

    You got it!!!!

  •  Anonymous #80078

    You got it. Lord help Hillbillies DH land this position! Good Luck!

  •  Anonymous #80074

    Hello All! I know I’m not on here often, but would like some prayers/good thoughts sent our way as DH is interviewing for a teaching job tomorrow am. It’s been a long year and a half and this appears to be his only lead on a teaching position for the next school year. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks to you all! 🙂

  •  Anonymous #80012

    hugs and prayers to you all….I have a little sign that says “God is more concerned with our character than our comfort.” I am always amazed how people deal with these things with such grace.

    It humbles me.

  •  Anonymous #79911

    wow… I am thinking and praying of both your families, and everyone on here. One of my employees just lost his brother overseas and the outpouring of support and patriotic love was truly amazing to witness in Iowa. Moments like these are when reality slaps you upside the head and makes you so thankful and grateful for the moments we have and the loved ones we are surround with, when we think our problems are too hard to overcome, there is always someone out there with more on their plate.

    Big hugs and prayers to you all.

  •  Anonymous #79905

    Thank you, Gigi. Yes, they do.

  •  Anonymous #79890

    if only to give you some peace of mind, rose…..

    when gram found out she had pancreatic and the time could be unpredictable of 3 days/3 wks/3 mos/3 yr and so on…..she turned to me and said in the most calm, pleasant voice….i am ok with it, now that i know “what it is” i am dealing with.

    when they gave it a name and confirmed why she had pain…it turned a corner for her.

    her illness/passing was quick…she left this world in such a graceful, dignified way just as she lived her life. even tho she knew it may not be long….she kept her long term plans in sight and talked of future ideas-events as if she would be there for them and us…and that was always her way.

    it also gave me a peace of mind in her telling me that…it was like her gift to me….she was sad at leaving yet excited to where she was eventually going….heaven….so, that was her peace of mind.

    sending hugs to you both XXXXX i hope my grams words comfort you as well.

  •  Anonymous #79889

    God Bless you Rose…

  •  Anonymous #79888

    As my prayers are with all of you. We (my Dh and I and my DB) took her today for her second chemo treatment. She has her third one tomorrow and also a bone scan. I am terrified that it has also spread to the bone and I think that she is, too.

    I get such a calm, resigned feeling from her that it scares me so bad. My brother went to sleep sitting on the couch in the waiting room today and I just sat and rubbed his back. Bless his heart, he’s 66, but everybody needs some babying sometime, don’t they and he is my big brother so he gets it when he needs it! (And sometimes when he doesn’t! LOL) He is really just wearing himself out worrying about her, not sleeping, etc.

  •  Anonymous #79884

    prayers are with ya

  •  Anonymous #79876

    my prayers are for you and your family to find joy


  •  Anonymous #79874

    XXXXX I’m without words ladies, hugs sent out to you XXXXX

  •  Anonymous #79862

    I’m saying a prayer for both your families Secondhandrosie and Leveta.

  •  Anonymous #79860

    Will be praying for you and them…I know it has to be hard. I’m so sorry that you all have to go through these times. Last week my husands youngest brother killed himself. DH’s mom is 94 and has buired 3 son’s now. God Bless you all…

  •  Anonymous #79858

    Well, my family has had another blow. My sister-in-law (my brother’s wife) was diagnosed April 11 with lung cancer and then four days later they told her that she had four spots on her brain.

    I’ve been depending emotionally so much on my brother since our mom died in December and now I’m holding him up! My SIL is calm and ready to start treatments today. My brother is basically a fruitcake most of the time and I’m trying to keep his spirits (and health!) up so that we can all take care of her.

    Prayers needed, still again. Maybe it’s my age (61) but the last year or so have been about the toughest I’ve ever lived through, except for losing my dad.

    Hope everybody’s sick ones are on the mend and hope that the ones who passed away are all in Heaven enjoying eternal peace.

    Love you guys!

  •  Anonymous #79245

    ME TOO…

  •  Anonymous #79229

    ditto here

  •  Anonymous #79219

    Daisy (Courtney) I am praying for you and your family! Whatever it is, is surrounded in prayer.

  •  Anonymous #79218

    Daisytoad, Have added you to our prayer lists. Hope everything turns out all right.

  •  Anonymous #78038

    My prayers are with all those who have lost loved one over the past couple of days.. My God Speed their path to heaven and may they have the peace they deserve.. God Bless them all..

  •  Anonymous #78029

    Margo, will be praying for your aunt and her family. Bad enough to have to rebuild but to have to bury loved ones on top well, it sucks.

    Rosie, it’s so hard to watch a loved one suffer. Just think of your parents joy at being together again. Prayers for you too.

    Tomorrow I will be taking my Mom to my Uncle Bobbies funeral. He was 82 He had scarlet fever when he was young, and it affected his brain. He was always so much fun and loved to roller skate. We will be laughing thinking of him roller skating across Heaven.

  •  Anonymous #78028

    Oh secondhandrose I’m so sorry. But to know they are reunited again is a wonderful thing…

  •  Anonymous #78027

    Oh, Margo, I’m so sorry. I had never heard of Cincinnati, Arkansas before and I’m a native Arkansas person! What a way for a little town to become national known. Sigh…

    Please add my family to your prayers. My Mama passed away Wednesday. She spent 23 days in the hospital. We brought her home under Hospice care on Tuesday afternoon. Before noon on Wednesday she had gone to Heaven and was reunited with my Daddy.

    She is so much better off. I have my moments, of course, but I thank God that she is not suffering anymore.

  •  Anonymous #78026

    Oh how sad. Sure will be be praying…

  •  Anonymous #78025

    I received a call on New Year’s eve from my Cousin in Arkansas. It seems that my Aunt’s (by marriage) home was destroyed by the Arkansas Tornado. Both she and her adult son spent news year’s eve day in the hospital with minor injuries. And worse than that her mother and step-father, who lived next door were both killed.

    All the details are here on my blog.


    Please pray for Ruth as she attempts to pick up her life and start over after such a bad tragedy.

    Thank you,


  •  Anonymous #78003

    Passing that way is all we can ask for. knowing she’s with the Lord is a great joy…

  •  Anonymous #78001

    I’m sorry for your loss Gigi. But, how wonderful that she went with peace and dignity. That is a blessing and so is that she left you with such beautiful memories. Praying for you and your family…

  •  Anonymous #78000

    Sorry for your loss. I’m sure there will be lots of memories being told in the next few days, and after it’s all said and done, that’s all any of us want from life, is to be remembered fondly in our death. God rest her soul and prayers for you and your family.

  •  Anonymous #77997

    thank you to all for prayers for gram. she went yesterday with peace and dignity just as she lived her life. God now has another beautiful angel!

    gram was definitely a junker at heart, i will never be able to pass a milk weed that i can’t envision she has brought home to paint with vivid colors for her table. just like she transformed that dried, pale weed into beauty….everything she touched became better for it.

  •  Anonymous #77973

    God Bless all of my friends here who have been stuggling with such pains and hurts.. you are all in my prayers and God will never forget all that you have done for your loved ones.. Keep the Faith and sometimes we just have to turn it all over to God..Love you guys.. may the coming year be a much happier and Blessed one..


  •  Anonymous #77956

    Thank you DH is in a world of hurt because of his mother. However we both have had to learn to seek joy in each day in spite of what ever our circumstances.

  •  Anonymous #77955

    Prayers coming your way…God Bless Gigi girl…

  •  Anonymous #77954

    My prayers included for your gram,Gigi. And to Copperhead: this past little while has had so many trials for you, (Ive been reading along) I pray that this new year will bring many blessingS for the patience youve shown and your husbands and your unselfishness with his mother. May this new year be BRIGHT! GOD BLESS

  •  Anonymous #77953

    AW Gigi she sounds very lovable. Prayers that she won’t suffer.

  •  Anonymous #77952

    Just asking that you keep my gram in thought and prayer. told us at thanksgiving had pancreatic cancer and now in the nursing home for past several days very weak and unable to eat or pass anything.

    she’s such a beautiful lady….heart and soul…and i hate seeing her in such pain. she’s away from family….first time in over 80 years….but didn’t want to come home for just the day of christmas. (i’m sure she thought it would be best for all of us not herself….miss her terribly already!!)

    in less than 10 minutes she went from calling me by name to that of my daughter….and she told me it was her time to go…i know

    God will take her when it’s his time but i don’t want to see her go.

  •  Anonymous #77866

    This prayer helps me make it thru the days that are so rough

    The Serenity Prayer

    God grant me the serenity

    to accept the things I cannot change;

    courage to change the things I can;

    and wisdom to know the difference.

    Living one day at a time;

    Enjoying one moment at a time;

    Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;

    Taking, as He did, this sinful world

    as it is, not as I would have it;

    Trusting that He will make all things right

    if I surrender to His Will;

    That I may be reasonably happy in this life

    and supremely happy with Him

    Forever in the next.


    –Reinhold Niebuhr

  •  Anonymous #77842

    I’ll tell ya this stuff brings out the worst in people and in families esp. It’s a sad thing. You hang in there and do what you know to be whats right for this lady. In the long run it doesn’t matter what the others think…God Bless you both…

  •  Anonymous #77839

    Monday, we have to hire an attorney and get guardianship of her – this will be at our expense. BUT we aren’t happy with the care she has had from the other side of the family so we feel we have to do it. THEY think WE are out for her money. After all the attorney fees and nursing home costs I wonder what money they think we are out to get??? If she is under guardianship the courts over see all her finances. She doesn’t have THAT much money to get their undies tied in a knot. They had her in an apartment that was beyond her means. No body was going with her to the doctor. She wasn’t eating right. She was going on a city bus and getting lost. etc. shesh. Part of me hopes they do get stuck with dealing with the judge and all that… DH has lost the last 3 weeks of work having to deal with her or her stuff or some doctor or some stupid relative or another. It is very frustrating.

    just a thought… I’m thinking if a person can pray the Lord’s prayer and mean it one might be able to stay absolutely SANE. Say it and then break it down bit by bit in one’s own mind. There is so much to think about in that little prayer…. think HARD life is short.

  •  Anonymous #77838

    copperhead tell then to get over it………… she is in good hands now

  •  Anonymous #77827

    MIL is still in the psych hospital – she is eating and doing ok – they did figure out she doesn’t have Alzheimer – she was mis-diagnosed in Cincinnati. They have her on better meds. We are hoping we have a good Christmas with her but won’t know for a while yet. DH is not as stressed out – the other side of the family is honkin’ mad at us for “kidnapping” grandma – threatening lawsuits, etc.

  •  Anonymous #77777

    what a thread…good luck everybody….hang in there….

    family can just rip you apart at any given moment….. we had that this week too…a grandchild in the emergency room but thankfully ok….

  •  Anonymous #77764

    We found out she has been in the ER multiple times and always checks herself out. DH got power of attorney over her medical and kept her in there – I do hope she will see things differently when she gets out – right now she has disowned everybody who cares for her. DH is doing pretty good this morning. He has a lot to do and all of it is hard. We have to get her things and stash them some place -too bad she doesn’t have any good junk… Our tastes clash.

  •  Anonymous #77763

    Copperhead, your family has done a wonderful job of getting ML out of a horrible situation and getting her the professional help. Try to help DH not feel guilty about the situation, just keep in mind she is getting the help she needs. And grand kids will be fine. They have you. Sending hugs and prayers. Diane

  •  Anonymous #77760

    Oh I’m so sorry…Maybe now she can get much needed help. I know someone that had about the same problem and on the right meds she’s doing great.

  •  Anonymous #77756

    MIL is on her way to a senior psych ward in Muncie. She has made every bad decision in the book in the last 3 days. My DH is exhausted. He took her to an assisted living place hoping she would find a place to live. When he got her there, she pitched a royal fit and started slugging everybody. She hasn’t eaten in 24 hours and she told the hospital nobody has fed her in a week. My DD stood there and told them everything that went in her mouth for the past 2 weeks. Anyway DH and DD are on their way to the psych ward to give them the correct info. MIL is delusional, paranoid and depressed and that is according to the nurse. Also pray for my grand kids – they were there for the whole show.

  •  Anonymous #77751

    Wow, Ladies I am gone for a few months or maybe just a couple of weeks and wow so much has happened to so many of you all.. I sure am up dating my prayer list that is for sure.. I just want you all to know I am thinking of you and praying for your sane and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.. I know it is tough, but always remember you still have us and any time we can help jump right on this site and vent or do what ever it takes to help make your day better. and try ONE DAY AT A TIME, It has worked for me for years.. my oldest son, just celberated his 17 years clean and sober.. I am soooo proud of him.. he was at the doors of hell and turned his life around.. all with the help of God, and AA Prayers comeing your way guys..

  •  Anonymous #77747

    Sorry to hear this SHR. my dad had several back in 96 after openheart surg. His left side was affected and his speech. he was totally disabled. We took care of him for 5 1/2 yrs. I’m glad her mind is clear. Prayer going out…

  •  Anonymous #77746

    Please add my 86 year old mom to the list. She had a bad stroke last Friday morning and is still in the hospital. The left side of her body was affected. Luckily her mind is still clear and she’s showing some improvement. Still having trouble keeping her blood pressure under control.

    Please keep “Miss Wilma” in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.

  •  Anonymous #77745

    So sorry copper. It’s hard…Will be praying for you both…

  •  Anonymous #77744

    DH is in serious need of prayer. He had hoped she could get a 55 plus apartment nearby. She showed her true colors and he figured out he can’t handle her. He is having to put his mom in some kind of facility tomorrow.

  •  Anonymous #77714

    I dont know how I lucked out- had two really wonderful m-i-l’s. but I have had to take care of a family member with some mental problems and I have an idea what you are going thru. Im just praying for ya and sending lots of good vibes your way! Be sure you and hubbie take some time for yourselves..even stolen minutes, so the two of you can stay strong together. God bless

  •  Anonymous #77713

    I dont know how I lucked out- had two really wonderful m-i-l’s. but I have had to take care of a family member with some mental problems and I have an idea what you are going thru. Im just praying for ya and sending lots of good vibes your way! Be sure you and hubbie take some time for yourselves..even stolen minutes, so the two of you can stay strong together. God bless

  •  Anonymous #77712

    We are needing a boat load of prayer. She is not taking her psyche medicine and she NEEDS it. We also have to figure out where to put her for long term. She is really giving everybody a very tough time. Thanks for praying for our sanity – maybe it is contagious… you get it from your MIL…

  •  Anonymous #77671

    Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. I’ll be praying for YOUR sanity.

  •  Anonymous #77669

    God Bless you copper…I’ll pray that you and DH will keep a united front…

  •  Anonymous #77668


    this is the lady that has tried to kill me in the past… she still hates me but is tolerant.

    she is like trying to deal with a very stubborn spoiled rotten 6 year old

    We brought her up here with a place she could stay – she spent one night with my mom and dad and then went to the hotel closest to our house – it is probably a homeless shelter in reality….

    She is eating now

    We got some ID for her but are waiting on more paper work from SS and her retirement verification and she wants it NOW.

    She also wants to sue everybody she knows – that’s involved.

    She is DEMANDING that I buy a new car (with her money)

    My hubby and I had already just decided to keep the old thing running for another year and save up cash to buy another car – I hope he will stick to it. She doesn’t like my car because it says Honda – (not made by the UAW) – folks that is one reason I own the thing…

    I keep telling my DH we brought her up her to see to her COMFORT her HAPPINESS is her own option.

  •  Anonymous #77667

    how you doing copperhead

  •  Anonymous #77649

    Thanks for your prayers. Here is the up date:

    MIL is now at my 85 year old mom and dad’s house. Pass the pop corn…. roll your eyes – as I see it… This is a case of south meets north…

    My daughter managed to get residency papers from the retirement home and then found MIL’s birth certificate and got new ID! So if we are quick tomorrow we can get her bank account number switched. I hope so anyway – maybe she will have some money in case she needs nursing care later on. I think we can get things squared away here but my next concern is at what point will MIL get mad at us and turn on us. She does it all the time. She is a character. God love her. I should name a sewing machine after her. I just have to think which one.

  •  Anonymous #77647

    Copperhead, Do whatever it takes to get that poor woman away from those selfish @$%^%%^. I hate to see the elderly taken advantage of. I also have extended family that are selfish psychos. I’ma prayin’, really, really, hard. (said in my West Virginian accent)

  •  Anonymous #77646

    copperhead you have been in my thoughts alot the pastcoupleof day ‘isnt that starnge you dont know me and i dont know you but i still feel for you. i totally understand about family crap like what you are going through. mine was diffrent but about on the ssame scale of craziness. things will get better.trust me .if you would have told me sixmonths ago that i would be as happy as i am right now. i would have told you that you were crazy. but it all works out in the end. hang in there and know that i am thinking about you

  •  Anonymous #77645

    Pray for us right now – a Great Grand daughter has stolen her ID, given her some sort of hallucinating drug and trying to get her declared mentally ill. My DH and DD are trying to get her out of there. They did manage to get her birth certificate and marriage license so got a state ID card. They are on the way to an attorney right now to see what can be done. This is going to be very rough for a while. Nothing like a good old fashioned family feud is there?

    I sort of feel like it a pass the pop corn moment – well maybe a cross between pass the pop corn and pass the hankie. Poor lady. She has not always made the best choices and is having to ‘eat a lot of crow’ right now.

  •  Anonymous #77627

    A simple prayer asking for joy is good too

    I need it today we are going to be getting MIL an apartment today – we may have to live there too.

  •  Anonymous #77626

    I’m praying for all of you. You know at my Bible Study quite a few years ago, one member talked about life being difficult and how she just stopped and prayed, “Bless me.” She felt such peace. Now, I know that sounds so basic, but I realized then how much we pray for others, for situations, but how often we forget to ask Him to bless ourselves. When I remember, it’s so beautiful. It is certainly NOT a selfish prayer. You must be blessed and feel His love in order to care for all those who need you and to handle all the difficult situations. So, remember to ask Him. He will.

  •  Anonymous #77620

    Am lifting all this up in prayer. You all are a bunch of tough Ladies..God Bless you all…

  •  Anonymous #77619

    Mom, at least that fear was not realized

  •  Anonymous #77618

    o no copperhead. if you wet the bed that will just add to your problems.lol lol lol lol

  •  Anonymous #77617

    you all are the best – I’m up trying to swallow some tea to help me breathe – I’m praying for your 14 sick friends from your turkey dinner – won’t that be a fond memory in a few years – maybe get you out of a job next year… LOL life some times sucks – I have to remember to read Isaiah 40 and 41 – 20 years ago it pulled me out of a clinical depression without drugs – just put my name in there for all the right places – I had to read it every day for year or two & pray to find a bit of joy each day – why is it fear and doubting leads to depression??? Maybe that is my problem now – circumstances come and go but how I respond is my problem isn’t it? My happiness is not dependent on circumstances.

    I think I better memorize Isaiah 40 & 41 – MIL is for sure moving up here… in a couple days…

    I like this one “When you are up to you neck in alligators try to remember your mission was to drain the swamp…”

    Or how about “If you don’t like the way the wind blows adjust your sails”

    Well, hopefully the tea will help break up the gunk in my head so I can sleep – hope I don’t wet the bed… LOL

  •  Anonymous #77616

    Don’t you wish we all lived in the same town so there could be a real shoulder to cry on. Reading the prayer requests makes me realize how far apart we are. Copperhead, I wish I could give you a big hug and help move MIL. Mom, your right. It’s life. We all do the best we can to muddle through and pray that God Almighty will lighten the load once in awhile. One day at a time.

  •  Anonymous #77615

    i know it can be really hard. and i will have you in my prayers but you know…somehow everything always seems to work out. i guess that what we refer to as ‘life’. at least that is the conclusion i have come up with. hope everything works out for you

  •  Anonymous #77613

    I suppose there should be room for some more prayer requests on here. My 90 year old MIL somehow got her stove on fire. She has been in an apartment in Cincinnati which is about 100 miles or so from here. We have batted back and forth what to do with her since FIL passed away in May. She has been unwilling to come up here until now. NOW she is begging to come. We want to do it – it will be rough. I know I joke about it being my worst night mare – and I know it might just be but we do need to do the right thing. There is a brand new senior apartment house just opened a month or so in sight of my house. We know she can’t stay here – WAY too many steps – this house is a typical tri-level from the 70s. It is well on the way to being up dated but not in any condition to sell if the economy would support that… (like how do you spell construction site?) DD says get her the apartment and move in with her if necessary… what ever…

    Then at the same time my mid 80 year old parents aren’t doing so hot either. Mom has two speeds – slow and slower and she’s slowed some more. It is very difficult to watch and of course she doesn’t want any help. I’m working two part time jobs to make ends meet. DH works as a handyman – my Dad has rental houses and he can’t do the work any more. BUT he doesn’t pay much and he is more ADD and crazy than I am. He’s offended my DD to tears almost daily she helps collect rent – growing up a girl between two boys made her like that… She collects rent and she’s good at it. Lately my DH wants to look for a job at Home Depot or Lowe’s – anywhere but for my Dad…. I’m thinking he is worried about Mom but won’t admit anything. There’s other stuff buy you all get the idea.

    God help me keep what marbles I have left.

  •  Anonymous #77606

    yep im back kickin again i dont remember anything and that is really strange not to remember. they calledin my whole family cause they didnt think in would make it throught the nigh. and that was the day i was moving and left my husband. talk everything happining at once. i was out to eat with my mom and starting talking not making sense andluckely she is a nurse and new something was wrong

  •  Anonymous #77596

    OMG, Glad you’re back Mom! Hope everything is OK.

  •  Anonymous #77593

    WELL I did I manage that…lol

  •  Anonymous #77592

    Well mom I sure didn’t know that…Thank God you are back with us again…and thanks. Prayer is all we have alot of times…

  •  Anonymous #77591

    Well mom I sure didn’t know that…Thank God you are back with us again…and thanks. Prayer is all we have alot of times…

  •  Anonymous #77590

    Well mom I sure didn’t know that…Thank God you are back with us again…and thanks. Prayer is all we have alot of times…

  •  Anonymous #77583

    prayers coming frome me also. i am walking proof that prayer works. i was ina coma bout two months ago and i know prayer is what saved me . to look atme now you would never know.

  •  Anonymous #77557

    Thanks Diane…Rose I will lift her up in Prayer…

  •  Anonymous #77549

    Here’s fingers crossed Leveta. Hope it’s something your daughter truly loves to do. Diane 🙂

  •  Anonymous #77548

    Prayers and good thoughts going out to all of you. Welcome to the world, Zachary!

    Please add my nephew’s wife, Connie, to your prayer list. She had breast cancer a few years ago and now there is a cancerous spot on her hip bone and one in her ribs. She and her husband have two kids, a daughter 16 and a son 14, who is Autistic.

    Thanks so much.

    May we all count our blessings on this Thanksgiving eve!

    (And I count the great folks from Junk Revolution TWICE!)

  •  Anonymous #77538

    I will surely say many prayers for her.. and hope she gets the job..

  •  Anonymous #77533

    I would like to ask a prayer for my dd. She put in for a job at the same place her dad retired from. She really needs this…It would truly be an answer to prayer…

  •  Anonymous #77321

    Mom I’m glad things are working out better for you. I guess sometimes you make better friends then spouses…I pray that your transplant comes soon…Hugs…Leveta

  •  Anonymous #77315

    huggybear when i read you post it is so close to my situation even the grandchild in heaven i can relate to you only i have three children and for the most part grown

  •  Anonymous #77314

    nope still waiting for a liver but i elimiated alot of stress in my life and feeling better than i have in about 5 years. seperated from my husband yet we are still on really good terms as a matter of fact we are going out to celebrate our 22 anniversary……………..lol lol lol i know sounds crazy but it works and good for the kids and doing ‘my’ thing again. one day i sat down and thought im not me anymore and took the steps to get me back.thank you for asking.

  •  Anonymous #77313

    Heidi, you’ve been posting about your grandbaby…how about your health? Have you had surgery yet?

  •  Anonymous #77056

    My brother had a liver transplant so I can relate to what you are going thru. Praying for you. Diane

  •  Anonymous #77052

    stay warm and comforted with our hugs((((((((Heidi))))))


  •  Anonymous #77046

    Momlvcntrt (Heidi) In my prayers each day.. please keep us posted. God will be sitting with his arms around you… I pray he keeps you safe and helps you thru the pain.. God Bless you Heidi

    We all love you..

    Huggybear (Joan)

  •  Anonymous #77045

    momlvcntrt (Heidi)–

    I am praying for you! Proverbs 3:5-6


  •  Anonymous #77042

    Adding Heidi, aka “momlvcntrt” for prayers. She’s waiting for a liver transplant. Oh my, what a different life she is living right now than most of us. I’m praying for you Heidi!

  •  Anonymous #76775

    thanks so much for all the comfort:D


  •  Anonymous #76761

    I think the worst place you can go is “I WouldaCouldaShouldaville” and the best place every day is the last part of Isaiah 40 and the first part of Isaiah 41 – insert your name in there… prayers.

  •  Anonymous #76759

    sorry to hear about your issues kudzu 🙁

    times like these….we all tend to want to look back but please don’t allow yourself too much time to do so, kudzu….you have a long, happy life waiting for you in the near future so there’s little to no time to rethink the past!! 🙂 embrace yourself!!!

  •  Anonymous #76755

    thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart, it makes me want to cry happy tears 😀

    it’s rough, it’s hard, and even though i just want to curl up and sleep all the time, i am much happier with this situation than before!

    ya’ll are so great and special friends 😀


  •  Anonymous #76701

    Kudz, I am so sorry for all the so called problems you have had.. but you know what I walked out of a marriage in 1976 and have never looked back.. my children are all fine I raised them by myself.. and I am happy.. I have never remarried. my choice.. but not sorry, I have been very happy.. I have 5 wonderful children and 5 wonderful living grandkids and one sweet one in heaven with God.. I have worked hard all my life and my children have picked up on that and all my children are hard workers too.. sometimes I wonder if I should have remarried to give the children a father.. but the more I thought about it.. if I was not happy with the man, then the children would suffer and I love my children to much to ever put them thru that.. my ex husband was a good father just he was a drunk.and I could not handle the drinking.. I have never said a bad word about the children’s father.. so they still love him even tho he has passed away now.. I just felt it was my job to take care of my kids and I have to say.. I am happy.. Ihope you find happiness and I am sure you will with that new grandbaby..if ever you feel you need to just chat.. I am here for you..


  •  Anonymous #76686

    Kudzu so sorry my Dear friend…I know you are a very strong and capeible(sp) women…Praise God… An inspiration to alot of us…

  •  Anonymous #76685

    Kudzu–I’m sorry–will prayer for strength for you!

  •  Anonymous #76680

    dear kudzu…had the same experience with husband years ago ,stay close to God and freinds and it will pull you thru.my prayers are with you ,and congrats on addition to your family. little one will bring you lots of joy, and this time together will bring you and your daughter even closer.<3

  •  Anonymous #76674

    Oh dear Kudzu! My motto is “you do what you have to do”. You must have been on a real rollercoaster to have so much pain and yet so much joy at one time. Sometimes the best we can do is just to get up out of bed in the morning, go thru the routine and manage to go to sleep at night. Sister, I feel for you. Diane 🙂

  •  Anonymous #76673

    thank you all so much 😀 i may be busy for a while yet…we’ve re-painted 2 bedrooms and have boxes stacked all over the house that need to go in the attic, and neither one of us is capable of pulling down the ladder and carrying boxes,lol! it was a real chore just to move them out and paint…wow,i am so sore! but mom and baby have a new freshly painted room and so does my other grandson 😀

    i haven’t done much..seems everything breaks down and falls apart all at once! 😀 my husband left me in june…and it’s been hard, but it’s a much cheerier atmosphere since then,lol! so things to do and fix and not much time for playing lately 😀


  •  Anonymous #76660

    What a blessing! Both mother and Zachary… safe and healthy!

  •  Anonymous #76657

    Congratulations!!!! Hope Mom and Baby are doing fine. 9 pounds!! Looks like a football player to me. 🙂

  •  Anonymous #76648

    Congratulations!! Heavenly Father, Please bless Zachary!!

  •  Anonymous #76647

    we welcomed the newest grandson yesterday; Zachary Aaron…9lbs. 2oz. The doctor took him early, the baby was getting too big and my daughter’s blood pressure was staying too high 😀 C-section the 19th and was born at 8am 😀

    keep us in your thoughts and prayers please 😀

    i’m so happy 😀


  •  Anonymous #76508

    That’s Great!!! I’m sure no one there minded…

  •  Anonymous #76499

    DD called and said he escaped in church – he crawled under the pew and went to the front and pulled himself up in front of the communion table and stood there and jabbered. DD had to go get him – right in the middle of the sermon. At least he feels better.

  •  Anonymous #76496

    Huge Praise, Copper!

  •  Anonymous #76486

    PTL Baby is doing much better – DD says he is eating ANYTHING in site and wanting MORE. Nobody else has it. Just have to keep an eye open for complications. He was one very sick little fellow for a while.

  •  Anonymous #76475

    copperhead we had to watch my son very closly for several years after his bout with scarlet fever.. but he is doing wonderful ..like I said he is in his 40’s now and doing great.. it was scary at the time.. When my boys were growing up…. my car knew it’s own way to the hospital emerg. room.. I just had to get in and turn the key.. we had all kinds of things.. happen.. cut fingers needing stitches.. weired diseases, emerg.. surgeries. kidney diseases. you name it I think my boys some how found out how to get it. but they are now all grown up and doing fine.. so think postive.. and do just what the doctors say..

  •  Anonymous #76430

    So glad to hear the good news. Will continue to pray!


  •  Anonymous #76418

    He’s out of the woods for now – he has to be watched for rheumatic fever complications later. We are praying DD, SIL and the GD’s don’t get it too.

  •  Anonymous #76415


    It seems that childhood diseases are making a comeback. At twenty-one, I had a full-blown case of the measles. It seems I had missed a booster shot somewhere along the line. I was never so sick in my life. I didn’t even see a doctor. I just laid in bed for over a week…swollen, feverish and aching. Later, my parents discovered how dangerous my condition was…but,by then, I had fully recovered.

    I am praying the same full recovery for your grandson.


  •  Anonymous #76413

    Copperhead, you, your grandson, and your family are in my thoughts. Please keep us posted.


  •  Anonymous #76408

    Prayers going up for You and Baby and Family…

  •  Anonymous #76407

    Copperhead, your grandson and your family are in my prayers.. my middle son had scarlet fever when he was small and he is now a strapping young man of 43 years of age.. so keep thinking postive.. he did great and I am sure your grandson will also..

  •  Anonymous #76406

    Thinking of you and praying for your Grandson. Hang in there. Diane

  •  Anonymous #76405

    I will. Sick babies are so stressful.

  •  Anonymous #76404

    Please pray for my grand son – he was born November 7, 2009. He has scarlet fever a complication of strep throat – he is very sick – ER last night. He is a BF baby so that should help.

  •  Anonymous #75722

    Although we fully understand and honor the sacrifice of our soldiers and public servants.

    Please reserve prayer requests for yourself or persons you actually know. Please do not re-post email prayer requests if you do not actually know the subject being prayed for, or are within one acquaintance from that person.

    Thank you,


  •  Anonymous #75681

    Thoughts and prayers go out. I’m sorry for your family’s loss.


  •  Anonymous #75680

    You sound like you have fond memories of her. You should write them in a letter for her sons. I bet they would appreciate it. Cancer is such a life sucking disease. Diane

  •  Anonymous #75674

    Once again , I am asking for prayers.. one of my son’s best friends mother passed away this morning and she also was a friend of mine. She had been fighing cancer for several years and finally could not fight anymore.. So the Lord came and took her to sit beside him this morning.. Please pray for her pain free path to heaven, she is an angel for sure.. raised two strapping young men , was a lady that would do anything for anyone.. God Bless you Kay Harris.. you will be missed by many..

  •  Anonymous #74970

    How sad to go in for such a common surgery and have something go wrong. Your in our prayers. Diane

  •  Anonymous #74969

    R.I.P. Todd

  •  Anonymous #74965

    how tragic huggy….let’s all raise him up!!

  •  Anonymous #74961

    Oh how sad…will be praying for his family…

  •  Anonymous #74956

    I am going to ask all my good friends here at JR to say prayers for a young man who passed this weekend..he was a friend of my sons and he had an appendix removed last week and when they took them out they nicked his bowels and did not know it and he became very ill and went back into the hospital this weekend and put in ICU but did not make it.. he was a loving caring person and so young.. please help me pray for his path into Heaven.. God Bless you Todd Root.. you will always be remembered..

  •  Anonymous #74163

    sorry Jillruth. Just remember all the good times. Diane

  •  Anonymous #74160

    I’m so sorry lovecrafting…will pray for all of you. I just went to my Uncles funeral today so the reality of death is near.

  •  Anonymous #74156

    Our prayers are with you and your Mother. I lost my Dad to cancer and it’s such a hard illness to suffer thru. I hope your Mother finds comfort in all the good memories they had together. Diane

  •  Anonymous #74154

    I’m so sorry…Prayers for you both…

  •  Anonymous #74146

    Gosh that’s how long I’ve been married… For sure will pray for her.

  •  Anonymous #74140

    My Dad passed away last Sat.after a long hard battle with cancer and I would like a prayer sent out for my Mom who is now on her own and having a hard time handling it all after 39 years of marriage.

  •  Anonymous #74109

    I had another ultrasound last Thursday and go in this Thursday for the results. I just want to know SOMETHING. Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts. Love Diane

  •  Anonymous #74102

    a little late to post, but I’m glad everything turned out! Thoughts to all you ladies out there… you all are great women and need good thoughts sent your way on any day!

  •  Anonymous #74096

    Diane, what great news! What a strong gal to endure the unknowing for so long. Thanks for letting us know.

    Jill – what a hoot – I’m ROTFLMBO!!!


  •  Anonymous #73933

    Hope everything continues to go well Diane.


  •  Anonymous #73920

    good to hear the news diane

  •  Anonymous #73869

    I’m glad you got good news!

  •  Anonymous #73867

    Soooo glad to hear that Diane! (no dense breast tissue here….pretty sure they could send me home with a “do it yourself” mammogram kit with a flashlight!)

  •  Anonymous #73865

    So glad to hear the good news. I know you are relieved. I’ve got the fibrosystic tissue too. It always feels lumpy to me.


  •  Anonymous #73864

    God does answer prayers .. we just have to stop and listen.. So glad to hear your good news.. you will be in my prayers each day..

  •  Anonymous #73863

    Diane–Glad you’re feeling relieved too. I went throught that same thing a few years back. Had 2 mamms, 2 ultrasounds and was scheduled for surgery. On the day of surgery they couldn’t locate the spot via ultrasound (dense tissue too!) so I went home and haven’t had a problem since. I know these can be scarry–my sister’s and even my mother had the same thing happen (hereditary??). Good luck and we’ll be thinking of you.


  •  Anonymous #73853

    I’m sooo glad you feel relived… We all were certainly there with you…HUGS!!!

  •  Anonymous #73852

    Well ladies, felt the “sisterhood” there yelling “YAYA”. Went to get the biopsy and the doctor said she wanted a second ultrasound because she didn’t think it was really a tumor or cyst. So I have another ultrasound in a week but I feel much better now. They said I have dense breast tissue. Thanks ladies for your prayers. 🙂 Diane

  •  Anonymous #73851

    Diane, positive thinking. You know we are all with you. One step at a time.

  •  Anonymous #73850

    Thinking about you Diane…

  •  Anonymous #73844

    Remember We are all with you today Diane, Our Prayers and our love will be around all day today… Go to the doctors knowing that you are loved and God will take care of you…

  •  Anonymous #73839

    mine also

  •  Anonymous #73838

    Diane did I tell you I went through this before christmas. It was a swollen gland. They did a Sonigram(sp) after the mamo. I had a lump come up and then it leaked junk all over my PJ’s and sheets the morning after I found it the night before and that’s why I went to the Doc. and they found the 2nd one. But it all worked out find…God is good…It will be OK…

  •  Anonymous #73836

    Thanks guys (she says with a tear in her eye) I love you guys! Diane

  •  Anonymous #73830

    Prayers and thoughts to you Diane.

  •  Anonymous #73828

    DITV…just take a long, calming breath, close your eyes and imagine all the chairs around you as full with every lady from this site and that you’re not alone in the process….we’re all thinking, praying and wishing for good, positive results.

  •  Anonymous #73825

    Diane, I’ll be praying too. For a good outcome, for peace through the process and through waiting for results, and to know that you are not alone.

  •  Anonymous #73824

    Prayers are going up for you right now! Jan

  •  Anonymous #73821


  •  Anonymous #73819

    Diane, You will be in my prayers and thoughts …. I am thinking postive thougts and prayers for you … when you go Thursday.. you will have all the arms of all your friends here at JR around you and their prayers with you…. think postive.. thoughts..

    We love you…

  •  Anonymous #73817

    Diane I always think postive until I hear different…Sounds like your a tuff lady…So with positive thoughts and heart felt prayers I send this…

  •  Anonymous #73816

    Well ladies, I am now asking for prayers for me. I found a lump in my left breast in Oct., had the mamogram, had the ultrasound, and now they want to do a biopsy. Normally I wouldn’t think anything about it because I’m pretty darn healthy, never smoked, didn’t take birth control pills more than a couple of years (that’s why the kids are so close together) but….. after the house burnt down (always happens to someone else), our friend falls off the roof and broke both his feet, (he’s lucky to be alive), and I had my first major car accident (not hurt too bad but totaled the car), well I’m hoping that that is my 3 things. I go in this Thursday the 25th. So just think about me and say a little prayer around 9:30 eastern time if you think of it. 🙂 Thanks Diane

  •  Anonymous #73808


  •  Anonymous #73796

    Mine too, May God Bless his soul. Amen Diane

  •  Anonymous #73795

    Mine too.

  •  Anonymous #73794

    You have mine…

  •  Anonymous #73793

    PlEASE pray for the soul of this young soldier who gave his life for his country .. he is from my area of Kentucky… God Bless this young man…His name is Adam Peak.. he was only 25 years of age . was killed This past weekend by a bomb..Maywe help God speed his path way to heaven with love and prayers

  •  Anonymous #72872

    No prob huggs, I knew your heart was in the right place. Just wanted to let you know.

    No prob, I’m easy going.


  •  Anonymous #72864

    Hugs I’ve done it myself…You have a big heart…

  •  Anonymous #72860

    I am so sorry Moderator.. I thought it was a true story.. or I would not have posted it.. I am truly sorry.. I worry about our boys overseas and their familes and a friend from work sent me this thru e-mail and I thought it was for real.. so sorry.

  •  Anonymous #72859

    Regarding Huggybear’s post above about Prayer request for Gary and Cindy Hogman. Thank you for your sincere concern Huggy but….

    I have checked this story out on snopes.com and it is one of those e-mail’s that has gotten a life of it’s own. It originated from 2001 and the woman in question is now in remission.

    I also ask that this forum be used for prayers for yourself and anyone you actually know.

    We all get the emails asking for prayers and many times these are either email urban legends or are very old and are still traveling through cyberspace.

    Please check out all stories like this on the urban legend web page http://www.snopes.com.

    Thank you


  •  Anonymous #72858

    Mom I pray that you will be back to junking real soon.


  •  Anonymous #72853

    Mom I pray that this yr will be a great one for you…That your health will be renewed…

  •  Anonymous #72845

    Mom our prayers are with you always.. God Bless you..

  •  Anonymous #72828

    my thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of you as you all know i am struggling myself. and i can feel the pain of each and every one of you. i have been in bed since new years day and this group and each and everyone of you keep me going. god bless to all . we are a fine group of gasls and guys

  •  Anonymous #72763

    huggy, thanks for posting that. not only does it show the love/confidence he has for God and healing but it’s such a beautiful, inspiring letter of the love he has for his wife-son.

    bless their hearts!! they’re in my thoughts-prayers!!

  •  Anonymous #72752

    my heart goes out to all who are suffering and watching their loved ones suffer. God is a loving God and does hear our prayers.

  •  Anonymous #72750

    *Subject:* Prayer Request

    Prayer request for Gary and Cindy Hogman by way of Faith Presbyterian Church.

    Gary is serving in Iraq while his young wife is fighting cancer here. See his Request below.

    From: Bobby S. Briggs, MSgt, USAF

    823 ESFS/SFOC

    Flight Sergeant


    My name is Gary Hogman. Some of you receiving this know me, some do not.

    My wife, Cindy, is 32 years old and has just been diagnosed with stage 4 Cervical cancer. Her chances for survival are very slim. She was pregnant with our second child and had miscarried recently at 3 Months; and now we

    know why.

    This is a request for you to forward this e-mail to everyone you know asking for prayer.. The more people that pray for her to be healed, the better. Pray and forward. It only takes a second to hit ‘forward.’

    Please do it and don’t delete this. Your prayer can, and perhaps will, save her life. Please pray and ask everyone you know to pray for the HEALING of CINDY HOGMAN And the removal of all cancer from her body, so she may enjoy all that life has to offer, and to continue to be the wonderful mother to our 5-year-old son Michael..

    The power of Prayer is unsurpassed. I want the whole world to have her in their prayers the next few weeks. God will hear our cry.

    Please do not be offended by my plea. This is only a request for your help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this and helping with our request for healing! No words can express the power we have when we each do a little to come together.

    Regards, Cindy’s husband –


    Thank you, and please send it to the far reaches of our world!

  •  Anonymous #71629

    My prayers, good thoughts and traveling mercies going out to you and your families at this time.


  •  Anonymous #71620

    you know, there was a time when it was hard for me to look at the memory boards…so, i know it was a daunting task for the family to pick thru the photos for it. but all that changed when my husbands step gramp and a sisters male friend passed in recent years. i suddenly saw the comfort those pictures brought, moreso than sadness.

    some silly ones, made me see the humor in the person that may have been forgotten.

    some showed a side of the person maybe we never got to see/know.

    some showed the love they had for family….friends….neighbors but the image that was most present in my mind is that in those pictures you saw that “they lived their lives, abundantly in the presence of those they love”

    thinking of you all as we enter into the holiday seasons…wishing you comfort, peace, joy, care in your travels and that you may be watched over.

  •  Anonymous #71619

    Sue, I just think that when we see folks almost everyday.. we do not notice the changes that are made daily… it is like a child growing up.. when you have the child in your household each day you do not notice how tall or how pretty , handsome, etc. they are getting until a family or friend says.. oh my how they have grown, or how old they have gotten.. I notice it with my own grandkids.. and like my sons who do not live with me and I do not see everyday or my daughters.. when you see them like maybe once a month or so.. you notice things.. like maybe how their hair is staring to turn grey.. and yet the son that lives with me I do not notice how grey his hair is getting.. of course I say his is getting grey because Of me..LOL

    Best wishes and prayers for your family coming in from out of town.. and prayers for all of your family..

    May God Bless you all

  •  Anonymous #71618

    I’m praying too for you Maggie and Sue.

  •  Anonymous #71617

    Go to hear from you Sue…You know I think when we are around someone we don’t see what someone else see’s that not around them. I guess casue it’s a gradual process.(sickness). Like sight or hearing. I’m so glad he went Peaceful…That in it’s self is a blessing…

  •  Anonymous #71616

    Thank you all for the kind words and prayers. I made it here yesterday afternoon safe and sound. I found that my Father-in-Law had a peaceful passing and our family is all doing well. It will be a long week with the visitation on Friday and the funeral on Saturday. Greta and Hugs – those are beautiful scriptures and poems and I appreciate seeing them both again. God has granted us serenity today.

    I just completed selecting photos for the two “Memory Boards” that will be at the funeral home. It was fun-yet sombering looking through all of the photo albums. One thing my Mother-in-Law and I just discovered was that Bert looked ill many years ago and we never even realized until looking through the albums tonight. Sometimes we think we are so observant and know our family members well. I just learned that we aren’t always so observant or we may have know he was ill a long time ago – not that it could have changed anything.

    We have four family members flying from Florida, Arizona and California this week – if you wouldn’t mind a thought or two for their safe travel. Thank you all again.


  •  Anonymous #71600

    I read this somewhere and just thought it was a comfort to those who have lost love ones..

    If You Could See Me Now

    If you could see me now you wouldn’t shed a tear.

    Though you may not understand why I’m no longer there.

    Remember my spirit that is the real me because I’m still very

    Much alive, I’ve just been set free, Oh, if you could only see!

    I have beheld our Father’s face and I’ve touched my Savior’s

    Hand. All of Heaven’s angels rejoiced as I entered the promised

    Land. Beyond the gates of pearl I’ve walked on the golden streets.

    I’ve touched the walls of jasper and dipped my foot in the

    Crystal sea. The beauty is beyond words and nothing could

    Compare, I’ve even seen your mansion and someday

    I’ll meet you there. Let Jesus be your guide because

    His Word will show you the way! So please don’t

    Cry because we will meet again someday.

    -By Patsy Stambaugh Deskins

  •  Anonymous #71599

    I read this somewhere and just thought it was a comfort to those who have lost love ones..

    If You Could See Me Now

    If you could see me now you wouldn’t shed a tear.

    Though you may not understand why I’m no longer there.

    Remember my spirit that is the real me because I’m still very

    Much alive, I’ve just been set free, Oh, if you could only see!

    I have beheld our Father’s face and I’ve touched my Savior’s

    Hand. All of Heaven’s angels rejoiced as I entered the promised

    Land. Beyond the gates of pearl I’ve walked on the golden streets.

    I’ve touched the walls of jasper and dipped my foot in the

    Crystal sea. The beauty is beyond words and nothing could

    Compare, I’ve even seen your mansion and someday

    I’ll meet you there. Let Jesus be your guide because

    His Word will show you the way! So please don’t

    Cry because we will meet again someday.

    -By Patsy Stambaugh Deskins

  •  Anonymous #71596

    Maggie– Lifting Kathy to The Great Physician.

    Sue–Lifting you and your family to The Great Comforter.

    “You keep track of all my sorrows.

    You have collected all my tears in your bottle.

    You have recorded each one in your book.”

    (Psalm 56:8, NLT)

  •  Anonymous #71594


    May his memory be for a blessing.


  •  Anonymous #71590

    Sue , all my hugs and prayers will be traveling with you and your family and special prayers for our Sweet FIL… May the angels help lift him up to the goldengates…God Bless you and your family in this sad time.

  •  Anonymous #71589

    Thank you for the prayers! Sue, I’m sorry about your FIL! Have a safe trip!

  •  Anonymous #71588

    thinking of everyone right now… hugs across the miles.

  •  Anonymous #71580

    sorry to hear this chiccottage…you’re in my thoughts-prayers.

  •  Anonymous #71578

    Gosh Sue I’m sorry…Sending a few your way right now…

  •  Anonymous #71576

    Could I ask for all of the comforting prayers that you all can muster up? My Father-in-Law just passed away and I’ll be making a 2+ hour drive to be with my husband and the family. I’ll need travel prayers too, thank you.


  •  Anonymous #71573

    maggie, i got chill bumps reading your request, God bless and comfort her………………………..and the entire family.

    not meaning to be insensitive or anything…but it always amazes me how God uses others to teach us that what we may think is overwhelming in our life is little to nothing in comparison to anothers…there are always people better off and worse off than we and that no matter where you are along that path, “we all need prayer to get us thru”

    a ton of hugs and fleet of angels coming your way X ^j^ X ^j^ X ^j^

  •  Anonymous #71571

    OH Marge I’m so sorry to hear this…My prayers coming your and her way…

  •  Anonymous #71568

    Maggie, I am sending hugs and prayers your way.. hope they help..

    Everybody needs a hug. It changes your metabolism. ~Leo Buscaglia

  •  Anonymous #71567

    Maggie, I’m “shooting up some prayers” right now for Kathy. I’m sorry that it has all returned and started the grief all over again.


  •  Anonymous #71564

    Please pray for my daughter Kathy! She is a breast cancer survivor, but has found out that cancer has returned & attacked her body. It was found on her liver, in her bones & possibly her brain. She will have an MRI on her head to see if the spots found there are tumors. Both of her femurs are fragmented & she is in so much pain that she can hardly walk! Prayer is powerful!!!!!!

  •  Anonymous #71543

    good idea

  •  Anonymous #71506

    Thank you very much moderator!!!!


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