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    would you use hash tags on pinterest? i hear pinterest supports them llke twitter does..one tekkie person suggested using them , but im not seeing it on pinterest much…..does it matter?

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  •  Anonymous #83341

    thats what i thought too[that we are all about the pictures]….. im on a social media forum and heard about them there…….. it helps the searching like on twitter…but not sure what the point would be.


  •  Anonymous #83337

    Ok, I’m not a techie, (she says as she holds her head in shame) I admit I’m only in it for the pictures and ideas, recipes and instructions. I also have no idea (I’m climbing farther into my eighteenth century hole) what a hash tag is. I’m a child of the 70’s and the word “hash” has a WHOLE different meaning to me than what I think your talking about! LOL ­čśë

  •  Anonymous #83336

    from what i see…most pinterest users are NOT techies..and wouldnt even know what hashtags are….they are just looking at pictures…..kind of like looking at a magazine..(and not reading the content) ..and i say MOST…not all…personally i READ everything !!

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