Happy Mother’s Day

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    Happy Mother’s Day Ladies. I hope it’s full of sloppy kisses, bear hugs, homemade cards and wild flower bouquets from your children, and a really good dinner from the Hubby!

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  •  Anonymous #86059

    My other MD ‘gift’ was my son announced he is getting married next May. This is a gal he met 9 years ago when we were on vacation in FL – she lives there, he lives in IN. They have emailed and called back and forth a lot. LOL.

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    My mother’s day present was watching my middle daughter Kelly graduate college! She now has a Bacholors in Theater and as she says has gone from a starving college student to a starving artist!

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    We went over to my sister’s house – my BIL surprised my GKs with a bunch of match box cars – they thought they died and went to heaven. I got some petunias and geraniums for MD. Happy MD ladies!

  •  Anonymous #86056

    Same to all of you too! Everyone enjoy your special day.

    Our usual plans-early breakfast (a place we only go on Mother’s Day), to the local flower fair. Picked up enough herbs to make a great fairy garden. JH surprised me with a couple of cool fairies to place there. Doesn’t get any better than this.

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