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  • debapakadebapaka #46538

    I found these table legs to use for a suitcase table. The suitcase is a charcoal gray and the legs are black, they are not attached yet. My question is, do I paint the legs to match the suitcase or off white? I kinda like it the way it is. I am looking to sell this piece. I would like your opinions or other ideas, Thanks, Deb

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  • Angelajohn Angelajohn #87837

    That’s right! Just leave that as it is. That will be nice already.

  •  Jkorak #87132

    Leave it…..nice.

  •  Anonymous #83787

    Good info. Will you be doing anything else to the table?

  •  Anonymous #83784

    Thanks for the input it will stay like this!!!!! @mcnaughton – The stand has 4 holes in it so attaching will be easy, will need to drill holes in suitcase.

  •  Anonymous #83781

    I vote leave it. It’s really cute!

  •  Anonymous #83779

    Like it just as it is.

  •  Anonymous #83776

    like it as it is !! nice find..the legs go well with it !

  •  Anonymous #83774

    I vote for leaving the legs, as is. How will you attach the legs? Let us know when you sell the table what they went for. Good luck!

  •  Anonymous #83772

    I agree about leaving as they are. At least in that picture they go great together.

  •  Anonymous #83769

    I think it looks cool that way.I would not paint them white. I have a tan case I need legs for that I found at an estate sale.

  •  Anonymous #83768

    I like it the way it is too. Good find.

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