Has anybody made wind chimes?

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    The owner of the store where I sell wants me to make some wind chimes using old silverware or what ever else I can come up with. Has anybody made any, got any ideas, tips or pictures to share? Thanks, Diana

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  •  Anonymous #81520

    Anybody remember these? And as always if your looking for inspiration just go to Margo’s site that Lorene posted. Ok Ladies let’s see some pictures!

  •  Anonymous #68767

    Robomargo has some fab ideas on her site for wind chimes!


  •  Anonymous #68764

    I got one that’s been in the making for months now…It contains driftwood, brass keys, beads and red glass…Didn’t think it would be so hard to get everything straight…

  •  Anonymous #68760

    Thanks Leveta, they are great fun to make on a rainy or winter day.

  •  Anonymous #68758

    They are very pretty…

  •  Anonymous #68756

    Thanks Maggie, I have a green one also. It’s amazing what a little glue, fish line, tile squares, half marbles and a free cd will make. LOL

  •  Anonymous #68752

    Chel….those are very pretty!

  •  Anonymous #68741

    Ok I resized it hopefully this will work………… 🙂

  •  Anonymous #68728

    Here is a picture of the wind chimes I make. Rather different and very colorful.

  •  Anonymous #68706

    Thanks for sharing all the great pictures of your windchimes everyone!!

  •  Anonymous #68685

    LOL… That’s what I feel like i’m doing right now…

  •  Anonymous #68673

    Thank you, and you’re right, alot of good stuff going on, but I seem to do my best when I chase my tail around and around, juggling 50 things at once.

  •  Anonymous #68671

    Welcome Rowdy…There is alot to digest here…

  •  Anonymous #68670

    After seeing all these really cool chimes, I will have to add them to my things to do list. I just recently ran into another site about using the hard drive platters and since hubby likes to collect computer junk, we have old hard drives coming out our ears. I will make art and also reduce his pile of junk so I can add more of my junk.

  •  Anonymous #63947

    Sorry!!*blush* I’m just getting back to this post, let me try to add pics

    this is an easy way, using a drill and a small bit(try a titanium bit from Home Depot or hardware store)stainless wire or jewelry wire, jewelry/wire crimping beads,one or two pair of small pliers,wire cutters, glass beads,or beads of your choice, small silver plated tray or coaster, or try a creamer or sugar bowl, or your choice, and at least 4 silver plated spoons or forks, and a glass prism or small heavier object to clink against the silverware. If you use a silver plated trinket tray or coaster, you might want to glue on a porcelain rose or cherub or some other figurine to the center of the tray. I’ve found these to be very easy to drill a hole into; a stainless steel tray or spoon handle will likely be too hard and you’ll break all your bits.

    Pictures pretty much tell how I did them. I really don’t have any more left, I sold or gave away all the others.

  •  Anonymous #63941

    have lots of beads…a few from old necklaces but never thought of just using a whole necklace….thanks…i am inspired!

    (great gram just gave our girls some old costume beads in various sizes, shapes and colors…this would be a wonderful way to use them and be visible because the girls are alittle past dressup and really don’t wear much jewelry….they’ve been in a box)

  •  Anonymous #63783

    I have one (steamer basket) in a drawer. Don’t think I ever used it. Now I have an idea what to do with it Thanks!

  •  Anonymous #63771

    Oh my gosh – those are so cute!!! I passed up a steamer basket yesterday (slapping my forehead right now…)

  •  Anonymous #63768

    Looks like it to me too! Jan

  •  Anonymous #63767

    I think it is a steamer basket, the ends usually lay flat when opened I used wire to keep it up.

  •  Anonymous #63766

    I like the ideal of the old necklace pieces. What are they hanging from on the first pic. I like your chimes…

  •  Anonymous #63765

    Love the added beads! I made mine a couple of years ago and is hanging at our campsite. I bent my spoons and forks for interest, and used an old necklace to attach the pieces with jumprings.

  •  Anonymous #63351

    Sue – i love love it!!!

  •  Anonymous #63314

    Thanks, Jan. Don’t you wish we had all of the things that we “passed up”? I kick myself so many times that my behind is always bruised!


  •  Anonymous #63311

    Now those are just way cool ! I love your talent. I have items stashed to make things and just can’t find the time right now. And to think I passed on a sp casserole base yesterday in the thrift store for $ 1.00….ugh! Oh well, maybe next time. Thanks for sharing your pics. Jan

  •  Anonymous #63308

    oops, I’ll try it again….

  •  Anonymous #63307

    Sorry if this is getting out of hand, but I just uploaded more pics of the chimes that I made recently….I used a silver dish holder, added a silverplated sugar bowl (missing a handle), added several glass chandelier prisms, glass beads and flattened silverplated silverware.

  •  Anonymous #63296

    hey! I just popped in today and saw this post about wind chimes. I’ve been making them since last year, with silver plate utensils and small trays. I use a small drill bit to make my holes, and I like to flatten the utensils for the sweet sound. (however, I have made quite a few un-flattened-heh!) I use jewelry wire, or other type stainless wire to string them up,and crimping beads to fasten them; adding old glass prisms on some;glass beads; porcelain flowers siliconed or epoxied to the tray. Now I’ll go look for some photos…..lol….I LOVE these windchimes 😀

    I don’t know what folder the photos are in, I’ll have to go out and take new photos I guess…… I’d love to make one with a tea cup in the center held up with a chain, so the utensils can tink against it. I’ll get back later with photos


  •  Anonymous #63283

    Very nice!!!!!

  •  Anonymous #63272

    Thanks Redneck and Gigi….yep, I also don’t always put wind catchers at the bottom but it does help!

  •  Anonymous #63271

    Two of my favorites…..

  •  Anonymous #63269

    ooh, those are so pretty with the beads and you know what….i just realized that i forgot to put a wind catching device at the bottom of the ones i made…DUH…no wonder they aren’t chiming that much!!! lol thanks for reminding me, chiccottagejunk!!

  •  Anonymous #63268

    Here’s another with pink and purple glass beads…

  •  Anonymous #63267

    I envision those hanging on my really windy front porch…

    Those are tooooo fun and cute!!!

  •  Anonymous #63266

    Ooops, I meant to add two photos to that last post…

  •  Anonymous #63265

    Well, here’s my first attempt at uploading some chimes photos… bear with me.. I use vintage silverplate, copper, brass, etc. bowls for the top, flatten my spoons and forks, drill holes in the handles near the tip, and string with heavyweight clear fishing line and lots of glass and acrylic beads. I usually use a coaster or something almost flat to catch the wind at the bottom.

  •  Anonymous #63182

    Hey DPumm Found a website with a great tutorial for making windchimes out of old silverware. Step by step…and pictures too! Check it out! *elaine* http://www.craftygal.com/archives/401/table401.htm

  •  Anonymous #63123

    I have 9 done for my craft show tomorrow. I’ll be taking pics shortly and will try to post soon!


  •  Anonymous #63122

    One of the things I was wondering about was if you drill holes in metal bases and silverware won’t that leave sharp edges that would cause the fishing line to break after it rubs across it several times. I guess some things you could go over it with a file and that mite help but some of the bases it would be hard to do. Diana

  •  Anonymous #63120

    I have seen a lot of pics with tiny holes drilled into the utensils and they used monofilament (fishing line) to secure to the bases. You could also use tiny wire and beads. I found a weird base to some sort of casserole container that I am going to makes some with….also a tiny brass bird cage that I will also try my luck on….but I will repaint the brass cage! DH asked me to show him a pic and he will get busy making them. I love his assistance and he has good ideas too! Jan

  •  Anonymous #63118

    I’ve got a bunch of silverware I want to make some with too… haven’t ventured down that road yet because I’m not sure exactly how to go about it…

    I wonder if anyone has pix?

  •  Anonymous #63115

    I’m in the process of making my first one using driftwood, brass skeleton key’s and red glass…I didn’t relialize how difficult it is to get things stright…Gigi I’d like to see some of yours…

  •  Anonymous #63110

    i’ve made some generic looking ones, clearly not as good as the ones selling at craft fairs-shops! :]

    i use any old piece of utensils i find, not any particular order….i start to bend the piece by hand, then use my husbands vice to continue closing the gap of the handle.

    i use heavy gauge wire to loop them onto my main piece in varied lengths….can be about anything you like…i’ve seen or used…graters, bottle openers, potato masher, food mills, old rusted stars, sifters, small colanders, etc….let your imagination go wild!!

    the best sounding/looking ones are flattened by a ballpenne (spell-wrong!) hammer…but it is work!!

    i’m sure you’ll do a great job no matter what you choose to use!!

    maybe look up sites that are listed as silverware windchimes….see if anything good pops up?

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