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    I have looked, shopped, and surfed the web. It seems like the same ole things. I am wanting any new ideas for something to make that would go in a yard or garden. I seem to be creatively constipated (lol). I usually can come up with something but this year I seem to be stuck. I think it may be due to the dreary weather here in Indiana. Maybe I am still in winter mode. I was hoping all of you creative geniuses could motivate me. ANY help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Copperhead, yes you can, just treat them as you would any dry bean. My second planting is ready to pick and they are calling for frost. Hope I can get them off in time.

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    I didn’t dress mom’s garden planter up. She was happy for the plastic. I would be interested in knowing how to do one without the plastic or dress one up. I got a real bad case of PI or other horrid rash earlier this summer and lost a lot of time to itching and oozing. It took about 8 weeks to get rid of it. My garden is in total ruins. Can you cook and eat the beans out of the green bean pods?

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    i took the old wall light fixtures (mine has a socket in the circular base, has a sconce like feel to it where the bulb screws in and comes down into a torch)

    i painted it a green and dry brushed antique white over that. i then screwed them into the ends of my deck and placed taper candles in them to burn.

    my only suggestion would be to add a lip to catch the wax drippings so they don’t fall to the deck. (me 4got and me had a mess ๐Ÿ™‚ !!!

    otherwise, cute and practical!!

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    Other Garden ideas:

    You can make your own garden hose Guards.The things you stick in the ground to protect your plants from being ripped out by the hose when you pull on the hose. The ones in the stores are usually cheap plastic that break or the fancy nurseries sell them for high prices. You can use the old fireplace tools (sometimes available at thrift stores or garage sales)-cut the stems down to 10-12″ or whatever size you like, add a piece of black PVC pipe about 3-4inches long over the stem for the hose to glide/spin. Push the stem into the ground up to bottom of the PVC piece. Sometimes you can find some fireplace tools with fancy finials on them.

    Another way to make these are by using curtain rods with the fancy finials on the ends. I have also found these at garage sales and thrift stores.

    Copperhead: did you do the garden project you mentioned above? with the totes? how did you dress it up/junktify it?

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    I did make a bird bath for mom. I found a little metal stand thingy at GWlb (a tomato cage might do it too) and put an enamel speckle lid upside down on it and put marbles in the bottom put it on her little table. She can see the birdies at eye level from the kitchen and she LOVES it. She says it doesn’t weigh too much for her to clean it out every day.

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    we took a frosted glass dining room light fisture turned it upside down and siliconed it to a bird bath stand. can be used as a birdbath, fountain, for flowers or ????? People love it! Wish I had a photo on this computer to share.

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    maybe try some rebar to insert lamp into ground.

    or if hollow….maybe try to post it with wood and a good glue?

    the bottom of my lamp is hollow once i remove the lining, so i plan on using something free/throw away like gravel from my drive ;} to help weight it from blow overs…then re-line it.

    i think keeping water in it will help with the weight as well…we’ll give it a go anyhow.

    my lamp is mostly wood with a small amount of milk glass with old brass scroll work and flowers, the base is brass too.

    maybe just stay clear of total glass lamps, there’s really cute metal/wood ones that are old as well.

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    maybe I should take her to GW – just have to have a LOT of time…

    I guess the hunt is half the fun now isn’t it?

    She might like the idea of using a junk lamp. She taught me well. She used to repurpose things as long ago as I can remember. Her finest was an old coat. Someone dropped a bag of old clothes and she pulled out a geenormous old red,green,blue,gold ancient wool plaid coat – she turned it into a jacket I still compare coats to it… My sisters all wore it too. We all say it was our favorite coat – sure was ugly… but in northern Wisconsin all we cared was it was warm… Mom turned old sewing table legs into an entry way table with a bit of ‘marble’ contact paper and plywood… that stuff was like magic back then… She stripped furniture, re-upholstered the couch – about anything. She did it. Ran the house on a dime.

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    Lovely how you spent the time and effort to please your mom. Made my heart feel good.one day you wont have to go crawling around the store at a snails pace and you will wish like mad that you could ,just one more time. Happy MOTHERS DAY to you, Copper!

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    I would have to go to GW by myself or I would lose my mind. She barely moves. She would look at EVERYTHING… I do absolutely love the idea of an old lamp. BUT how do you keep the lamp from blowing over? We do live in Indianapolis… She has an old pump she wants dug into the ground then hang a plant in a coffee pot. She likes to sit and look out the window. She has some feeders and a bird book. Last year I was over there one day and she was going crazy trying to figure out how to get a hummingbird feeder put up. I macramed a holder out of some old rope she had since the 70s… right fast… then since she wanted it put up right now, I bent up a spoon into an S hook, got out a ladder and we hung the feeder from the spoon. She loves that bent up old spoon – she made a point of it this afternoon.

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    i’ve an old lamp that i just love, converting it to a bird bath.

    maybe look at goodwill and see if you can duplicate a lamp from her past and jazz it up??

    then she’ll have twice the memories!!

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    I gave mom her garden bucket today. She had been reading up on them and wanted to try one. She is thrilled – she even loved the color of the plastic. ‘oP Then I took her to the garden store – she has a very hard time getting around so we took our sweet time walking arm in arm – smelled all the flowers. I think it is the first nice day we have had in awhile anyway. Dad doesn’t have the patience to take her those places. He is the energizer bunny…. she’s the turtle… We got dirt and I filled her container. She wants to wait a week to plant things. I also found out Mom wants a small bird bath – I think I’ll look through past ideas here and come up with something she can manage.

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    I seen some platic buckets painted to look like old brick once. I asked the lady how to make them (there was no plastic paint at the time) Only thing I remember is she said to start with sealer and then primer. I thought that sounded backwards. I have often thought she didn’t want to share her secret so she flubbed the directions so she could corner the market. lol

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    just had a thought copperhead

    what about using the paints made for plastic?

    surely there’s some (or a way to make them look) old/patina’d/etc. then just add some junk effects around the bins

    might be cheaper, easier than adding to top/sides of bins

    more accessible for moving, watering, removing your harvest, etc.


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    I got one done!!! Now I have to haul it over to my Mom’s and get some dirt in there and plant some vegies. Mine needs to get junkified.

  •  Anonymous #80030

    oh dear God, i do remember!!

    imagine how rich we’d be had we thought of that (dumb)idea! lol ;}

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    anybody old enough to remember pet rocks? they were at the at the first craft show i remember..along with tie dye shirts…


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    The rocks ROCK!!!

    I’m thinking about stacking bricks & rocks I have around my plastic tote for now. Maybe I should paint a rock. (how about a giant roach so no-one steels it) I keep muttering things about dead sewing machine tables… I’m not sure how those would hold up outside though. Maybe GW lb or garage sale will have something not too pricey one of these days. Mom will be happy with green apple color tote. Hurts my eyes though. DH says mom’s will need wheels and he’s thinking there are some in the garage so he says he will put something together.

  •  Anonymous #80005

    great rocks!!!

  •  Anonymous #80004

    Garden rocks

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    hey copperhead….for junktified, what about old large washtubs/double sinks/largest size square or rectangle tins?? you could always jazz out the pvc with paint…crackled or whatever.

    or if you definitely have to go plastic….maybe add some wooden shutters or old architechtural pieces to hide??

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    OK I spent about 3 hours trying to find the right totes and the little baskets… ARGH. The first Walmart didn’t have any totes the right size. WM #2 had 4 bright green apple color. Got into check out and there were no bar codes. ARGH. We got a buck knocked off because one lid was messed up. While we were there we looked around for something to use for the little basket. NADA. Went to 4 hardware stores. NADA. Went to a nicer neighborhood Menards. Found a basket – a little over sized but it should do. Next step is to drill everything and cut up the totes. This is just wrong… It needs to be made out of junk. Anything for my mom… I’m going to do one for myself but I want it junkified. My little pea brain is working over time trying to think up that one.

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    Use old graters and stove top toasters as luminaries on your patio/deck….put t-lights inside them!!

  •  Anonymous #79992

    my husband’s gramma had a raised bed garden in a sheep feeder! It is not really deep..about 8″..wooden and on legs so it was waist height. They do the same thing at my hometown old folk’s home. It was about 4’x8′ and they had tomatoes (cherry) cukes(bush) lettuce, radish and lots more in it. It was doing great!

  •  Anonymous #79990


    that is my garden idea for this year – I think I would like to junkify it though. Any ideas? I don’t think I have anything around that would work. I don’t want to spend a ton of money. I’ll probably make one for my mom. She LOVES to garden but can’t get up and down any more.

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    I just painted an old schwinn I have all gray and then I read about the painted bicycles here! Mine was blue and just didn’t grab me, I chose gray because it was a can of primer I found in the barn. Probably have ad it for fourteen years. It turned out kind of a powerdery gray and I think I really like it. Need to evaluate it tomorrow again in the light. I just wanted the bike shape up against a fence I have.

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    gym locker baskets would work as well….and nope, i don’t have those either ๐Ÿ™

    maybe margo or ki can auction some off to us!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  •  Anonymous #79976

    Copperhead, in all my junking, I can’t recall ever seeing bike baskets unless they were still part of an old bike. If you can’t find any baskets and want to get a similar look, you could use chicken wire and line it with moss.

    My friend always has plain old clay pots on old crates and they look very nice. I bought an old blue spackled canning pot at a garage sale for a quarter. I’m going to plant geraniums in it this year. Something like that might look nice on crates, too.

  •  Anonymous #79974

    Where are you finding bike baskets?

  •  Anonymous #79972

    wonder how multiple wire bike baskets filled with trailing flowers and lined with syphagnum moss would look sitting atop mixed heights of inverted old crates???

    i have crates but no baskets or i’d try it, myself! ๐Ÿ™

  •  Anonymous #79960

    wow bicycles seem to be a big thing. I haven’t seen any this way. I would love to see some like you all have seen. Can’t imagine a fence made with bicycles. If anyone sees a pic or has a pic would love to see. Sounds unique.

  •  Anonymous #79955

    I painted an old Schwinn from the 1950s all white – tires, seat, and all and used the wire basket for flowers in the spring and summer. In the fall and winter, I used it for seasonal arrangements. I hung a pair of old white ice skates from the handle bars in the winter and laced them with red plaid ribbon. With mixed greens, red berries and white lites in the basket, I always got lots of compliments on it. It was really pretty. This year, though, I’m thinking about painting it a different color just for a change. I’ll see if I can find a picture of it and figure out how to post it. I made coordinating wreathes for my front doors, too.

  •  Anonymous #79951

    i just pained a tricycle a color called ‘rasberry’…love it

  •  Anonymous #79949

    There’s one somewhere between Indianapolis & Terre Haute on some back road – bikes made into a fence – actually very attractive.

  •  Anonymous #79946

    I went to Salado, Texas to a b and b and one of the shops there had done up there whole fence in random bikes, all painted white. It was really neat and at first glance you didn’t know what they were. The b and b was stunning with old doors incorporated into the fence.


  •  Anonymous #79941

    Hay Mom–that’s sounds like a great idea. You can always find bikes rather inexpensively at local sales. I’d love to see what it looks like when done too. LuAnn

  •  Anonymous #79938

    how about various sizes of bicycles each one totally painted in one soild color….say among blue flowers a nice bright solid yellow bike and hang bird houses fron the handlebars. i now live in an apt but i was still in my house i would love to do that. if any of u do this i would love to see a pic so i can enjoy my vision

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    the little tricycle that Greta painted was cute and differant. I’m going to try some hummingbird feeders from vintage pop bottles. Can buy the stoppers online. Hey where is Greta?

  •  Anonymous #79931

    i dont know what you really can do other than have your doors open. melting plastic is really bad for you..but others do it….

  •  Anonymous #79930

    I have heard it can be toxic. Most sites I have been on says the same thing about ventilation, but not a lot of detail on precausions and instructions. Any suggestions and detailed instructions would be greatly appreciated. Also, I have pets, is that a problem?

  •  Anonymous #79929

    be careful when you melt the records…make sure you have a ventilated area…the fumes are very dangerous…

  •  Anonymous #79928

    love the LP ideas. I have always wanted to try melting them. I hear it is simple. I hope so, because I want to try it this weekend if there is time.

  •  Anonymous #79925

    I plant them by seed. They are pretty easy and reseed profusely. The blue ones grow wild in the ditches around here. They take a little bit to get to flowers as they have to vine up a bit but not too long..maybe a month? Ann that LP idea sounds cool..I have always wanted to try melting an LP! I am guessing he uses that plastic spray paint?

  •  Anonymous #79909

    i do them by seed….they take a while and bloom pretty late around here…

    i saw something new for outside last week…. an old 33 lp record heated and molded into a flower shape….then painted with little dots all over, in key west colors..i think there was something in the middle too..and then put on a stake…. it was really neat and the guy sells quite a few.



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    What a fantastic find HopeandJoy!!! Your arbor is full of personality…I checked it out on your blog. Can’t wait to see it in full bloom ๐Ÿ™‚

    Are morning glories hard to grow? Do you plant them from seeds or bedding plants? Do they grow fast?

  •  Anonymous #79882

    Hello I have two of those metal awnings just alike. I have placed them together and put different garden accents inside of them . Was set up almost as a cage,, once I had a bird bath inside, then once I put two of the metal knights and a lion in the middle. Just have taken them down and can not decide what to do at this point. Hey I might try your idea and make arch way for my morning glories to grow up on.

  •  Anonymous #79870

    Ooopsie! LOL. As my husband says about me..why push a button once when you can punch it twice!

  •  Anonymous #79869

    OK..here goes..finally a pic. This is the arbor I made from junk. The top is an awning from a restaurant, the posts are landscaping ties. The sides are old wire gates and metal headboards and one chunky of curly metal porch support. I PLAN to have more junk pix on my blog tomarrow ( http://www.hopeandjoyhome.blogspot.com) It looks pretty bare here..nothing growing yet!

  •  Anonymous #79868

    OK..here goes..finally a pic. This is the arbor I made from junk. The top is an awning from a restaurant, the posts are landscaping ties. The sides are old wire gates and metal headboards and one chunky of curly metal porch support. I PLAN to have more junk pix on my blog tomarrow ( http://www.hopeandjoyhome.blogspot.com) It looks pretty bare here..nothing growing yet!

  •  Anonymous #79829

    hopeandjoy…lots of great garden ideas! Would love to see pics when ya can.

  •  Anonymous #79825

    I like old zinc buckets and containers. I have a couple chicken waters I turned upside down for planters (they are about 5 gallon) I made an arbor from a entrance cover from a restaurant..it was one of those rounded tunnel shaped awnings..I can’t think of the word for it! It was free..they were tossing it. I tore off the ratty plastic fabric and just used the aluminum base. I used landscaping timbers for the 4 corner posts and the sides are made from 3 old heavy wire gates on one side and 2 rusty metal headboards and a piece of metal porch post on the other…I guess I need pics! I use a lot of beheaded rakes and hoes (the head part) as garden art..I stick them on pipes and stakes at different heights. This year I am estate/yardsale/flea marketing for interesting looking glass lamps that I can reuse as orbs. Lamps are generally cheap! I have reused old metal tall lampstands as bases for wire plant baskets. I have 2 old metal birdcages and a metal doll bed that get put in my flowerbeds. My husband got some sort of yucky old porchlights …the fake coach lantern shape that I am eye-ing to repupose (with some spraypaint) into candleholders to attach to my wooden arbor posts..I love “junk”!

  •  Anonymous #79821

    You might be surprised what I could bring…

  •  Anonymous #79819

    right!!! i wouldnt be too good at retirement…. copper, if you come this year why dont you bring me some goodies…like buckets and pails and maybe a horsetrough?

  •  Anonymous #79818

    go to her garage sale in August and bring money…

    How she does it? she never stops moving…

  •  Anonymous #79814

    thanks …..the peace signs are from old tin…i think its roofing tin…. its heavy and flat… heres her site if i can get it on…. http://www.texastrashandtreasures.blogspot.com

    sometimes on my blog i put a fun picture of that happy guy up on a roof…thats from my texas friend…

    tinymatchbox….i have lotsof help!! and of courese never run out of ideas… its a family affair and a few great workers too…i mainly think up stuff and boss…lol…and paint and fluff and buy……i think it helps to be curious and hyper…and i love almost everything aboutit…the junk the funny creative people the results….

  •  Anonymous #79812

    I love your blog Ann. I absolutely love the hose wreaths. Also, what are those peace signs made out of? I would love to make the trip up your way. I used to make the trip for Shipshewana, but the flea market changed so much, that I quit making the trip. You have the original one-of-a-kind of ideas that I liked to shop for. Maybe I can get inspired again and motivate myself to create again. Of course here in central Indiana, the weather has been so grey and blah. So a little sunshine to go along with your blog would sure help. If you have any sunshine, you might post a pic of that too. lol

  •  Anonymous #79810

    Hey Ann ~ your store looks like so much fun! I follow you on FB and just checked out your blog…how in the world do you have so much energy to keep it all going? I wish Okla and Indiana were closer – we’d love to see everything in person! Love your garden hose wreaths and the birdhouses are really cool too. ~Beth

  •  Anonymous #79807

    my newest is garden hose wreaths…. bright and easy to make …we just put big metal flowers on them…and i just bought some big metal flowers and peace signs and hearts from a gal in texas…also we have been junkifying some birdhouses with old license plates… yu can see lots of our projects on my blog… http://www.magpiecottage.blogspot.com

    its down a few posts…

    my texas friend is texas trash and treasures… her booth is so fun!i ve never been down there to see her store…ann

  •  Anonymous #79749
  •  Anonymous #79748

    barn quilts? I don’t think I have ever heard of them. Can you explain what they are? Thanks

  •  Anonymous #79747

    Lately they have been hanging the Barn Quilts on just about everything .. side of houses, barns, and even making smaller sizes to hang on your porch.. they do not seem to hard to do.. but must like to paint.. LOL and measure..

  •  Anonymous #79733

    I hear you all on the technology…..i just yell for the nearest preschooler and they’re likely to have their computer tech degree and can probably tutor me!! lol ๐Ÿ™‚

    as for outside…i’m not really seeing anything round my parts, least nothing “new” as of yet.

    i took an old wheeled wooden tool box, polyed it and put our name/house # on it…then took misc bird houses and spring themed words and placed around with greenery in old tins until flowers are full.

  •  Anonymous #79732

    HA I’m not alone!!! I got my hair cut short a couple years ago and FREAKED – it was looking at my mom in the mirror. My hair is long now – at least until I can donate it – DIL got me going on that – she donates her hair every couple years.

  •  Anonymous #79731

    New Castle is my neck of the woods. I live just west of there. Thanks for the idea. Really appreciate any ideas!!!!! As for your camera, don’t feel bad. I am sooooo far behind the times, I think I have turned into my mother. We used to tease about her still having a vcr. Now I feel like an old person too when I hear people talking about all the new technology. LOL

  •  Anonymous #79728

    On my way to New Castle the other day I saw a cute little house with a wood ladder hanging horizontally on the side of it – someone put bird houses on there between the rungs- I do wish I could figure out my camera

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