How to select fabric for patio umbrellas?

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    I want to know more about patio umbrellas’ fabric. Which is best fabric for patio umbrellas which may help us to us it more in summer season?

    1. Marine

    2. Olefin

    3. Sunbrella

    4. Vinyl

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    Thanks for such an interesting reply. You have given me details for each fabric in detail and that’s good for me. I have done few R & D to on similar subject and come to know that, Sunbrella is best one for patio umbrellas.

    Basically, I want to develop one blog post on fabric of patio umbrellas and suppose to include all material over there. I may start series of blog post on individual fabric so it may help my reader more. What you think about it?

    It’s all about summer season and outdoor gathering. Thanks again for your reply. Have a good day!

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    Sunbrella is a light weight material – it has dye that will resist fading and mildew. I think Olefin is another kind of finish on fabric – I don’t know it as well. Marine would be a type of finish – probably has to do with boat covers. vinly probably is not a good choice for shade. Sunforger canvas is a good shading material but it should be loosely stretched – it is mold and mildew resistant – it will still mold and mildew just not as fast as canvas.

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