I expanded on Roboladys ornament idea with stirrups

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    Im still working on trying to get good pics with a cheap camera. Some came out a little dark. I found a group of stirrups on ebay bought them and then decorated with the stuff I had around the house. I had a blast and am using a couple for gifts.


    [attachment id=20574,3359] [attachment id=20574,3360] [attachment id=20574,3361]

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  •  Anonymous #77475

    A big jingle bell would work in the middle too

  •  Anonymous #77445

    It’s a vintage candle clip for christmas trees.

  •  Anonymous #77444

    Margo how did you attach the candle holder??

  •  Anonymous #77441

    and Another

  •  Anonymous #77440

    I couldn’t remember what I had done on mine so I looked them up again. Here’s a pic.

  •  Anonymous #77439

    Love the idea of a potato masher copper.

  •  Anonymous #77438

    Wonderful idea!! Would look great w/ wooden stirrups, too! Great job.

  •  Anonymous #77437

    love your idea!! i can visualize them across a mantle, hanging from old fencing or even staggered heightwise as a centerpiece!

    yours too, copperhead…i’ll drag out all my old green handled utensils and try some!!

  •  Anonymous #77435

    Very creative!!

  •  Anonymous #77434

    Love it, great idea to dress it up.


  •  Anonymous #77433

    They are greattttt…

  •  Anonymous #77432

    Way too cool!

    That might work with an old red chippy handle potato masher, too

  •  Anonymous #77431

    Here’s a couple of more pics. Thanks Robolady for wonderful ideas and tips.

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