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  • shannonfrz #55761

    I would like 2 buy 1 full size OLD bedspring or 2 twin size!

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  •  Anonymous #86064

    Unfortunately I had to leave this behind in Tenn. I hope the new owners enjoy it as much as I did.

  •  Anonymous #86030

    Chelcass….beautiful flowers climbing on a gorgeous headboard…thanks for sharing that glimpse of spring/summer!

  •  Anonymous #86013

    I doubt if the neighbors were too upset about the head board. Around here the Health Department would send a letter telling you to get the junk out of your yard – then we have garbage rationing so there is nowhere to put it anyway.

  •  Anonymous #86009

    Check with your local free cycle,charity shop or craigs list they usually have box springs. I used a old metal headboard for my clematis. It was white and gold and I sunk rebar into the ground and went from there. The clematis spread out across the frame and looked beautiful.

  •  Anonymous #86006

    I want 2 paint them royal blue, lay them on their side, sink rebar through them & grow clematis all through it. Presently my clematis R grow’n on wood lattice but the lattice doesn’t look like it can’t take much more weight. I don’t know what my neighbors will think but I think it would B beautiful!

  •  Anonymous #86005

    If your town has clean up days or some wheres to place a wanted ad you may find a free one. Burn the material off and the springs will look old. You’ll need bolt cutters to cut the heavy wire. What ya making? I just made my first bedspring wreath yesterday, I like the way it looks but would like to find some small springs to use so the wreath could hang on the front door.

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