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    I miss the posts too! I keep checking on here!

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    I miss the posts. I check in from time to time and see so few new postings. A FB pg would make things easier. Posting photos on FB is easier than doing them here.

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    Fear and doubting are your worst enemy. Keep the faith.

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    Thank you Kari for those kind words! I’m sorry you are having to go through this. I didn’t have to take chemo or radiation. I will be taking Tamoxifen for 5 years. The surgery & recovery was easy for me & I hope it goes the same for you! I didn’t have to take any pain meds after I left the hospital.

    Keep us informed & we will be here for you!

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    Kari, glad you popped in and prayers all goes well with the surgury, keep in touch. Breast cancer is so scary and I think it affects women in a way men don’t understand. I have spent way too much time on pinterest.

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    Hello all….I just popped by, first time in a long time & found this thread. I have found that Pinterest is where I most often go now for a dose of inspiration……I really enjoy “tending” my boards.

    Maggie, I am also in the midst of breast cancer….after multiple surgeries this summer, will be heading into a mastectomy this fall……I am currently taking some time to recover before that surgery. Your matter of fact statement about your spring surgery & recovery creates such admiration in my heart…..thanks. I send you my best!


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    Maggie, glad to hear you are getting along well after that scare. Thank goodness no additional treatment are needed.

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    This site has been an inspiration to me many times over and I too would love to see it continue to live.

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    Me too.

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    I’d like to see this site stay alive…

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    Ki has a FB page. https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Ki-Nassauer/492098767488578

    but I’m sure it is her personal one. Maybe you could Facebook her and ask. It would be nice but I feel this sight would probably die. 🙁

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    I could start the group, but would like to have Ki’s okay to use the name!

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    First, Maggie, so glad you are doing well! How scary!

    Love crafting, I like to respond just to let people know someone is reading their posts.

    and Daisy toad, What a great Idea! Funky Junk has a FB page by invitation, check her out.

    Ki, we need you!

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    I also think Message boards have given way to the faster pace of Facebook. Facebook groups are a much easier way of communicating and sharing ideas…Ki if you are lurking we need a Junk Revolution Community FB Group! 😉

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    My furniture sales have really taken off in my booth so my time to be on the computer are very limited. Have had a hard time hunting down furniture this year because of the number of people opening shops and flea markets in our area so hunting has taken up a lot more of my time as well. But just like Maggie I check in when I can but do not speak out a lot. I don’t do Pintrest because I don’t like to do a search for something and have the same picture come up 100 times. I do surf blogs once in awhile but mostly just surf magazines and catalogs for ideas.

    Maggie, I hope you are doing well with your health issues. And just wanted to say a big Hello to everyone here!

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    I check in here often, but I don’t ever say much. I have been repairing & painting chairs, small tables, etc to go in my booth. This spring I had breast cancer & a mastectomy,so that took me out for a little while. I am taking Tamoxifen & didn’t have to take any treatments,so I’m doing well. I’m not a real big fan of Pinterest, but I do love to read blogs! I too would like to see some of the ones that used to post on here come back.

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    I’m still here, lurking! I’ve been busy doing shows and haven’t been creating much 🙁 Would love these board to be active again, especially with fall in the air. Admit it, something about fall just energizes those creative juices!

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    Where have all the talented ladies posting on here 1-2 years ago gone to? Did everyone turn to Pinterest & linky parties instead?? What happened to Blossom & Prior & She Ne & Daisytoad, etc, etc? I do enjoy you, Diane, & Copper, & the very few who still participate here. I looked at archives from a year ago & almost none of the posters then are still here.

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    LOL Hey everyone. Do you sort of feel like we’ve lost our focus?

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    hi there

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