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    well, since the temps have dropped and sent us about 8" snow, it’s time to make our ice wreaths. they are so cool..and if it stays cold they last. you fill old bunt cake pans with water, (and you are supposed to use greens, berries, sticks, whatever..but we like ours plain) set them outside to freeze, run water over them and pop out the ice and hang. voila ! ice wreath ! the kids love ’em.

    [attachment id=14783,2399] [attachment id=14783,2400]

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  •  Anonymous #78020

    I was just at SA for the New Year’s Day 1/2 off sale. Some lady picked up one of those cake pans that look likes a football stadium and asked what the ugly thing was. I studied it for a minute and gave it back to her… “HHHHHMMMMMMM” I said, “It might make a nice cake for some football players… it might make a nice out door ice wreath… Then again, it might must make a nice place for the fairies to play in the yard come spring.” She shook her head and said, “Now I never would have thought of that.” Then I picked up a butt pan for 60 cents and said now this one has possibilities too. I did make ice up in ones that have trees in a circle and put them in my mother’s yard for Christmas. The grand kids love it. I wonder if ice totem poles would work? May your grandkids think you are awesome and may you die before they figure it out… Happy New Year

  •  Anonymous #77935

    Oh Mom I bet that one will look really pretty.. besure to post pics of you butt pan wreath..LOL

  •  Anonymous #77928

    found one. already in the freezer with some silk poinsettas

  •  Anonymous #77902

    did you all find your butt pans? LOL that is really funny.. and got me to thinking about other things we take for granted that we say and that kids have no idea or know the realy spelling of what we are talking about..LOL Kids do say the darnest things and they are great.. my youngest who is now 38 years old, said one time when we went camping in the winter.. and there was a baby deer running across the field, he said.” Mommy Mommy wook at the wabbit with wong wegs” he thought since it had a white tail it had to be a wabbit.. we kid him to this day about the wabbit.

  •  Anonymous #77893

    keep lookin’ one will show up

  •  Anonymous #77890

    i went to goodwill today to look for a ‘butt pan’ but none to be found

  •  Anonymous #77889

    i’m soooo glad someone brought this back up, i forgot all about it!

    they’re simple and beautiful!! can’t wait to make some!!

  •  Anonymous #77875

    ah…see i actually forgot to do this …and we have been having freezing temps all week !! will have to dig out the butt pans !

  •  Anonymous #77873

    I believe it will, forevermore, be a “butt pan.” Thanks, SecondHandRosie:-).

  •  Anonymous #77869

    I gotta dig out the “butt” pan and get busy!

  •  Anonymous #72243

    “what is a BUTT pan!?”

    that is just too funny !!! made my day !

  •  Anonymous #72237

    LOL..oh my that’s cute, thanks for the laugh, too!! bless her heart!

  •  Anonymous #72233

    Hit all three local thrift stores the other day – no bundt pan to be found! Not giving up – there will be one and by the time I find it, I betcha that sucker will freeze outside!

    Funny note – at the last thrift store my nine year old DGD finally said, “I gotta know, Mamaw….what is a BUTT pan!?” (snort)

    Merry Christmas, everybody! LOL

  •  Anonymous #72226

    Well, my bundt pan has been outside for almost 6 hours and isn’t frozen yet. No room for it in the freezer. We are in a winter storm warning for the next 2 days. Snow, rain and freezing rain. So far just 3″ of snow, but more coming then changing to rain in the morning. If it gets warm enough to rain, I will have a lovely water instead of ice wreath. This may take several days!

    Greta – I was about 9 hours too late to use the edit function. ­čÖé

  •  Anonymous #72221

    Kim, I think we get lots of your weather a day or two after you have it. Thank goodness we didn’t get that foot or foot and a half that you guys got not too long ago! We only got about 10 inches.

    Mine finally froze as we were in the mid 20s today. I haven’t hung it yet, but it is frozen now.


  •  Anonymous #72212

    Sue- we’ve been the same way in the 30’s this week… maybe our end of the week weather will hit you next week… we’re looking at 17-21 degrees Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Maybe I’ll have to pick up a bundt pan and make some with the kids over winter break!

  •  Anonymous #72194

    My small bundt pan has been out for almost 48 hours, but it still isn’t frozen – even here in Michigan! It’s been hovering around 29-31 degrees, so it doesn’t want to freeze solid yet!


  •  Anonymous #72193

    The grammar police have left the building!!! Marge– You are cute! I know how you feel, though. I like to edit my posts, because I often type faster than my brain computes. There IS a little blue “edit” at the bottom of your posted comment. I use it a lot. Only catch…you have to edit your mistake(s) before someone else posts another comment. When/If someone does, you will only see a # symbol. Hope this helps.

    I think the frozen wreaths are the neatest thing since sliced bread. Have never heard of/seen one before. What a great winter decorating tool. I like all the greenery and berries I can see inside.

    I also love the idea of feeding the birds.

    Being that Kentucky weather is pretty temperate, I think I could only muster a *slush* wreath or a *24-hour-if-the-sun-doesn’t-shine* wreath. Few people where I live even own snow tires….not that I am complaining.

    I will send this nifty idea to my mother and sister…who live in New York!!! They could hang the three month frozen wreath!

  •  Anonymous #72192

    you know in the summer I would put a plastic bottle filled with water that I froze and put it outside for the dog ..he would love to play with it and also he could get a nice cold drink when the ice would start to melt.. we usally use a 2 liter bottle. once it was empty he would grab it by the top of the neck and throw it all around and play with the plastic bottle.. saved me on toys..LOL

  •  Anonymous #72191

    OMG!!! Marge i’d be in serious trouble. My spelling is terrible…LOL…

  •  Anonymous #72189

    gosh marge, i don’t know if we can ever let that bad grammar go! we’re a bunch of sticklers!!

    LOL ;} hahaha!!!

    it’s okay, we know what you meant to said, saw, say….lol :}

  •  Anonymous #72186

    Sure wish there was a way to edit posts. In mine above, I just noticed I typed “them” instead of “the” and it will bother me forever. My apologies for the apparent bad grammar! Does anyone else have pictures? Haven’t made mine yet.

  •  Anonymous #72184


    It ain’t that cold out here – it has to come from my freezer… It might go a day or so outside – be fun though. I made one castle and I have another one started. I’m saving them for Christmas – my grand daughters will love them. I haven’t seen a bundt pan at the thrift store yet.

  •  Anonymous #72183

    copperhead, you are too funny…i never thought to put them in the freezer….we just put them outside…duh @!

    as for food coloring, i have done that..just remember that when it melts…it drips….it will drip food coloring… be careful where you put it…also the same for tea……it will drip tea….

    you can be out on one warm day and come home to a mess !!!

    and as for birdseed, i think the birds may go crazy pecking the ice to get to it… is really just for decoration…doesnt have to have a function other than beauty..

  •  Anonymous #72182

    Ha Ha Ha… I just looked at the castle in the freezer – I over filled the pan so I have ice every where and it is stuck to the shelf above it. I think I’ll pull it out put it in a zip bag or something then make another one. I think a votive will fit down in there and be very pretty! HHHMMMMMM Maybe I’ll test it out tonight… I can always make a new one.

  •  Anonymous #72179

    Great ideas!! I have so many votives that I think I may try lining our sidewalk with them ice thingies.

  •  Anonymous #72178

    Also for candles…make them from a bundt pan, flip them out after frozen and put a little votive down inside. Saw this in MArtha Stewart several years ago – it looks beautiful outside! I like to put them on my patio by my back door. Also, sprinkle some glitter around them – really makes them pretty!

  •  Anonymous #72177

    When I was a Sales Director for a Large Hotel chain.. and we had a big Banquet going on.. we would sometimes make ice rings like these only a little smaller and put in the punch.. sometimes we would make the ice ring out of sherbert.. It made a really pretty presentation..(msp?) put it in a large punch bowl.. never thought to use them outside.. what a great idea.. but with our crazy weather here in Kentucky never know when one day will be 60 and the next 5 Degrees.. LOL but if you hang around long enough you will see all kinds of weather all in one day.. LOL Thanks for the Ice Wreath Idea.. I love the idea about putting bird seed and peanut butter on a pine cone and hang from wreath I may have to do that next year or yet still this year.. birds have to eat too.. we feed them all year round.. and we love to watch them.. we have I bet at least 100 different kinds of birds that come and feed. so cool..

  •  Anonymous #72175

    i’m guessing the birds would thank you!! ;}

    would even be cute with the bird seed suspended in peanut butter on pine cones jutting out from the wreath!!

  •  Anonymous #72174

    I wonder if you could freeze it in layers of color? drink mixes? How about tea or something more natural? I guess you would have to be careful not to stain up what you put it on…

    Would bird seed or corn freeze and still be ok for birds to eat?

    I don’t have a bundt pan but I have a castle – probably turn out better than the cakes… I bet my grand daughters would go crazy.

  •  Anonymous #72170

    Love them! What if you added food coloring to the water to make green ones and red one? Wonder how those would turn out… I may have to do try it when I get the chance… great idea!!!

  •  Anonymous #72159

    Well, how neat! I never thought of that! Simple AND cheap! Man, ya can’t beat that, can ya!?

    Adding to my list: bundt pans! LOL

  •  Anonymous #72158

    I’ve got one outside now. I chose some red berries from my stash, but they are the foam type painted red and they floated to the top. My next wreath I’ll get some heavier berries from my junk stash and see how those go.

    This is such a great idea. I plan to make them all week and then take one for each of my siblings and parents on Christmas Eve. Hmmmmmmm, I’ve got a 3.5 hour drive so I’ll have to break out the cooler for the drive and hope that it’s cold – wait – I’m in Michigan and we don’t HOPE for cold – we just HAVE cold!

    Thanks again for this FREE (my favorite word) decoration. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for bundt pans and take your lead on the gifts for next year.


  •  Anonymous #72156

    Love the ice wresths, going to make one now!

  •  Anonymous #72155

    I just seen them make those on tv.

  •  Anonymous #72154

    love these!

    another idea is to make ice candles.

    same idea applies as wreaths but you need two containers…one larger than the next.

    fill larger with water and decoratives, place the smaller inside the larger but fill it with heavy objects like rocks, put out to start freezing and when setting up, remove inner container to create a hollow space to set your candles down in or you can make it larger and place a small string of lights inside it.

    these are gorgeaous coming down a walkway at night in the snow!

  •  Anonymous #72153

    also, just an added bonus…one year for Christmas, i shopped all the thrift stores and picked up a ton of bundt pans and some greenery, ribbon, etc….wrote up directions and gave a “ice wreath” package to each of my “families”…then every year when the weather turns, i call my nieces/nephews and remind them to make them !

  •  Anonymous #72152

    I’ve not heard of this either. Well here in Michigan we should be able to have ours around til maybe April. lol!


  •  Anonymous #72151

    How cool is that! No pun intended. LOL I have never heard of that.

  •  Anonymous #72150

    How absolutely brilliant and CHEAP. I love cheap! Thanks so much for sharing this idea. Yours are really nice looking.


  •  Anonymous #72149

    I NEVER would have thought to do that! Neat!

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