Ideas for “Staging” two old baskets?

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  • SecondHandRosie #45291

    Just bought two old farm produce type baskets to resell in my booth. It seems that lately sales have been better when things are “staged” or suggested ideas for using things are given.

    What can I display in these baskets? Want to put them in tomorrow and my mind is GONE tonight! TIA

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  •  Anonymous #83004

    Thanks for your thoughts, guys. I appreciate it. Just gonna put those old suckers in there and hope they sell!

  •  Anonymous #82968

    I agree if you fill it too full with things that are not “included” people are more likely not to buy because they don’t want to make a mess in your booth (but then they will unfold every linen, stir them together and knock them on the floor! I have put dried flowers (sweet honesty or hyrdangea)in a basket and sold it all together or sold a basketful of vintage plain Christmas ball ornaments etc. I like the larger single item idea like a bear or something. That they could just take the one thing out and set it someplace. Can you hang it off the wall sideways (if the weave is big enough to hang it off a couple hooks) and hang a handtowel or something else off the handle? I like to just nest 2/3 old baskets together in a stack with a big tag on the handle so they know they are for sale and not just an empty display basket. Maybe add a cute custom liner made from old linens or burlap (hot hot hot) or ticking?

  •  Anonymous #82959

    I love old baskets (when I find them I want to keep them) But for display I like to turn them on their side with something spilling out or setting inside like a bear, doll or rabbit.

  •  Anonymous #82956

    Do you want to sell the baskets or use them for display? I find that what ever I put things IN don’t seem to sell……

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