Have you ever wanted to do this???????????

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    OK so I did what I have wanted to do since I was about 6 or 7 years old… Now what do I do with it? Have you ever wanted to do that?

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  •  Anonymous #86369

    I bet they never even read the ad – they are fishing for email addresses.

  •  Anonymous #86368

    I got a new spam reply for that ad. I though everyone might enjoy the spam. I know it is spam because they sent the same reply for a different machine. LOL I quote: “This is the type of machine I learned to sew on! How much are you asking, please, and… where are you located? Thank you” end quote again here is the CL ad:


  •  Anonymous #86367

    Oh both! I check out craigslists once in a while.

  •  Anonymous #86350

    The ad or what I did? The ad was a composite of a bunch of really bad ads I’ve seen – I do monitor and troll for bargains on CL a lot – anybody else live at CL???

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  •  Anonymous #86348

    LOL I have had a blast with this. Here is an ad I posted on CL:


    Someone copied it and put it up on the Dallas CL

    Then someone on Facebook found that Dallas ad and made lots of snarky remarks about my grammar and spelling… The machine was one that was on the back porch when the roof leaked… The inside of the machine was rusted up but good. DH did most of the sledgehammer work. But I did get in a few licks.

  •  Anonymous #86347

    Oh Dear! Did you get it all out or is there another poor machine about to get pummeled!

  •  Anonymous #86346

    Yes, I have wanted to smash something! Never did though! LOL

  •  Anonymous #86345

    so funny – that much stress!!!!!!!!!

  •  Anonymous #86344

    Copperhead, you are so funny!

  •  Anonymous #86343

    yes, I’ve always wanted to do that to my sewing machine, amongst other electronics! how fun! good for you

  •  Anonymous #86342

    Yes I broke up a sewing machine. I guess it will get recycled. Yeah it felt good.

  •  Anonymous #86340

    It took me awhile to figure out what you did…did you smash a sewing machine with a sledge hammer??? And, no I’ve not wanted to do that, but when I used a big hammer on a piano I was tearing apart it felt pretty good. ­čÖé What did you do with it? I hope you feel better!!!

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