Is Round Top worth it?

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    I live in the deep south, in an area where most old things have been washed away by the storms. My mother and I have gone to Brimfield, MA. It is such a long way away but we always have a great time. We have heard many things about Round Top, TX. One review I found said that everything was extremely over priced. I found from the extreme 13,000 for a sofa in the middle of a dusty field to 5 dollar beautiful wooden chairs at Brimfield. I paid 10 for an old milk delivery box while stores around me and online are selling them for $60-$70. Of course these are just the prices I am super proud of. But like quilts for instance, I bought some last time for 7 and I go up to about 100. I can’t pay 400, 500, 6, 700 for a blanket. That is what is extremely expensive for me.

    My question is would it be worth my time to go to Round Top? Will we find boxes and boxes of video game parts, tie-dye shirts, and (like the Junk Bonanza website says)says tube socks? Or even worse arts and crafts people made. We trust Brimfield but this is so much closer. I hope this isn’t going to be a waste of time. So has anyone been there? Any thoughts? Opinions? Thank you.

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  • Vintage Rescue Vintage Rescue #87152

    I’ve been to “Round Top” for 6 years. But I actually skip RT/Marburger—it’s definitely overpriced for many of us dealers. It’s great for visual stimulation and display ideas, but what you want to do is go to Warrenton and the surrounding communities instead. These shows have no entry fee, miles and miles and miles of amazing junk. Seriously.

    I come from Virginia, so you know it’s definitely worth it. The first time I went, it took me THREE DAYS just to do Warrenton, not to mention the surrounding communities.

    I say it’s DEFINITELY worth it.


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    I have a new blog about all things lovable at Round Top during the Antique Show and year ’round. I hope it convinces you to make your Fall Show reservations now!


    The Crush List

  •  Anonymous #86459

    And also this blogger’s trip to Round Top last year:

  •  Anonymous #86458

    Just one more blogger’s post about her trip to Round Top.

    Read these posts & see lots of photos by these 2 great bloggers. If U can, go to the fleas all around Round Top April & October.

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    Ki will be at Zapp Hall with Margo next Saturday at 2 for a magazine signing. Come by and say hello, and get your magazine signed.

    Be sure to tell her you are on the message board.

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    I live in central Texas (Wimberley)and have been to ‘Round Top’ spring and fall several years. It is *totally* worth a trip! My sister and I are on fairly tight budgets, so we don’t go to the ‘official’ Round Top or to Marburger – we spend our time in Warrenton or La Bahia, or just along highway 237. Spring time is the most beautiful, because the bluebonnets are blooming, I hope you can make it!


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    Hmmm, sounds like a fun side trip the next time we visit Milford.

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    Diane – Brimfield is just west of Sturbridge MA, if you know where that is? just off the MA Pike, sort of south central MA, not far from CT border. AWESOME place! 3x yr, Msy/July/Sept. Gone are the days that I could walk around all day, but still go for a day, sit with my friend who is a dealer there, and walk a couple of fields.

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    You won’t find sunglasses and or tube socks at Round Top. You can see a full review and more information than you would ever need in my blog post here.

    Hope you come over and see us.


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    The best I can do is go to White’s Farm in Brookville, IN on Wednesday mornings. It’s only an hour or so down the road.

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    I have never been, too far away, but would go in a HEARTBEAT! If for nothing more than to get ideas. My husband is from Massachusetts, where is Brimfield?

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