If you could go anywhere junking….

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    So, I’m sitting on the porch — enjoying a stay-cation —- and now doing just a bit of daydreaming. So, if you had three days, $1000….and could go anywhere in that time & with that money ……. Where would you go Junking?


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  •  Anonymous #83824

    We’ve been wanting to go on the Hwy 64 sale again, but like you, we don’t know if we can stand the heat. We found a lot of stuff the time that we went.

  •  Anonymous #83823

    We have the Hwy 60 yardsale I believe the first weekend in Oct. 200 miles…

  •  Anonymous #83822

    It is Bargains Galore On 64 that runs from Beebe to Conway here in Northwest Arkansas. Fun but wish they would change it to another time of year when it is not quite so hot. Not going this year as we have had some record high temps and not sure I would be able to stand it.

  •  Anonymous #83821

    Lovecrafting, where is teh 160 mile sale? In Texas there is a antique alley (I think that’s the name) sale that covers several counties up along the Texas/Oklahoma border but I’ve not been to it.

  •  Anonymous #83813

    I would head out to do the Worlds Longest Yardsale too. Not sure where I would start either but boy does it sound like fun.

    We went to a 160 mile sale year before last and it was a blast. Found so many bargains my truck wouldn’t hold them all. Thinking I would probably have to use part of the 1000$ to rent a bigger truck!

  •  Anonymous #83807


    I would like to go to Brimfield, I understand its pricey.

    Does anybody know where to go for better prices, which fields, shops, its so big.


  •  Anonymous #83773

    Thanks for the info, vintagefleurs. I tried to plan my trip to Maine to coincide with a stop at Brim but it’s not working out like I planned so I make not make it there aterall.

    I would definitely like an insider’s input on where to hit the good deals etc. though, so I’ll keep in touch if my plans change.

  •  Anonymous #83765

    Betsy – you will definitely have to get in touch before you go to Brim. I live 1 1/2 hrs from there and frequently go and set up w/ my friend for a day or two (she is there all week!).. Loads of fun, but I can’t walk the fields like I used to do for hours. Half of my home is decorated from there ­čÖé It has become pretty pricey – darn! – but when you know which dealers and which fields to go to it isn’t too bad. You will frequently see Rachel Ashwell, Ralph Lauren, Bronson Pinchot, and Tommy Hilfiger walking around. They have all bought from my friend.

  •  Anonymous #83721

    I’ve been away awhile and just saw this fun topic. Most of you have listed the shows I want to attend on my bucket list. The other one I think I could do some damage on w/ $1000 would be the World’s Longest Garage Sale in August. I just would have a hard time deciding which state to start in.

    Ann, Brimfield is on my serious short list this year, hopefully for the last one in Sept.

  •  Anonymous #83719

    Third Monday Trade Days in McKinney, Texas is my usual hangout, but I’ve been hungry to go to Canton. Thirty something years in the Dallas area, and I’ve never been.

  •  Anonymous #83681

    I would definitely head to the Nebraska Junk Jaunt, although it happens only once a year in September. My friend Cammie says it is amazing and you could get a lot of junk for $1,000. Someday!


  •  Anonymous #83677

    Round top and the Junk Bonanza are both great. I’m fortunate to live in TX and only 45 mins from Canton First Monday which is one of the best fleas in the country. twice a year I travel south to RT and Warrenton and for the past 4 years, in Sept I go to the Bonanza, to escape the Texas heat. Brimfield is definitely on my bucket list as is the Rose Bowl Flea.

    Thanks for the fantasy trip gals.


  •  Anonymous #83675

    How about the Junk Bonanza?

  •  Anonymous #83673

    Texas! Round Top and Warrenton.

  •  Anonymous #83671

    Hey Lev, swing on by my house and pick me up on your way to Ann’s

  •  Anonymous #83665

    Ladies if it were a possibility I SURE WOULD!!!! Wouldn’t we have a GREAT time….

  •  Anonymous #83664

    I think I would spend the day looking on Craig’s List – I’ve found free stuff, garage sale left overs, hoarder finds, all kinds of stuff. Then I would rent a trailer to go collect all that good stuff.

  •  Anonymous #83663

    I would love a Uhaul truck and to spend a day traveling & antiquing to a new flea market….a day at the market and then a day antiquing home. I would like to look like “I mean business” with a truck….would even sleep in the truck to save money for shopping. I’m thinking the Whatcheer Flea Market in Iowa might be a perfect such adventure.


  •  Anonymous #83661

    ha ha…. so nice..

  •  Anonymous #83660

    Count me in too!

  •  Anonymous #83659

    Leveta, do you have room for another? That would be too much fun.

  •  Anonymous #83657

    Leveta can pick me up on her way through Indy.

  •  Anonymous #83656

    THANKS LEVETA…..and i would have a big pile for YOU!!!!

  •  Anonymous #83655

    I’d go to AnnOfGreenoaks….

  •  Anonymous #83654

    probably BRIMFIELD, that huge antique market in mass….. but i would need more money ,a big truck and 2 guys…. i would love to see the eastern version of fleaing, probbably earlier stuff and different…..neXt would be scotts in atlanta…

  •  Anonymous #83653

    Well that took a little thought but I’m with Margo. Have a good “stay-cation” Kari.

  •  Anonymous #83652

    Rose Bowl Flea, Never been there and that would get me there and back

    with a tiny bit to spend.


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