Has anyone painted with chalk paint and where do you buy it?

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    I want to paint some furniture with chalk paint to get that beautiful matte look. Have never used chalk paint and wondering where to buy it. I have looked on the internet and everything I find is expensive (27$ a liter and up). Have also found recipes to make it but it requires some very specialty products to make. Don’t think I get the right look using matte paint.

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    Wish I could get someone else in my house to take over the painting. I have 2 booths which have luckily become pretty successful. I do a lot of painted furniture (about 10-15 pieces a month) so it sometimes feels like painting has taken over my life. I need a break!

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    All because 30 some odd years ago I painted the bottom of an old porch on a ladder with runny enamel paint – the real stuff – and I had a line of paint down my hair, down my arm, down my neck, down my bra, down my shorts and into my shoes. DH goes into panic mode when I bring out paint and paint brushes. He grabs them out of my hands and wants to know what needs painting. Besides I think he likes to paint.

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    Copperhead, I think you scared Garretschalkpaintmix!

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    Chalk paint is different from chalkboard paint. It has a very chalky finish when it dries almost like a super flat finish. Gloss finish paint won’t make a very effective chalkboard. You can check out Annie Sloans website and that will help explain what chalk paint is and what all the hoopla is about. There are also many recipes to make homemade chalk paint. Think you may find them by using Google and entering “homemade chalk paint recipes.” Hope this helps.

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    I just fear I don’t get it. Is chalk paint for chalk boards? If so why do you put it on furniture? I have a can of gloss black paint left over from something – can it be used for a chalk board? Can it work for chalk paint?

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    Hi, I’m new here. It was interesting to read the posts about chalk paint as I have done numerous pieces with different results (guess its the learning curve). I’ve made my own,(using all different recipes) and have used the expensive store bought stuff. I have finally found a method that seems to work for me and thought I’d share. I use 1:3 ratio of plaster of paris to good latex paint, either flat or satin. I sift the POP using a screen type thing. I don’t know what its original use was, but it is just a round wire shape with screen and a handle. This get out any hard lumps or chunks. Mix the POP with water (hard to say exactly how much, but you want the consistency of pancake mix). I use an old electric hand mixer to do this. Once WELL mixed I add the latex paint slowly. I also add any black or white (to darken or lighten) or other color needed to change original paint color, at this point. Also I add latex paint conditioner at this point. There are different ones on the market, I don’t know that it makes any difference which you use. I add about a tablespoon for 1 cup of paint. It slows down the drying time and gives the paint a chance to smooth out so brush strokes don’t show. This alone seems to make a huge difference. When you paint use long brush strokes and don’t go over and over trying to smooth or even it out. That just makes it gritty and uneven. I do two coats, then wax and buff. I use SMALL amount of wax, buff off right away. I’ll often do two coats of wax. I know this sounds involved, but it really isn’t and the results are great and far less expensive than ready made chalk paint. Hope this wasn’t too long.

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    So that one is $1.63 per tablespoon??? Is it made out of gold?

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    Thanks for chiming in. I will have to check out your website.

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    I have my own chalk paint mix that I created. It’s called

    Garrett’s Chalk Paint Mix and it is sold in Concord, NC and Louisville, Ky. You can also buy it from my website, garrettschalkpaintmix.com

    It is 16.25 for 10 tablespoons. You mix 2 tablespoons with 1 cup of any color latex paint. Simple to use and beautiful results. The secret about chalk painting is to be sure to use a great wax paste when completed to lock in your piece. We will be selling that soon via Briwax. We will be carrying the wax paste that does not have the strong smell. Give us a shot. You won’t be disappointed.

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    I finally broke down and paid the high price for the Annie Sloan “real” chalk paint, because like many of you I had read so much about it and was dying to try it. I bought the pure white, and I’m not that thrilled with it. Frankly, I can’t tell that much difference between it and the results I get with plain flat latex paint. I do use wax, but I prefer a brand called Trewax, which is not nearly as expensive as the Annie Sloan. One thing I do like, though, is that when you sand the edges to distress your piece, it doesn’t peel like latex can do if you aren’t careful. However, the downside is there’s a lot of dust and it’s rather messy. So, pros and cons to every product! Nothing is “perfect”. I’m glad I tried it but I probably won’t buy more. Also, the white takes several coats to cover. Other colors may have better coverage.

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    I’ve done a few small tables with The DIY chalk type paint & I just wax the top.

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    I am an impatient person and I want fast results. I sell a lot of furniture and have found that the waxing for me is just not time or cost efficient most times. I would definitely prime to seal out any odors no matter what paint you decide to use.

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    I just bought my first quart of Annie Sloan and am anxious to try it. I don’t plan to distress it though so I’m wondering too if it will be worth the money. Plus, it’s a really old cupboard I’m painting and I wonder if I won’t want to prime also just to for sure seal out any smell or mold. Not sure what I’ll decide. I kind of wondered about the time factor of the wax lovecrafting.

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    I am still painting furniture on a daily basis and have found that I am using chalk paint less and less. I have booths for resale and the cost of the chalk paint is not cost effective. I mostly use just plain old latex paint. I have found for me that the sealing and waxing needed for chalk paint takes almost as much time as prep work needed for latex. Still use chalk paint on a select few projects but very few. Still prefer Annie Sloan over homemade version though.

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    I have used MMS Milkpaint and a DIY Chalkpaint w/latex paint and plaster of paris. I much prefer the cheap DIY chalkpaint. MMS is very hard to get a consistent finish, although working with it more may help, and it was pricey

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    Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I stopped by.

    Hope all ya’ll are doing well.

    Have any of you tried the homemade chalk paint using

    1-cup latex paint

    1-cup baking soda

    3-Tablespoons water

    I saw the above recipe on a primitive tips site on Facebook.

    I am thinking of trying a small shelf using the homemade chalk paint.

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    Good luck, junker dee. I’m sure U will be happy with the results of the plaster of paris chalk paint. We love before & after photos.

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    I’m getting ready to try the diy chalk paint on a couple of items. I’ll post some before and after pics. I’m new here as of yesterday and love it. Wish me luck with my project and with posting pics.

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    Wow, we left Leveta speechless!

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    I have used the DIY chalk paint & I like the way it turned out. I can’t afford the designer paints.

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    I am exploring chalk paint. For furniture. I saw a “designer” chalk paint, mentioned here many times. Very expensive and requires a sealing with a wax that is not inexpensive as well. BUT , I saw a “recipe” for chalk paint online (google it folks) that says exactly how much to use of three ingredients. Paint, hot water , plaster of paris. Sounds fairly simple to me and that’s what Im doing. Also, I got virtually the same look using paint/primer in flat grey on several wall units. At 36.00 a gallon Valspar. Not 36.00 a quart. Just sayin!

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    I’ve tried both, Annie Sloan and the plaster of paris version. Both work very well, but Annie Sloan is my favorite…maybe since all I have to do is open the can and not worry about how to mix it? I just wish someone closer carried it (closest shop is 4 hours away!)

  •  Anonymous #85973

    I have found if you are making your own, add water to your plaster of paris first and stir till all the lumps are gone THEN add it to the paint..much less lumpy!

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    What all do you use chalk paint to cover? Is it any good on doors?

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    Love love chalk paint. Used Annie Sloan but discovered a much cheaper method. Use regular paint like B Moore or Sherwin. Pour an amount in bowl add plaster of Paris ( from any HD or Lowes ) and water. Voila. No exact recipe is needed. Just mix to your consistency. Behaves and looks the same for much less money.

  •  Anonymous #85967

    im considering it….also i ask at lowes and the guy never heard of chalk paint…

    maybe its just plaster of paris….lol

  •  Anonymous #85965

    Ann, I wonder if you would do any good selling the Webster’s powder at your shop? It sure isn’t available locally.

  •  Anonymous #85964

    im thinking about getting websters.has anyone tried it? …its a powder that yu can put in any paint to make chalk paint…

  •  Anonymous #85194

    Home Depot workers have never even heard of this yet Lowes sells it? That is crazy! Wake up Home Depot!!!

  •  Anonymous #83156

    Very pretty!

  •  Anonymous #83151

    I like!

  •  Anonymous #83146

    First chalk paint project. An ugly duckling turned into a swan I think.

  •  Anonymous #83144

    Finally broke down and bought some Annie Sloan. Love this stuff!

  •  Anonymous #83142

    Vicki: Welcome. The FAQ section on the top of the thread will help with posting pics. Would love to see what you’ve done.


  •  Anonymous #83141

    Well apprently my photo was denied since it was too big. But you can go to my facebook page and see the picture – 3 oaks studio!

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    As Denim Rose said, we are using Annie Sloan Chalk paint to paint over vinyl chairs! This was previously a black naugahyde dark wood chair, but not any more! It is still supple and looks and feels great!

  •  Anonymous #83139

    As Denim Rose said, we are using Annie Sloan Chalk paint to paint over vinyl chairs! This was previously a black naugahyde dark wood chair, but not any more! It is still supple and looks and feels great!

  •  Anonymous #83000

    If you experience “bleed through” when you’re painting white over stained pieces (mahogany, cherry or old oak) that no longer have a good clear coat, we recommend a coat of clear shellac prior to painting. This is one of the handful of exceptions to “no priming”.

    Annie’s Chalk Paint (ASCP) is not “chalk board paint”, but three layers of her paint will make great chalk board. ASCP was specially-formulated by Annie to do more than just give a “matte or chalky finish”. Once you use it, you will notice how much more versatile it is compared to latex or acrylic paint. In fact, we have had a few creative individuals paint leather, vinyl and cloth chairs.

  •  Anonymous #82595

    Junx – I too am reading this thread and believe that some folks are confusing chalk paint with chalk board paint. Just thought I’d throw my two cents in since it’s 2:09am and I’m still AWAKE!!!


  •  Anonymous #82572


    as i understand it….you are actually discussing 2 different things.

    chalk (board) paint is the one that you can buy anywhere..lowes, wallys….etc, and is used to turn a wall/item/fridge into a chalk board…..

    and chalk paint as in annie sloan paint which is just a chalk(y) finish…ie..a matte finish….not necessarily a chalk BOARD

    am i wrong??? (denin rose???)

    also..hope and joy…i too painted funiture for years…and NEVER sanded or primed…..and never had a problem…

  •  Anonymous #82565

    I LOVE Chalkboard paint – painted my fridge years ago – the little ones who visit adore it. They can sit in the kitchen while the adults chat and scribble. They hit the door and run from the little tub of chalk. I’ve done a serving tray and a lazy susan (thinking I could write what foods/condiments are being served for a party) then I pained an old wooden doll house in it and again, the kids love it. Got mine at Home Depot.

  •  Anonymous #82564

    I made my own chalk paint with plaster of paris and flat paint which was suggested online and it worked fine but didn’t have as smooth of a finish as I would have liked. I sanded with an electric sanded taking the paint off in some areas (distressed) and then took paste wax and a little brown shoe polish and waxed it. It looks fine but haven’t used the Annie Sloan so wouldn’t know how they would compare.

  •  Anonymous #82563

    Denimrose, you make a good case for using the “real thing” name-brand Annie Sloan product. I’m wondering about the point Hopeandjoy mentioned, about painting over mahogany stained pieces that tend to bleed red, especially when painting them white. How does the Annie Sloan perform over that finish?

  •  Anonymous #82562


    Try this website. This is a way to make your own chalk paint, and it is NOT almost $40.00 a pint. It is very simple, you can make it the color that you want, and easy to clean up. But make sure and tape off anything that you are not wanting chalked. IT works really well. Supply cost will be minimal which puts more money in your pocket.

  •  Anonymous #82561

    People usually sand and prime? (LOL) I usually am going after a shabby, primitive look and rarely do either! The only problem I have ever ran into was with painting over mahogany stained pieces..that stuff bleeds through like crazy..even with primer it takes several coats to block it…so I just try to never choose that to paint anymore!

  •  Anonymous #82560

    Created by Annie Sloan more than 20 years ago, the TRUE Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP) was introduced to the U.S. market last summer.

    It is an amazing paint — no sanding, priming or stripping. After you use it, you will agree it is well worth the price per quart. In the long run, you will save money and A LOT of time.

    A quart covers approximately 140-150 square feet on almost any surface, and uses less than traditional paint (depending on the surface, of course). Sample size pots (4 oz) are also available.

    ASCP is more versatile than any product on the market. Distressing: use one color or layer two or more. Crackle: apply a thick layer of paint and use heat from a hair dyer heat gun. Wash: just add water. Dry brush. Chalk Board (in 28+ colors): just three layers of ASCP!

    Unlike "home-made chalk paint", ASCP has a proven history. It was developed with specific properties cheap imitations cannot match. Plus, ASCP is lower in VOCs than any latex available. And since ASCP does not contain any black (except Graphite) you can mix the palette in countless ways to create the exact look you want.

    I have been painting with ASCP since July, and I love it! With one quart, I have been able to cover two dressers, a small end table and several small decor pieces. It goes on smooth, dries extremely fast and nothing compares to its versatility.

    For more information or to find a local Stockist, visit http://www.anniesloan.com or http://www.anniesloanunfolded.com. In Minnesota, go to http://www.denimrose.com

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    I work in a group home and my coworkers and I painted a whole wall in the coffee color (brown) purchased at home depot we use the chalkboard wall everyday. at first when people saw it they did not like it, but we added a second coat and we only get positive comments about it now. you dont miss any message thats on the wall and the ladies can doodle there too! and we play games such as keep scores and tictac toe etc. its great we also want to try the dry erase paint and the magnet paint looked interesting too and works they have samples to try out at the store theres many colors and types you can get HAVE FUN!

  •  Anonymous #79813

    No they only carry chalkboard paint. Seems the only way to get chalk paint is to order it online. I am undecided if it is worth the expense.

  •  Anonymous #79808

    Does lowes or home depot have chalk paint? I don’t think it’s the same as “chalkboard paint”

  •  Anonymous #79744

    Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is available in 24 yummy colors. Annie has been painting furniture for over 40 years and has written over 25 books on the subject. She knows her stuff well! The paint may seem expensive but goes 140=150 sq feet with no sanding, no stripping, no priming first….you use it with wax…both clear and dark and it is beautiful. Check out her website and go to usajoliedesigns.com to find a “stockist” nearest you to purchase. Workshops are available as well…tons of fun!

  •  Anonymous #79739

    Walmart has it, both in brush on type in cans and spray paint. Both types do a good job, I have some of my kitchen cabinets painted with the brush on type and it has held up through use and cleaning for over 5 years. The spray paint version holds up VERY well, my son painted his entire car with it over a year ago, and we live in Nebraska where it has seen lots of snow and rain. (Yes, his car is one big chalk board, and he carries a package of sidewalk chalk in the back seat so people can draw on it.)

    I remember a while back that there was a recipe to make chalk paint in a Martha Stewart Living magazine. Perhaps you could find it on the mag’s website?

  •  Anonymous #79721

    There is Annie Sloan’s chalk paint made famous by the Miss Mustard Seed blog. And yes, it’s VERY expensive. I bit the bullet and got some but am not sure I’m in love with it yet – although you use the paint right on the furniture, no sanding or priming! (which is why I wanted to try it :-)) I had to get it shipped to me from one of a few US outlets (it’s from England)

  •  Anonymous #79719

    I have found chalkboard paint at Lowes but I am looking for the really matte finish paint that is gesso based.It looks like chalk dust coming off when it is sanded.

  •  Anonymous #79718

    I found mine at Michael’s. It comes in paint on and spray paint. I used mine on a vintage silver type platter (just in the middle–not the rim) to use as a chalk board hanging on my front door–just in case you want to leave a message. LuAnn

  •  Anonymous #79715

    My DD done the bottom of a room for her kids several yrs ago. Walmart carrys it I believe also…

  •  Anonymous #79714

    lowes carries it

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