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  • pinky #47220

    I just got into hunting for objects of value at flea markets etc. I am getting a phone that I can use to go online tomorrow, lol. I wound up getting some things that will turn a small profit, but I got this plate thing, that I thought might have been real silver. I did the sniff test located here:

    and what I’ve learned is that silver plate passes this test too (based on some Gorham EPs that I had and tested)

    So this object is definitely silver or silver plated. When I cleaned it, some copper looking metal came through, so I’m thinking it’s silver plate, but I’m wondering if it has any value as an antique. I can’t find any other markings but the symbol on the attachment. I only cleaned half of it, so you can see if the object itself rings any bells. I really hope it’s not a total dud. Please let me know if you recognize anything about it.

    [attachment id=29676,4118]

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  •  Anonymous #84078

    I agree with junxtaposition, most people are scrapping sterling. I hoard silver myself and scrap a little bit at a time when I have some medical bills to pay.

  •  Anonymous #84077

    Add chalkboard paint to the center of it, turn the 3 bowls into a tiered serving piece

  •  Anonymous #84075

    not many people selling pure silver…you can get more by scrapping it these days..

  •  Anonymous #84074

    Yup, dud. So sad, sucks. Paid $6.99 for it. Hopefully, I can get $2 for it somewhere, might be junk though with the copper showing through.

    I’m never going out without a phone I can go online with quickly again, and never buying unless it’s labeled or I’m sure and can find images again. This was my first time though and I did get 3 Gorham EP bowls, though I found out when I got them home they weren’t real silver, I can still probably double what I paid for them and the person can still get a profit after reselling that. I also got two other vintage things I can at least double I think. Thank you so much for your answer.

    If anyone has any ideas about where I can sell this for at least a few bucks, please let me know.

  •  Anonymous #84072

    while it is an antique…it’s really not worth much..i buy these all the time here for $1 – $4…..(oh..and even less is the copper is showing through..that means the silver plate is wearing off..not good) …sorry

  •  Anonymous #84068

    forgot to post the link to the test:

    Gorham EP gave off a sulfur smell and so did the item pictured. So I know that the Gorham EP is electroplate, so this could be too. I’m just hoping it’s an antique though maybe.

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