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    Along with owning a home comes the never ending need for updates, maintenance and repairs. Sometimes these projects are fun, and most times they are tedious, but they have to be done, otherwise your home loses value and ends up costing you thousands of dollars to fix up when necessary.  Neglecting the upgrades and repairs your home needs is a major mistake, so avoid it by regularly maintaining your home.  Here are some ways to keep your home updated and prevent it from losing value without breaking the bank.

    Handy painting tips and tricks

    Keep your home freshly painted.  Whether you decide to switch up the colors or keep them the same, a fresh coat of paint can greatly increase the value of a home as well as keep it looking and feeling new.  Keep a can of your current color stored in your home just in case that color gets discontinued and you need to touch up your paint.  The popular blog, “How Does She,” suggests that you purchase roller bottles that can store paint and they are ready to use at any time.  Paint goes through much wear and tear, and it helps to be prepared when accidents happen.

    Repairing instead of replacing

    Replacing furniture is expensive, and can definitely be avoided.  If you have leather furniture, purchase a leather repair kit.  They are inexpensive and can be found at any major retailer.  Purchase furniture markers to touch up scratches and dings.  You might also consider purchasing product that can get ink and other stains out of furniture.  If your furniture is worn out, consider refurbishing or reupholstering it to save you from buying brand new furniture.  You can find several tutorials for how to do these projects online, no matter what your skill level is.  Lastly, avoid buying a new AC unit by replacing your home air filters each month.

    Importance of deep cleaning

    Dirty air filters, refrigerator coils and other unseen areas can cost you more than necessary on your utility bills, so clean these areas at least twice a year.  Instead of purchasing harmful chemicals to get rid of tough stains on grout and appliances, research natural and successful options such as lemons for hard water stains and baking soda for your appliances and filters.  WD-40 is a great product to have on hand to stop hinges from squeaking and clear out window tracks to they open easier.  Microwave and oven hood filters should be replaced monthly to keep these appliances working correctly.  Your sink disposal should also be cleaned out monthly to clear out any access food that has potential to grow mold.  This task can be done best by freezing distilled white vinegar into ice cubes and running them through the disposal – add lemon to get a fresh lemon smell during the process.

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