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    I found some vintage fuses in my garage, they are household, screw in, round glass fuses of different amp ratings, and color coded insides. other than doorknobs/drawer pulls, does anyone have any creative ideas for them?

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  •  Anonymous #86439

    Hi I am actually searching for some fuses for a dear friend of mine who still uses these kind of fuses! He is unable to afford to upgrade. A few months back he blew a fuse and is still trying to find a replacement please if there’s anyway you might spare one or perhaps be willing to get rid of more I know he’d just be beside himself with joy!! Thanks and God bless:)

  •  Anonymous #86404

    mine are the glass kind, I think they are older than the ones with the metal "frame".

  •  Anonymous #86376

    I’ve always wondered if you could unassemble them and turn them into a small altered piece with photos, text, mini a frame or mini snow globe? You could then add a wire wrap bail and use it as a pendant. Has anyone had luck getting them apart?(in a way that you could get them back together?)

  •  Anonymous #86370

    I wonder. I found one old fuse laying around on the furnace. Try fitting some fuses into one of those old strip lights like they put around mirrors. (make sure no wires are live) You might have to do some dis-assembly to the light fixture. Might also have to put something different around the light sockets or cut it down in height so the fuse projects enough. Then use it like you might a hook. Kind of short hooks but if you just need a short hook you might be in luck. Maybe put hooks under or between the fuses.

  •  Anonymous #86339

    If you haven’t a great desire to repurpose them, there are people who still use them and I bet would love to have them donated to them.

  •  Anonymous #86338


    doll house light


    robot eyes

    do they come apart with out breaking?

  •  Anonymous #86337

    Maybe legs for small wood box.

  •  Anonymous #86336

    finial on a lamp or curtain rod.

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