HELP!!!! Need wall color inspiration!

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    I an redecorating our bathroom and am stumped for a wall color. The floor is a light brown and beige faux stone. I have a large dresser in there I use for storage and it is painted Paris grey and cream. The vanity is the same color. All the trim and doors are white. Light fixtures are all antique gold vintage fixtures.

    I tend to stick to earthy colors rather than bright colors. I have absolutely no idea what color to put on the walls so any suggestion will be appreciated. HELP!

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  •  Anonymous #86386

    The bathroom is in the works. Hoping to finish the majority of it today. Took your advice and went with a blue but the robins egg was a little too strong a color for me so went with a color called Waterfall. Will post pics when it is all done. I was stumped for a color and you came to my rescue. Thank you so much!!!

  •  Anonymous #86385

    I like mustard or purple with greys, although they may be too much for bathroom wall colors. I love Jills’ idea of robin egg blue. I’ve been searching for fabrics in that color for curtains in my bedroom. And would love to see the finished product!

  •  Anonymous #86382

    Post a picture when you’re done, which ever color of paint you choose!

  •  Anonymous #86380

    Thanks for the 2 cents! I will go get a sample and see how it looks. Never thought of robins egg blue even though it is one of my favorite colors.

  •  Anonymous #86379

    You know the color “hazel” from Sherwin Williams is a robins egg blue I just used in our basement bedroom is really wonderful. It may seem bright at first, but someone actually called it a neutral and I think it would look very good with gray. The color is such a nice accent to so many vintage pieces. Just 2 cents.

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