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    just spent days doing half my daughters bedroom floor with a wood finishing product

    (i will leave the name out UNTIL i speak with the retailer/supplier and read more on line about it…but if i get insufficient answers/advice, i will be on BLAST with its name!)


    we lift the furniture from unfinished to finished side and as we lower the dresser to the floor, we hear a ripping-like sound. in one move, the slight pressure has ripped the product off the floor and in big patches!!!

    has anyone experienced this problem, ever??? i have no clue as to what went wrong…old product, not the right product referred? the floor was in full prep…???

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    Oh how awful. We had a friend that was a paint chemist – he used to work for a big paint company – we always used to call him with questions. You should be able to call the company’s 800 number and get some answers though. They really do want things to turn out for you. The neat thing about our friend was he would bring us free paint to test out. Some times if he wanted to see what it was like he would come over and paint the wall himself. Once he asked me what color I wanted for a floor. We were building a house and ran out of money. I told him a blue that would hide dirts, etc. He did bring over some blue paint. Then he brought some varnish of some kind and we put the blue latex paint on the floor, when it dried, varnish went on. It never did show dirt or scratch up. We found out later he had some paint that had way too much pigment in it – it was a throwaway batch so he just made it a nice blue gray. He also gave us some to go on a stairway wall. We never painted that wall again and dirt never did stick – believe me with our kids that was way cool. I wish I knew where to get some. I think the company did not want that paint on the market… They want you to buy more paint. It was in 1990. Couple years ago… I hope you get it figured out – it can be a real nightmare.

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